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Today, notice if you are harming yourself with your thoughts - with your judgment and criticism, should and should not, right, wrong, good, bad. Today, remember that you always have good reasons for your feelings and behavior and explore these reasons - your fears and false beliefs - rather than judge.

By Dr. Margaret Paul

'The Intensive was a profound healing & learning experience, both personally & professionally. It confirms my faith that we are always guided and never alone. And when your true intent is willingness to become a loving human being, that's when you start to feel the joy, peace and love in all areas of life.  I loved seeing Margaret working and the continual sharing of the process between everyone present.  The Intensive enhances the quality of your life & brings such joy and peace to oneself and others.  You benefit from the powerful tools that are gained and experiencing the Inner Bonding process in a deep way far beyond just reading about it.  It is such a benefit to be with people who are on the same path.' Santa Barbara Intensive, 2.2011
Grace Escaip

"Wow! First word that pops into my mind. I have never grown so close with so many people so fast. And the learning that I saw here is something you can't put a word to, but if I did, it would be Amazing!" Couples Intensive, Santa Fe, 8/05
Andrew Todd

"This has been a deepening of my work with prayer and Alanon to try to develop healthy living patterns that allow me to finally accept myself and work with a higher power, to find a joyful purpose and a loving heart." Rowe, MA Workshop, April 2000
Cara Groman

'I was very pleased at the diversity of the participants, (age & sex), as this added to the experience when they shared.  This process, Inner Bonding, is a wonderful learning experience and really works.  I specifically liked when Dr. Margaret worked with individuals, as it really helped me understand how the Inner Bonding process works.  Three ways I've benefited from this Workshop are: 1. It raised my self-esteem 2. Learned that I have, we all have Guidance and how to connect to it. 3. Improved my relationship with myself.  I would recommend this Workshop - everyone needs this opportunity and understanding.  It could ultimately heal families and our sick society.' Los Angeles Weekend Workshop, 3.11
Elizabeth Karner

"When I came to the Intensive I came as a wounded little girl.  As I leave today I leave with a greater insight, perspective and acceptance for my wounded self, love for my little girl and excitement about the doors I am opening for myself.  The tools and techniques I've learned have already had a profound impact.  I know as I practice and exercise these tools, my joy and love will grow with me." Durango, CO Intensive, 4/08

Katie Hodges

"I learned that it is important to honor your inner child and to access your higher power/Spirit on a regular basis. This is critical if we want to find a true balance in our life." LA Workshop 9-10/01
Bob Poline

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