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A gift is not a gift unless there are no strings attached, no need to get anything back - no agenda attached. If you expect gratitude, approval, a thank you, or if you have an expectation that the person has to like it, wear it, use it, then it's not a true gift - and it may be a manipulation. Notice your intent when you give a gift - to give or to get.


"This is a beautiful synthesis of deep spiritual wisdom, psychological understanding of the human process and profound wisdom. Hooray for Margaret's clarity, kindness, compassion and brilliance. I am particularly struck by the simplicity and caring awareness of the absolute importance for healing the child within all of us and how beautifully this is accomplished (encountered) in Inner Bonding!"
Howard Moody

"This experience has been a blessing.  Inner Bonding gave me tools to help with listening, comforting and healing my inner child.  I would recommend this work to anyone that is willing to care for them selves, because you are deserving of self worth and much more." Colorado Intensive, 10/08

Rick Sison

"Finally, after years of having relationships end the same way with the same problem (intense fighting and thinking the other person is the problem) and ending up alone, I finally was able to see myself and how I was contributing to the problem or how my way or being was activating or contributing to the result of separation. I see that I was addicted to anger, and I was looking outside of myself to validate who I am. I know and will take the time to love and take care of myself, and that anger is my addiction and not the solution." Couples Intensive, Santa Fe, 8/04
Michelle Ota

'This Intensive was a gift for me.  As always, it reconfirmed that I am on the right path.  It helped me to continue my steady connection with my Inner Guidance.  Once again, I give thanks for the presence of Margaret on this planet.' NY Advanced Intensive, 11.11

Grace Escaip

My experience of these five days of Inner Bonding was one of the most healing and enlightening times. It was all wrapped up for me in the last day of jumping in and allowing my little child her place in my life. She is now alive, seen and fully appreciated. Thank you, thank you." Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/07
Susanna Barry

It has been one week since our intensive came to a close, and I find myself quietly reflecting in gratitude for the experience. And yet, the first phrase that comes to mind to describe it is MIND BLOWING (although mind expanding would probably be a more apt term!). The Inner Bonding system is an amazingly inclusive approach to healing, bridging the gap between psychological and spiritual truth in a wonderfully integrative way, illuminating no gap ultimately exists. For me, this has worked almost magically, helping to connect different parts of myself which I've spent years fearfully defending. And on a deep, intrinsic level, this has created a more authentic, intimate experience of Self -- interpersonally and intrapersonally. I still have a long way to go, but somehow, I've walked away from our time together with a somatic knowing that I'm more than up for the ride -- it is indeed, as Margie describes, a sacred privilege. I met two of my spiritual guides for the first time on this journey, and luckily for me, they both agreed to come back with me to New York!
Mike Moran

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