Daily Inspiration

The more you choose to be present in the moment, the more you will experience the love, peace, joy and creativity of Spirit. To be present in the moment, you must be willing to let go of control and surrender to being guided by Spirit. Today, gently "sit" on your wounded self - the part of you who wants control, and allow the Presence of Love to move through you.

By Dr. Margaret Paul

"The 5-Day Intensive was a great experience. The information I learned will help me grow to be my very best person that I can be. I learned we always have choices. Thank you Margaret and Sharon." Durango, CO Intensive, 10/07
Catherine Hopper

"Life changing. The best thing we keep doing for our relationship. I absolutely recommend it." Couples Intensive, Santa Fe, 8/05
Cynthia Collins

'This Intensive was a gift for me.  As always, it reconfirmed that I am on the right path.  It helped me to continue my steady connection with my Inner Guidance.  Once again, I give thanks for the presence of Margaret on this planet.' NY Advanced Intensive, 11.11

Grace Escaip

'It was a great experience.  I was able to deepen the process and it gave me deep insight of myself.  I would recommend for everybody to read the book, "Do I Have to Give Up Me To Be Loved By God?" first before going to an Intensive.  The understanding goes so much deeper with all the information from the book.  Or so was my experience.' Dolores, CO Intensive, June, 2009
Karin Gehrig

"I came to the intensive seeking the keys I needed to go forward on my spiritual journey of reclaiming and healing my inner child, of bonding my soul and my Higher Self. In these 5 days I was helped to see particular parts of my inner experience, to which I've been previously asleep. I feel as if new pieces of my puzzle have been revealed, have been put into place. I can see another section of the picture, and feel empowered to go forward into new chapters. It has been priceless to experience this for myself, and to share with the friends I met their own similar, yet unique experiences. I have not encountered as powerful a healing technique anywhere else!" Lucerne Valley, CA June, 2000
Patrice Kaufman

"The Intensive was excellent. The dream interpretation alone was worth the cost of admission. Margaret has an amazing ability to defuse a situation and have others open up with an intention to learn and grow. The location is great, the food is delicious, the staff is friendly and the schedule is just right." Lucerne Valley, CA
Robert Corrington

Support Group

Support groups are periodic meetings where you can get individual help with your Inner Bonding process. Some support groups are in person and others are on the telephone. Dr. Margaret offers a 6-week telephone support group. To join Dr. Margaret's telephone support group, call 888-646-6372.

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