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Are you attached to being right as a way to control how others feel about you and treat you? Do you hesitate to speak your truth because you want to be sure you are right? Protecting yourself from others' disapproval by having to be right is not loving to yourself. It is loving to yourself to speak your truth, without judgment, and then courageously deal with the results.

By Dr. Margaret Paul

The Intensive provides a safe environment to create a healthy dialogue between your healthy adult and inner child. The workshop participants provide a wonderful mirror of our own issues and experiences. The Inner bonding process gives you an opportunity to tune into your spiritual connection and learn what is in your highest good.
Wayne Minor

'During one of the lowest points in my life, the five-day Intensive was a truly transformational experience.  The beauty, safety and openness of this experience is unique and full of joy and learning.  Dr. Margaret Paul is an incredible soul and has a gift that is truly spiritual and ultimately insightful.' Colorado Intensive, 7.11
Jim Broughton

"I LOVED this week-end Workshop. This is the second one I've taken and I still got a tremendous amount of benefit from this experience. I'm so grateful for this work." L.A. Workshop, 12/06
Julie Sponsler

"Thank you! A wonderful taste of reconnecting with myself - a loving, gentle weekend with some real tools to bring home." Rowe, MA, 4/04
Joe Gelbard

"Learning from Margaret is a wonderful gift. Her love and compassion radiate from her. She wastes no time to get you to the present, and the relief from the pain and anguish is speedy. Her guidance and clarity goes from one group member to the next without her missing a beat. You will learn as much from each group member, their experiences and how they deal. The love and compassion you feel for each person opens up the love and compassion for yourself. Opening to Guidance will be demonstrated over and over, and is what makes working in a group so powerful and beneficial. The process, the group and Margaret have made this an experience of a lifetime for me. This has been what dreams are made of!" Santa Fe Intensive, 10/06
Sharon Appleby

"This was the right time for me to come - I was able to see and hear my inner child and bring her into conscious awareness. Another wonderful experience was a breakthrough on an image of Guidance as a Loving Hand for me to be embraced by, to stand in, to be sheltered and directed and led by. The energy work the last day was wonderful - I experienced a real release - leaving of old energy stuff. I felt a significant release and a re-energizing of personal power. Thank you for creating a safe place for me to do this work." Ossining, NY - August 25-29, 2000
Agnes Griffey

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