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The avoidance of loneliness, heartbreak and helplessness over others and outcomes is often at the root of controlling, compliant, resistant or addictive behavior. It is helpful to learn to name the feeling we are trying to avoid. When we name it, we can allow it, acknowledge it, embrace it, bring love and compassion to it, and then release it to Spirit. Denying it keeps us stuck. Naming it allows us to manage it, release it and take loving action in our own behalf.


'The Intensive was awesome.  If anyone has ever felt unhealed, alone or misunderstood - this class is just what is needed.  It is awesome to watch Dr. Paul at work.'  Colorado Intensive 10.14


'Again!!!  A wonderfully deep healing experience bringing greater clarity and wisdom to heal my Inner Child.'  Long Island 3-Day Advanced Intensive, 11.13

Penny Piazza

"You think you've done the work, and there is the same issue staring you in the face once again. Do you open to learning about it or go into resistance and close? You've paid all this money to heal, so of course you have to open but there are those same protections keeping you closed!!! In any moment you can make the choice to open.... There is silence... and then the group joins in with Margaret channeling incredible wisdom, insight and truth, and through their honesty, love, and support all of a sudden in a flash the A-HA moment comes. You are flooded with a peace, calmness and joy and with a knowing that all is right with life. It is a moment of clarity and enlightenment. You are once again connected to yourself, truth and spirit and there is no greater feeling in the world. Advanced intensives are like this, yeh, they are!!!!" LA Advanced Intensive, 6/06
Merry Oislander

"Both Judy and I rediscovered our abandoned Inner Children while we were participating at the Inner Bonding Intensive in Santa Fe. The added bonus was finding our power again. This has been an amazing process both individually and as a couple. Margaret Paul has been miraculous as the leader and co-founder of the Inner Bonding process. This process has allowed me to realize that I can be in a relationship without losing myself." Couples Intensive, Santa Fe, 8/04
Art Ross

"An Intensive is an opportunity to get to know your issues and how to constructively heal in a safe environment.  The group environment creates a sense of family where mutual support, along with great love is very nurturing.  If you need a hug, come to an Intensive, get real with yourself and confront life's challenges.  You've nothing to lose and everything to gain!" Colorado Intenisve, 8/08
Carol L. Hannon

"I came here [to the intensive] with no knowledge of Inner Bonding and with the intent to prove it wasn't for me. I walked through the door and into the garden of Eden, and I realized that this isn't the final destiny, but the beginning of a wondrous, awesome, beautiful journey. And I am grateful." Lucerne Valley, CA - 7/01
Tina Graves

Support Group

Support groups are periodic meetings where you can get individual help with your Inner Bonding process. Some support groups are in person and others are on the telephone. Dr. Margaret offers a 6-week telephone support group. To join Dr. Margaret's telephone support group, call 888-646-6372.

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