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Allow yourself to know what you know. Knowing is a direct experience of Spirit. What we think we know when we think are thoughts we make up - our own beliefs. Knowing is a solid feeling in the being of truth, and comes directly from Spirit.


"I loved this course. The information you covered is not found anywhere else and it has been so practical and informative and deep and so clearly explained that I feel much more confident about meeting my beloved, and on top of it I have incredible resources to refer to. I love it that we must become the person we want to attract - makes so much sense. I have learnt a lot about what went wrong in my previous relationships and I now have Inner Bonding to support me in my own growth and love for myself. What you offer is unique and precious and I am so grateful for you and your love for making the lives of others the best they can be."


Best gift I have ever given to myself! What I have learned is priceless.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


"Thank you so much again for a wonderful course. I have taken all of your 30 day courses, and each one takes me to a new level by opening my heart and mind one step further! What amazes me of these courses is how ultimately they all teach you how to love yourself more by exploring a different arena of life.

The Attracting your Beloved course basically changed my view of dating. I used to think that I was lucky if someone that I more or less liked (without knowing why I was attracted to that person), liked me back... which basically lead to a lot of self-abandonment, pleasing and care-taking. And it also meant that I was subject to how lucky I was to stumble across Mr. Right in my life. Now I understand that I need to learn what qualities I am looking for in a partner and not to settle for anything less, given that that wouldn't be loving to me. This course confirmed my own conclusions (through IB work), that what matters the most is for your partner to be open to learning. I also learned that knowing how to love yourself and knowing what is loving to your inner child increases your chances of meeting and recognizing your beloved. I used to be incredibly skeptical on relationships. But together the Relationship course and the Attracting your Beloved course have changed me completely. My closest friends are bewildered on how I changed my views on relationships so drastically =)....

I am deeply thankful for your work, heart and Spirit; and for life (or my Spirit) for having me guided towards you." 10.14


"I have to ditto the postings from other class members in thanking you so much for this AMAZING course. I feel sad that I didn't have this information so many years ago at critical times in my life when I needed it most. Your information in this course is life changing. I bought both books, Healing Your Aloneness and the Inner Bonding book. I am deeply immersed in the Healing book right now. I printed out every single e-mail from the 30 days and have made a 3-ring notebook for myself. I will download the class calls to my i-pod. Thanks to everyone in the class for sharing your vulnerability. I feel hopeful that at age 67 I will no doubt meet my beloved when I am able to access this self love on a daily basis and attain the right frequency.
I notice a definite and noticeable shift in myself since taking the first Love Yourself class this past February. Big ((((HUGS)))) and love from me for providing "how it works" since I've been searching for this course my whole life."


"I have learned so much - I cannot even express in words how much I have learned. Every time I go back and review the daily topics, and re-read the discussions, I learn it a deeper level and have a more meaningful understanding. Even though I am not ready to date, I feel so confident for when I decide to date. I have really learned so much about myself, my patterns stemming from the wounded self and how to love myself. This is fascinating work and completely life changing."

Heidi K.

"It’s utter magic how much this course helped me. Before signing up, I feared it would be too advanced, given my track record in love, but all that turned around with this course. Just one month after it ended, my beloved and I met. It has been a journey full of joy and blessings; I still cannot believe this loving and harmonious relationship is happening to me! I know none of this would have come about without Dr. Margaret’s help, so, definitely take the course--it works!!"

Miriam W.

Attracting Your Beloved
Attracting Your Beloved 30-Day Course

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