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You will know that you are taking loving action in your own behalf when the action feels right in your gut, like a piece of a puzzle fitting into the right space. Notice this feeling of rightness in your being when you are taking loving action, as well as the feeling of tension when the action is not in your highest good, for this is one of the ways Spirit is always guiding us.


“This site is so wonderful, it is the best site on the internet and so full of love, acceptance, compassion, and non-judgment!!!”

Anonymous Member

“I agree with you 100%. This IS the best site on the internet!  .. and I love the way old articles and threads come around again and again when they need to ...”

Anonymous Member

I know I didn't come here by accident. My Guidance sent me here, that's for sure and I too have changed because of IB. I learn something new every day I come here and I love the Daily Inspirations. I have come to know some of the most enlightened people from IB and from here I can feel real unconditional love, support with nothing expected from me in return

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Never stop coming here until you feel joy and peace every moment of your life.
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Finding IB and the community of support here has launched me on a healing path like no other. I have never been with so many people who can share in such a wise, uplifting and nonjudgmental way. The learning and role modeling I receive from you all has changed the way I see things and the tone in which I communicate, and so much shame is dropping away from my life as a result. I feel like I have found an oasis in the desert in which I was lost and wandering for so long! Thank you all so much!
Anonymous Member

This has been an ongoing learning process for me and I am so thankful for IB. I have gone to counseling for many years and this is the first time I have seen results and been able to understand what happened in my life.
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