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When someone has hurt you deeply and you just want to get back at him or her, ask yourself: What is the high road? What is truly loving to myself? Will hurting another heal me?


'Inner Bonding gave me an easy format to access my core feelings.  Im leaving feeling empowered and confident in my emotional well being.'  Weekend Workshop - Anaheim Hills, CA 3.14

Jana Fleming

'I learned simple yet profound techniques to help me handle challenging situations from a place of love. Spiritual tools need to be simple and oriented to joy and love to be used daily. These are!' 5-Day Intensive, 10.15 - Loveland, CO

Hope Hewetson

'Incredible experience!  An amazingly wonderful, loving and safe environment for exploring my wounds, protections and blocks while learning to love myself and heal.  Anyone wishing to learn to open their heart and bring more peace, joy and love to their life should consider an Intensive.' Colorado Intensive 6.12

Karen Maddox

"Opening - Giving language to inner experience - very helpful in the process of sorting.
Helping me connect to truth of my inner life.
Helping me learn to take care of myself.
Helping me to feel joyful.
I loved all of the work - witnessing Margaret work with people…Very loving experience…Very positive role modeling to my own inner dialogue." Kripalu Workshop, Lenox, MA, 10/09
Claudia Kenny

'Was a very powerful experience.  Really opened my eyes to how I live in an intention to control and allow little love for myself.  Saw how my lack of self love effects all aspects of my life, especially close relationships.  I came to the Intensive looking to solve my relationship and partner's problems and now leaving trying to establish a relationship with myself and letting go of my partner and her issues.  They are just a distraction for my lack of self love.  This was very hard for me to see and Margaret gently and persistently got through to me.' Colorado Intensive, 4.12

Mike McGill

"The intensive was a wonderful experience for me of loving exploration. One of the most important things I learned about was how I give up my personal power in various ways through pulling, making someone responsible for my own acceptance and love towards myself, and for the healing of my [inner] children's wounds." COUPLES Intensive - Lucerne Valley, CA - October 2000
Catherine Sacre

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