Daily Inspiration

Today, notice where your focus is most of the time - externally on others, in your head, or in your body. Since your feelings are your inner guidance system, it is essential to be present in your body in order to know what you are feeling and when you need to take loving action.

By Dr. Margaret Paul


''I have struggled all my life to feel good, to be able to make choices about what I want to do, who I want to be with, etc.  I have never felt a deep sense of self worth.  This Intensive feels like a gift, it has helped me feel hopeful for the first time that I can connect, heal, feel love for myself.  I've read books and been in therapy for a long time - being here and going through this process has turned a light on for me.  I am infinitely grateful and I honestly did not expect to feel such a shift, this work is powerful.  Thank you, Margaret.  If anyone is contemplating signing up for an Intensive I would tell you, no question, please do not hesitate.  I know for myself, this experience has been life changing." Dolores, CO Intensive 4.13

Jessica Scotcher

'This has been the most amazing experience.  So much love and support from Dr. Margaret and everyone here.  I really feel the love and healing of Inner Bonding - seeing it in other people and watching them do their work and support them, and have them support me is transformational.' NY Advanced Intensive, 11.11

Clare Fogle

'Inner Bonding give you the power to support yourself and the confidence that you do not need to rely on others for your self worth.  At the Intensive, you get personal guidance to notice when your wounded self hijacks the healing process.  It is valuable to learn from other's experiences which parallel your journey.  Feeling acceptance and compassion for others in the group proves that you have the capability for acceptance and compassion for yourself.' Santa Barbara Intensive 2.14

David Williams

"The Intensive workshop was by far the most useful tool I have ever been taught to deal with my feelings and emotions. I feel I have a clear understanding of how to take care of myself by listening and feeling and honoring my true essence. To heal oneself is truly an empowering process. Margaret Paul is the most amazing communicator I have ever met. This is not a voodoo, snake oil, hocus-pocus process. It is about what is truth and what is not." Santa Fe, NM, 4.05
Sandy Hersman

I feel that Margie is an enlightened person. She has an intensity that stimulates all levels of communication within my being. I'm a better person for my work with Margie [at the intensive] and I look forward to continuing my growth.
Michael Narutowicz

"The Intensive was excellent. The dream interpretation alone was worth the cost of admission. Margaret has an amazing ability to defuse a situation and have others open up with an intention to learn and grow. The location is great, the food is delicious, the staff is friendly and the schedule is just right." Lucerne Valley, CA
Robert Corrington

Support Group

Support groups are periodic meetings where you can get individual help with your Inner Bonding process. Some support groups are in person and others are on the telephone. Dr. Margaret offers a 6-week telephone support group. To join Dr. Margaret's telephone support group, call 888-646-6372.

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