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Today, be willing to make being loving to yourself and others your highest priority - higher than avoiding pain, higher than getting love, higher than trying to control others and outcomes. When love is your highest priority, your heart opens and you will connect with Spirit.


'My third Intensive was surprisingly revelatory, in that I was finally able to access and process some deep woundedness that I had not fully recognized before.  I feel more whole than I did five days ago.  Yeah!  Thank you, Margaret and my fellow brave participants.' Colorado Intensive, 4.12

John Collinge

'For me the Intensive has absolutely sealed that the Inner Bonding process always works as long as you do it and live it every moment - and you always have a choice!  What I liked most about the Intensive was learning from the stories, experiences and sessions of the group.  I also thought the format of working on the floor was very grounding and really helped me to access my emotions and Inner Child. I would absolutely recommend the Intensive.  It has been one of the most profound experiences of my life and I know I will draw on my learning here for the rest of my life.  Margaret, thank you for changing my life.  I am looking forward to the next chapter now that I feel so connected and committed to my daily practice.' Santa Barbara Intensive, 2.2011
Harriet Farmer

'Prior to this weekend workshop, I had read a few books, worked through the website, listened to Podcasts.  Having the live sessions, WITH OTHERS LEARNING AND ASKING QUESTIONS, made it all solidify.  Very happy with my decision to invest in this weekend.' Kripalu Workshop, 9.12

Elizabeth Thompson

'I participated in Margaret's 30 Day Inner Bonding class, had several personal coaching skype sessions with Margaret, and am now taking her Relationships 30 Day Course. I have been in a very sad, wounded space since a breakup 7 weeks ago. I felt so incredibly lost in my wound and was becoming more and more in touch about how I had and was abandoning myself over and over. I was very anxious to come to the Intensive and was feeling very vulnerable to authentically show up in pain. The Intensive provided me with a family of like minded souls all willing to support and hold a space for me to feel safe. With the work in the middle of the circle with Margaret, and participating in everyone else's work, brought me home to myself. The practice of Inner Bonding is priceless to finding my way back to my center. Years and years of help didn't heal my low self worth or teach me not to abandon myself.  Inner Bonding does. I'm so grateful and I will attend again and again.'  Colorado Intensive 4.15

Terri O\'Grady

"For the second time in my life I have felt extremely safe in an environment of love and care. I found myself sharing very intimate aspects of myself that I have never felt safe enough to share before now. Margaret and her staff's deep caring for each individual was most evident and contributed to depth of safety experienced in the group. I began to have an understanding of who I am in the world and it gave me a process to improve how I show up in the world. In my belief system we teach that every person is whole, perfect and complete, but Inner bonding provides the process for realizing one's wholeness, perfection and inner completion. I am deeply grateful for having arrived at this transformational junction on my journey." Davison, MI - September 2000
Angela Davis


'This was an enlightening experience that has given me the tools and a process to take more loving care of myself and to share this loving intent with the people around me.  I had no idea how I was creating my own pain.  Now I do!  I look forward to enjoying more peace and joy and love moving forward." Dolores, CO Intensive 4.13

Mindi Ellis

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