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Look inside and notice if you feel empty or full. If you feel empty, it is because you are not loving yourself and sharing your love with others. The love-that-is-God fills you when your intent is to love. When your intent is to control getting love, you will feel empty. Notice your intent.


"The resort and small group size were very conducive to learning and working in a safe & intimate environment.  It was very beneficial to have such a concentrated experience of working in the process and really being able to absorb it through seeing & feeling the work of others and ourselves.  The information and tools learned will stay with me as I continue to progress on my spiritual path." Colorado Intensive, 8/08

Audrey Sorensen

"An Intensive is an opportunity to get to know your issues and how to constructively heal in a safe environment.  The group environment creates a sense of family where mutual support, along with great love is very nurturing.  If you need a hug, come to an Intensive, get real with yourself and confront life's challenges.  You've nothing to lose and everything to gain!" Colorado Intenisve, 8/08
Carol L. Hannon

When we came to our first intensive we were both emotionally drained and ready to walk away from the relationship. Months and months of anger, blaming, shaming, attacking, and withdrawing had taken their toll. We reached our turning point the first day when we both realized the simple truth - through the six steps of the Inner Bonding process - that the real issues were not with the other person, but within our individual selves. Almost miraculously, this simple (simple, not easy!) process not only allowed us to see the real source of our pain, but gave us concrete, incredibly effective tools to change the pain into joy. As a result, we have now reached the deepest most loving space ever in our relationship. Our love is solid and now we have the tools and process to keep it alive.
David Rhodes

"This is the first time I felt in a safe enough place to explore & share my inner self and truly be open to loving feedback. In the process, tools have been imparted to me that have the potential to change my life for the better. My only constraint now is me! Thank you." Durango Intensive, 4/07
David P. Best

'The Inner Bonding Workshop has allowed me the freedom to spread my wings.  For many years I felt like a bird locked in a cage.  I possess this God given talent of flight however I'm confined to this tiny cage.  Inner Bonding helps to raise your Spiritual I.Q. so that you may figure out how to unlock this cage and begin to do what God has put us here to do…FLY.' LA Workshop, 3.7.10

Donald Walker

A very loving, safe environment to share your deepest fears and support to feel through your pain and learn how to love yourself and have compassion for your pain.

Tracy May

30-Day Online Courses

We offer five different online courses: Love Yourself - in both English and Spanish; Frequency; Loving Relationships; Attracting Your Beloved and Passionate Purpose, Vibrant Health.

Date Event Location Hosted By
02/08/2017 10:23 AM ÁMATE A TI MISMO curso online 30 días, EN ESPAÑOL Barcelona Maria Rosa Casanovas
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