Support Group

Support groups are periodic meetings where you can get individual help with your Inner Bonding process. Some support groups are in person and others are on the telephone. Dr. Margaret offers a 6-week telephone support group. To join Dr. Margaret's telephone support group, call 888-646-6372.

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Daily Inspiration

Set your intention for the day. Make a conscious decision that you want to be in love, compassion, peace and joy. Decide to be courageous and speak your truth. Request to draw to you all that is of the light, and to be immune to the darkness of anger, fear and judgment.


'This is my second Intensive and all I can say is extremely Powerful!  Dr. Paul is an extremely compassionate Master Teacher and Healer.  I highly recommend you to give yourself this gift of your true self.'  Colorado Intensive 10.14

Scott F.

For years I wanted someone to hear my pain and my anger. This is the first place I felt safe enough to fully experience both.
Kim Smith

"This intensive provided the transformational opportunity to move through deep, protective layers of pain and reclaim my being - to connect with my core self, truly experience my value and finally allow the love and respect of others into my being. It felt as if it is the beginning of my aliveness. Thank you Margie for your love, patience, intuition and extraordinary skill in facilitating the access to my own power." Lucerne Valley, CA June, 2000
Colin Horowitz

"The energy and effort expended by Margaret is incredible. As well as her perception in determining the needs of her clients. I learned so much and I take with me a wonderful opportunity to grow and become the person I want to be. The experience will be life changing." Lucerne Valley Intensive, 11/06
Tom Campbell

"This helped me to understand the principles of Inner Bonding in a very powerful, experiential way. I feel that this is the most concrete, accessible process that I have found to date to connect with both myself and my Spiritual Guidance, and I highly recommend the Intensive to anyone seeking their growth and their joy." Santa Fe, NM Intensive, 4/05
Dr. Ilene Krems

"The Intensive experience brought home the reality that we are all responsible for our feelings. In a couple, it's so easy to blame and not realize that it's the inner child that's needing attention. I am grateful to have witnessed 5 other couples work on similar issues as my husband and I. So much thanks to Margie, Nancy and Bob. I'm certain we will return!" Couples Intensive, Lucerne Valley, CA - 8/01
Nancy Swisher

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