5-Day Virtual Intensive

Hosted ByDr. Margaret Paul
Start10/07/2020 07:30 AM
Finish10/11/2020 03:00 AM
LocationVirtual on Zoom

Join Dr. Margaret Paul for her third virtual Intensive!

For information or to register call
310-459-1700 or

The cost is normally $2,395.00, but for this VIRTUAL 5-Day Intensive the cost is $1600 and no travel expenses!

(Times to be determined based on location of participants).

"Amazing experience. Life-changing. This is the process to move out of our own way, past our baggage, and into the life and light we want.  (Virtual 5-Day Intensive) -Kelly R.


"Having studied Inner Bonding for close to a decade now, I’m constantly amazed how every time I attend an intensive [even one on Zoom], I learn how much deeper I can go in this work to grow my Loving Adult and to live a life of peace, and joy, instead of fear, anxiety and sadness....My IB practice is up levelled at least 200% every time I attend an intensive. And while they're virtual, they're a steal without the costs of flights or room and board. Plus you get the benefit of bringing into the sessions actual real-life events going on with your family, friends, colleagues or lovers, so it's super powerful real-time practice....So if you're even considering deepening your journey to mastering self love, run, don't walk to join Margaret's next intensive, either virtually or in person. You will thank yourself for a lifetime that you did. " -Anastasia F.

"This [virtual] intensive, was a very deep journey into my childhood. I loved the way Margaret lead me to that point with care, with love , with compassion, and patience. I love that we all could take our time with no pressure to get what we came to get. Also congratulation to a very nice team of Facilitators that showed the possibility for us to leave with this habit." -Steve L.

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Do you play enough? Do you have creative time? Do you have enough fun? Do you have enough laughter in your life? Do you get enough rest? Do you get done the things you need to get done? Today, focus on creating balance in your life between work and play, between doing and being, between time with others and time alone.



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