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What nurtures you? Do you feel nurtured by being out in nature? By doing something creative? By sitting quietly and listening to music or reading or watching a movie? By being with caring friends? By being physically active - hiking, playing a sport, or gardening? By meditating, journaling, practicing Inner Bonding? By playing fun games? By playing a musical instrument? Today, be sure to create balance in your life by nurturing yourself.


"Since starting the Inner Bonding program, I regularly find myself believing 'It would be impossible for my life to keep getting better, yet it keeps getting better!'. The 5-Day Intensive only served to amplify, deepen and normalize this experience! Being with others going through this process was both liberating and supportive. I couldn't have integrated the practice and process as quickly and deeply any other way. Thank you Inner Bonding!!!" Santa Fe Intensive, 4/06
David Squire

"I feel as if I have finally come home to my real self. I feel so empowered. I now have the tools for me to give up limiting beliefs and actions and to start creating the life I want to live. For the first time in about 15 years I feel connected to Source Energy/God." Santa Barbara Intensive, 2/06
Joyce Riesett

"During the 5-Day Intensive, I felt released from my wounded self's need to work so hard to control myself and others.  Now the Spirit flows through me, teaching me how to use my emotions as information.  As a result, I am learning to love myself and others with fewer expectations." Colorado Intensive, 6/08
Susie Keown


'This was my second Intensive and I continue to be amazed at how I learn something new & useful about myself each time.  Inner Bonding is the only process I've ever discovered to be so all encompassing - whether your life difficulty is aloneness, shame, relationship problems, abuse or addiction to name a few.  By combining psychology & spirituality, this unique method could be used by just about anyone looking to improve their life.' Jan.'09 Santa Barbara Intensive
Doris Muczynski

'The Intensive was truly amazing. I had read Dr. Paul's literature and was already seeing the positive results of the Inner Bonding process in myself and my marriage. The Intensive took it to a much higher level by giving us the opportunity to practice and apply the Inner Bonding steps with Dr. Paul's guidance. It was like having the opportunity to ride a bicycle after having only read how to do so. My wife and I both had major breakthroughs which I am certain will improve our marriage. It was incredibly helpful and educational to see the other members of our group practice the Inner Bonding process during individual and couple's sessions with Dr. Paul. in a group therapy setting. It was also helpful for my wife and I to see three other couples experiencing the same issues we were experiencing and see them learn to apply the Inner Bonding process to resolve their conflicts.'


Rolando S.

Hosted Chat

The hosted chat is hosted by Dr. Margaret or an Inner Bonding facilitator. Often a subject, such as relationships, addictions, boundaries, or parenting is chosen for the topic. Other times, it is open to any discussion.

Times: The times posted are all Pacific Time. 

Date Event Location Hosted By
04/04/2017 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: Focusing In The Face of Overwhelm Dr. Margaret Paul
04/11/2017 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: The Challenge of Relationships Dr. Margaret Paul
04/18/2017 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: When To Speak Your Truth Dr. Margaret Paul
04/25/2017 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: Managing Helplesness Concerning Others Dr. Margaret Paul
05/02/2017 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: Staying Open To Guidance All Day Dr. Margaret Paul
05/09/2017 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: What Brings You Comfort? Dr. Margaret Paul
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