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If someone's behavior makes your stomach tight, attend. Your stomach may be reacting to an energy that is unloving. It is only when you attend to your inner feelings that you can take loving action in your own behalf.


"Amazing, Amazing! I found an unequaled connection to everyone here, and more importantly, to myself. Thank you so much, Margie. Loved the center! Santa Fe, New Mexico - 4/2001
Kacie Stetson

The 5 day intensive has been the most healing experience of my life.  I’ve worked with a mentor for 4 years and benefited greatly, but this is where it all really came together. From the love and support of Margaret, Shel and the other participants, to the wisdom learned, from the role modeling given of how we can honor our inner child, develop our adult selves, and go to our guidance, to the healing natural surroundings – it has all come together.  I want to come back every year!  I feel such a sense of hope and peace that I can go back home and take this love and healing with me. I have the tools now - NO DOUBT.  Now I plan to have God go with me and help me do this work.  I am never going to be alone.

Susan Stringham

"The couples intensive is the best gift anyone can give to themselves and their spouse." Couples Intensive, Lucerne Valley, CA - 8/01
Danielle Koprowski

'Loving, eye opening, heart-opening experience!  Through Loving Action, I now move forward.  I love myself, and feel like sharing that love - so powerful!  Compassionate love is what Margaret is all about and through her Loving Action helps me (us) tap into that love.  A true gift, accepted with gratitude.  Thank you.  I love you.' Kripalu Workshop, 9.12

Synnove Heggoy

"Inner Bonding is not something you can think your way through. It absolutely gives you the tools necessary to re-program the thinking into feelings and when you're really truly open you will see and find the truth! There is no joy or real love without this process. I am so grateful for Inner Bonding! -- Lucerne Valley Intensive, CA - May 2002
Linda Selvage -

"I have let go of significant self-limiting behaviors and false beliefs and moved more fully towards thoughts and actions that are truly loving to myself and others. With Margie's help, I have seen, felt and started to reclaim my spontaneous, creative essence. This process has helped me feel more deeply the reality that we are all God's children."
Margaret Anderson

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