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Do you have an inner critical taskmaster who keeps telling you what to do? Do you have another inner part that resists being told what to do? Do you get stuck in procrastination due to this inner power struggle? Do you find you automatically resist doing whatever someone else wants you to do? Today, notice your resistance and where it is coming from - within or without.


Touch the Healing Power of Nature on Earth Day

By Nancy Swisher
April 22, 2009

Nature has the power to open our eyes to the unseen world of Spirit, which, in turn, opens our heart.

In our busy lives, it is easy to forget that we walk upon the earth, that we are part of
the earth.  What does this mean?  To me, it means that the vast, powerful, loving energy
that rises up from the earth nourishes, inspires, heals, and guides me when I open my
conscious awareness to her.
Yesterday, my neighbors had a tree cut.  The tree was in my yard but belonged to them.  
It was a very old pin oak tree, diameter much too large for even two people to hug. 
Since I have lived here, the energy of the tree has been part of my home.  In less than
three hours, the tree company had it down.  Needless to say, I had many feelings arise,
feelings of grief, helplessness, love, loss, anger, and even physical sensations of pain.
You see, I knew that the tree was healthy except for a few dead branches at the top.
But the tree 'experts' instilled fear, saying the tree would fall on the house, etc.
As I processed the loss of the tree, I called on the Earth to help me.  I tuned in to the
vast waves of energy flowing through the vortex where the tree had been.  By evening,
I was guided to realize that the energy of the tree was still present.  The physical form
had been taken, but the energetic form was still there.  I could feel it.  I could see the
energy of the tree and its branches.
My heart lifted when I realized this.  I felt such a profound awareness about the relationship
of physical form and Being or energy.  This is not to say that I do not grieve the physical form,
I do.  But the non-physical reality of our existence, both of our own Spiritual self and the
spirit of Nature is where we need to focus at this time.
It is through our awareness of Spirit, our own, the trees, the birds and flowers and our oneness
with All That Is that our lives will shape-shift into our highest and best Self.  The beauty of
our natural surroundings are here to help us see who we really are: Spiritual Beings having 
a humanly spiritual experience.
Earth Day Challenge:  Take time to be in Nature.  Not in your usual way, but with the full
intention of connecting your energy with the energy of one of the forms of nature, such as a tree,
or flower or bird.  Allow your spirit to merge with the natural form.  Stare at it with your heart;
be still; feel the Oneness.
Blessings to you and to the Earth
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