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Are there people in your life towards whom you hold a grudge? Resentment creates a low frequency within you, so letting go of it in your heart lightens you. You don't need to see this person if it is not in your highest good to do so, but letting go of resentment is always in your highest good.

By Dr. Margaret Paul

"I had a very profound experience at this retreat.  It opened up a whole new world inside me and allowed me to heal some very deep issues.  I thank Margaret and the other participants for a very moving 5 days." Colorado Intensive, 10/08
Saeyoung Min

"[The Inner Bonding Workshop] put me back on the path of doing the work and will move me past the 'stuck' place I was in!" Workshop at Kripalu in MA, July, 1999
Patricia Izzi

"The Intensive is very unique. It's a 5-Day Retreat consisting of 12 participants. Margaret and her Assistant facilitated the group in healing and growing. Individual work is done but everyone learns from it. It is wonderful to see how we are all so human and wounded, but there is a choice in every moment to be a Loving Adult with Guidance to feel joy, love and peace." Intensive, Lucerne Valley, CA, 7/05
Michelle Lipton

"I've known the power of the practice of Inner Bonding for several years. As I've taken this journey I've found the intensive experience to be the safest and most compassionate place I could ever imagine. It is always amazing and joyous to experience deep, transformational work and to watch as others go to a deeper level of healing. I can think of no greater gift that I have ever given myself than to participate in the intensive experience. I found Santa Fe incredible. The retreat center has a wonderful serenity that contributes such a calming energy for this deep work. The closeness of a wonderful and challenging hiking trail up a nearby mountain was one of my favorite things. I often had profound experiences of clarity there." Santa Fe, New Mexico - 4/2001
Patricia Gerrish

"My God, and I mean MY GOD is good and this Inner Bonding is becoming like my breath, it moves through me and gives me life, a very good life." Advanced Intensive, Long Island, 11/09
Suzi Korsak

"Be prepared at the Inner Bonding Intensive to shift your energy and raise your frequency. I not only forged a stronger recognition of my Essence, but also forged a stronger connection to Spirit and my Guidance. This was a priceless experience and was invaluable to my healing and growth." NY Advanced Intensive, 5/05

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