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When conflict occurs, you will learn the most if you take 100% responsibility for the conflict. Worrying about the other person's part of the conflict will get you nowhere, other than feeling like a victim. By taking 100% responsibility for the conflict, you empower yourself to see what you are doing that is not in your highest good and to change it.


"Although I have been doing Inner Bonding for almost 2 years through the books, I was still amazed at how I was able to gain some important insights into a problem I have been struggling with for about 1 year.  So being able to do it with Margaret's guidance was wonderful.  Not only that but, there was such a 'holistically healing' experience of being able to get away, eat organic healthy food, do yoga & meditation, that brought the point of doing Inner Bonding 'home'." Kripalu Workshop, 9/08
Saeyoung Min

"Learning from Margaret is a wonderful gift. Her love and compassion radiate from her. She wastes no time to get you to the present, and the relief from the pain and anguish is speedy. Her guidance and clarity goes from one group member to the next without her missing a beat. You will learn as much from each group member, their experiences and how they deal. The love and compassion you feel for each person opens up the love and compassion for yourself. Opening to Guidance will be demonstrated over and over, and is what makes working in a group so powerful and beneficial. The process, the group and Margaret have made this an experience of a lifetime for me. This has been what dreams are made of!" Santa Fe Intensive, 10/06
Sharon Appleby

"One of the most beautiful, painful, mystical, fun experiences of my life. Joy beginning to break through the clouds!" February 2002 - Lucerne Valley Intensive, CA
Heather O'Neill

'I had a profound experience at the Intensive.  Margaret's vibration is so high that just being  in her presence enabled me to unlock long-forgotten memories and energetic blocks.  I knew it was going to be an important process for me but even so I didn't realize quite how powerful it would be.  If you're prepared to look into the deepest recesses of your soul, and face those things that have been holding you back, this process is for you.' Santa Barbara Intensive 2.14

Jo Munday

"The Intensive is a deep immersion in Relationship of the self to the Self.  It is an open invitation to learn to truly love oneself and heal the essential Relationship from which all other Relationships are patterned.  The opportunity to do this work is phenomenal - the opportunity to do it in a community of like-minded, non-judgmental, openhearted friends is a rare & precious gift.  The Intensive is indeed the most loving gift one can ever give oneself." Santa Barbara, CA Intensive, 2/08
Carol Kennedy

'The Intensive was a personally challenging experience to face the obstacles preventing me from touching/creating a Loving Adult. Switching from trying to do what is right to get love, to really loving myself, is starting - and exciting! Learning to really appreciate my Wounded Self has been a huge step in allowing my Wounded Self to not fight with my Loving Adult, and allow my Loving Adult to give love to my Inner Child and Wounded Self. I learned so much from the work that other people did. So much applied to me. I enjoyed meeting like-minded people for future connection. Facing my fears, knowing I was going to be challenged if I was attempting to control, was good for me to face my fears and survive the process. I would absolutely recommend the Intensive for people who want to learn how to move out of co-dependence to wholeness, there is nothing that comes close for the time. The Intensive was a great way to learn through immersion. Thank you, Margaret.' Colorado Intensive, 4.11
Tom Thorpe

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