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We offer five different online courses: Love Yourself - in both English and Spanish; Frequency; Loving Relationships; Attracting Your Beloved and Passionate Purpose, Vibrant Health.

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Daily Inspiration

Today, embrace all adversity as opportunities to learn. All adversity has within it the seed of learning and growth. If you approach adversity as a victim, you will not learn the lesson it is here to teach you. If you embrace it with an intent to learn, you will be astounded at the gifts it has for you.


"Both Judy and I rediscovered our abandoned Inner Children while we were participating at the Inner Bonding Intensive in Santa Fe. The added bonus was finding our power again. This has been an amazing process both individually and as a couple. Margaret Paul has been miraculous as the leader and co-founder of the Inner Bonding process. This process has allowed me to realize that I can be in a relationship without losing myself." Couples Intensive, Santa Fe, 8/04
Art Ross

'My third Intensive was surprisingly revelatory, in that I was finally able to access and process some deep woundedness that I had not fully recognized before.  I feel more whole than I did five days ago.  Yeah!  Thank you, Margaret and my fellow brave participants.' Colorado Intensive, 4.12

John Collinge

'Coming to an Intensive was a positive and rewarding experience for me.  I was given the opportunity to work through tough issues I've been struggling with for years in a safe and supportive environment.  If you're already practicing Inner Bonding, an Intensive will deepen your experiences especially with the relationship with your inner child.' Dolores, CO Intensive, June, 2009
Kim Taff

"This was an incredible learning experience.  Seeing first hand, Inner Bonding put into practice is beyond words.  I now know how to use words & define feelings to look after myself, and that is truly all that matters.  Margaret Paul is an amazing, compassionate woman.  She has changed the way I will view life.  I wish I knew this 20 years ago - for me & my children." August Intensive, 8/08

Ken Daniels

'I have been struggling with trying to understand or trying to find a 'system' that can help me to understand and at the same time that I can use to heal me.  I think that Inner Bonding has the structure in a very simple and usable, yet powerful way.  Thank you.' LA Workshop, 3.7.10
Tatiana Torres

"In an extremely warm way, it is amazing how quickly Margaret identifies what issues and patterns we need to move out of and acknowledge in ourselves.  But the true gift which traditional therapy seems to lack, is the solution of self-care and empowerment, that the 6-step process provides - allowing you to move and grow beyond any stuck places you encounter now or in the future." Durango, CO Intensive, 4/08

Katherine Thomas

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