4-Day Virtual Intensive

Hosted ByStel Fine and Grace Escaip
Start02/01/2023 06:00 PM
Finish02/04/2023 12:00 AM
LocationVirtual on Zoom
Between India and Alaska timezones (UTC+5 through UTC + 14)

Welcome to a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience an Inner Bonding 4-Day Online Intensive created specifically so residents of countries between India and Alaska timezones (UTC+5 through UTC + 14) can attend live! Yes, we heard your requests to make Inner Bonding Intensives available during non-sleeping hours on the opposite side of the world from North and South America. :-) (Those of you in other timezones are also welcome, if the hours work for you.)

This Intensive is led by Senior Certified Inner Bonding Facilitators who are also trainers in the Inner Bonding Facilitator Training Program (IBFTP):

Stel Fine

Director of Training & Expansion  

Grace Escaip

Associate Director of Expansion


This amazing Intensive will be delivered in English on:

February 1-4, 2023

6pm-12am US Mountain Time daily

these days and times equate to…


February 2-5, 2023: 6:30am-12:30pm  India, Sri Lanka

February 2-5, 2023: 9am-3pm  Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan

February 2-5, 2023: 10am-4pm  Japan, Korea, Indonesia

February 2-5, 2023: Noon-6pm  Australia

February 2-5, 2023: 2pm-8pm  New Zealand

February 1-4, 2023: 3-9pm Hawaii

*See below for more examples of how those times translate to times in your timezone.)


The intensive is a perfect place for individuals, couples and those of you who wish to apply to the IBFTP to dive deeply into healing the issues that have been the most persistent or hardest to resolve. Think of it as a powerful, energetic environment supplied with a large battery of love from the facilitators and your fellow participants - to hold the space of deep learning and transformation.

In this healing event, we invite you to bring your challenges and painful issues which are limiting your ability to live whole, celebrated, fully self-expressed and free lives.

Each of us has issues that get in our way of loving ourselves completely. The purpose of Inner Bonding is to retire those old, false beliefs, throw off the constricting behaviors and labels and learn how to be loving to yourself in any circumstance with any person, as well as when you are alone.

Most of us are unaware of how conditioned we are to judge, control and protect ourselves (in conscious and unconscious ways), and how much that closes our hearts and affects our lives, opportunities, relationships and the world.

Inner Bondings proven 6-Step Process allows you to strengthen your willingness and ability to learn how to become present and attuned to your feelings, desires and intuitions. How to heal the wounds of rejection, abandonment, abuse, trauma, shame and neglect which often result in low self-esteem, relationship conflicts, resistance, addictions and victimhood.

In an environment of safety and compassion, discover and heal the cycle of shame, judgment and self-abandonment that is the root cause of your anxiety, depression, addictions, self-loathing, anger and relationship struggles. Your Intensive facilitators quickly see exactly how you are treating yourself that is causing your suffering and gently guide you in learning to love yourself and others rather than continue to abandon yourself.

  • Heal the fears, judgments, and false beliefs that limit you, moving into the ability to manifest your dreams.
  • Heal the abandonment, shame and self-abandonment issues that lie at the center of anxiety, depression, addictions, anger and relationship problems.
  • Heal caretaking/taking control issues, and their resulting patterns of anger, withdrawal, compliance and resistance.
  • Heal fears of rejection, engulfment, aloneness, and failure.
  • Heal addictions to drugs, food, nicotine, alcohol, relationships, work, sex, shopping, screens”, and other addictions.

The Intensive maximum of 12 people provides a safe, intimate, caring environment for individuals and couples to work on exploring deeper issues. Through Inner Bonding, you learn to develop a loving adult who connects deeply with your core Self, your wounded self, and your Higher Guidance. We work with Inner Bonding 5 hours daily, giving participants plenty of time for healing work.

In the Inner Bonding work, the woundedness that started in your family of origin is addressed and you are helped to understand and heal your fears and beliefs that stand in the way of loving yourself and others. You learn how to create a safe space within which to resolve conflicts, as well as the necessary tools to resolve conflict in ways that lead to increased closeness in all your relationships.

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals and couples wanting to learn Inner Bonding and experience a deep level of healing.
  • Individuals and couples wanting to heal relationship dysfunction, learn to resolve conflict, and create a deeper level of closeness, safety and connection with a partner, friends, parents and children.
  • Individuals who want to start the Inner Bonding Facilitator Training Program.
  • Therapists and professionals who have been working with Inner Bonding.
  • People familiar with the Inner Bonding process who want to deepen their experience.
  • Individuals and couples who have already taken an Inner Bonding workshop or intensive and want a deeper experience.

Our Intensive begins on Wednesday, February 1 at 6pm US Mountain Time and ends on Saturday, February 4 at midnight US Mountain Time.

Intensive Format:

Each day begins with a 5-10 minute guided meditation in order to center as a group and individually.  Stel and Grace will guide you through individual Inner Bonding Processes where you will learn in depth about your Core Self/Inner Child, Wounded Child, Resistance, and Spiritual Guidance. You will also learn about your fellow participants’ Inner Child, Wounded Self and Spiritual Guidance. It can be very powerful to see that you are not alone in your beliefs and behaviors. Also, we frequently get epiphanies watching each otherswork because we can see ourselves in their issues and internal dynamics. (And our Wounded Self is less inclined to protect us” from seeing these someone else - allowing our Loving Adult to fill in the blanks” about how we do that!) We will take an hour meal break in the middle of the Intensive and bathroom breaks as needed.

About Stel:

Stel Fine, MA, is a Certified Inner Bonding® Facilitator with a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. Her varied background in Psychotherapy, Education, Non-profits, and Entertainment reveals a common theme of helping people honor their life paths and choices and empowering them to become the hero in their own lives. She creates a safe and supportive space for people, while inspiring them to open to their truth and feelings with compassion, patience, and creativity.  Her life purpose is to help people learn how to stop causing themselves needless suffering and restriction; freeing them up to become loving, whole and fulfilled. Stel is also the Director of Training & Expansion at Inner Bonding Educational Technology, Inc. You can find out more about Stel at stelfine.net .


Working with Stel has changed my life in ways I didnt think were possible. I went from constantly worrying that my world would collapse to trusting that I am being guided and that I deserve to have a peaceful life. I have learnt to be kind and loving to my inner child. This has helped me open my heart to myself and to the people I love...Stel is incredibly patient, intuitive and generous. I have never felt judged by her… She is always encouraging and supportive...and has a good sense of humor.” - Céline, France

About Grace:
Grace is a trained Rogerian person-centered, humanistic and Gestalt counselor, specializing in adults, couples, symptoms and adolescents, floral therapy, STEP guide, focusing, expressive rhythmic movement and therapeutic massage. When she discovered Inner Bonding, she felt an immediate connection with its principles and integration of spirituality. She began to immerse herself in the work of Inner Bonding, read books, took intensives and workshops, eventually assisting Margaret Paul at Intensives and becoming an Inner Bonding Facilitator. Grace has led Inner Bonding Workshops and Intensives, has served as an IBFTP trainer since 2019, and is the Associate Director of Expansion at Inner Bonding Educational Technologies, Inc.


"I'm a seasoned counseling client. I have worked with several different, really competent professionals (and not-so-competent professionals) over the course of many years. And yet, I found myself in a familiar place- the hell on Earth of anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. I don't remember exactly how I found Grace during that dark period, but I believe it was an act of God. After so many years of professional counseling, I was hard to impress and also really questioning the long-term effectiveness of mental health help, but I listened to my intuition and reached out to Grace. And thank goodness I did! Grace immediately exuded the compassion, understanding, love, and wisdom that I needed, and in her presence my aching heart could breathe and heal. During the most painful event of my life, Grace showed me how to be present with my own feelings without being overwhelmed and unmoored by them. This was a skill I had never had before, and it's one of the many skills I learned from Grace that has improved my life dramatically. Most importantly of all, Grace showed me how to connect with MY higher power and my own inner wisdom- a gift that has served me more than anything else. I have not needed counseling since my work with Grace, because I no longer look outside myself for the answers that are always within me (thanks, Grace!). So much was illuminated for me under her guidance. I can honestly say that every "session" with Grace was exactly that- truly an act of grace. “

Rae R.

For more information and to register

Call Valerie at Inner Bonding:



Upon registration, you will receive an email with links to educational material, a video, and the link to the Zoom Room where we will meet for the Intensive.

Monetary Investment for the 4-Day Virtual Intensive:

$1,500 per participant

$2,500 for a couple ($1,250 per member of the couple)


*More examples of how 6pm-12am US Mountain Time may translate to your timezone in February 2023:

February 2-5, 2023: 7am-1pm Bhutan, Bangladesh

February 2-5, 2023: 8am-2pm Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia

February 1-4, 2023: 4-10pm Alaska






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Perfectionism is a form of control. "If I am perfect, then I can have control over how others feel about me and treat me." Life becomes much easier and more fun when we let go of having to be perfect and allow ourselves to be human.



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4-Day Virtual Intensive
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