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Become open hearted and willing to learn and choose to be with those who are also open. When two or more are gathered with a willingness to learn about love, there is the deep joyousness of connection.


After years of therapy and many self-help books…something was still missing.  It seemed that no matter what I did (or approach I tried) I couldn’t get the “voice” in my head to quiet down or stop the negative talk.  And sadly, for some reason (actually many reasons) I not only couldn’t stop the negative talk  - I believed it! 
Enter Inner Bonding and Dr. Margaret Paul.  
Through Dr. Paul’s training I am learning to recognize when the “voice” in my head is filling me with false information. And more importantly, I now have a “tool” that helps me cancel out these thoughts and replace them with the truth.  
Is it a magic pill that changes everything immediately?  No, but it is a method that actually works.  The 5 day Intensive gave me an opportunity to work the process - which is critical because like anything unfamiliar it takes practice to achieve results.  Habits happen when we repeat them over and over again.  Intensives give you a safe and loving place to work on yourself and the benefit of Dr. Paul right there guiding you.  
This is my second Intensive and all I can say is…if you are hurting and seeking help INNER BONDING is the answer.  If you are looking for a way to grow spiritually Inner Bonding is the answer.  Truly, I believe that Inner Bonding should be a required course in life.  I know there would be a lot more love and peace in this world.
I am finally learning to love myself thanks to Dr. Margaret Paul :)

Chris Lieber

"This workshop gave me the time and space to attend to myself in a loving way. Being with like-minded people for two days was very helpful in inspiring me to connect to my own guidance. I learned a great deal personally and professionally. I'm very sorry it's over. [Margaret was] excellent. Her calm and centered presence enabled me to do the work I wanted to do." Toronto Workshop, April, 2000
Nancy Forrester

"When I called Margie's office, Jan said, 'This is a life-changing experience,' At the other end of the phone, I thought, 'Yeah, right.' How do you change a 42 year old habit of being angry all the time in 5 days? I was in pain, so I came. I found out it wasn't about changing or fixing what was wrong with me. It's about embracing all of me, with courage, compassion, and love. I came alone. I'm going back home with a beautiful inner child who brings me wisdom, love and joy, and who is me. This has been phenomenal, and I know my life is forever changed." Lucerne Valley, CA, June, 2000
Marcia Tribolini

"[The Intensive] is a personal experience and group process where you can be in touch with yourself and others in a powerfully healing way. I loved every minute of it and can't wait to do it again! I learned so much from witnessing others, as well as doing my own work. It's a good way to access your feelings and the messages they are giving you, and find the support and guidance you need in the moment, at any moment." Santa Fe Intensive, 5/04.
Naomi Roen

'This workshop is both practical for learning how to enjoy life everyday as me, & for showing up filled with confidence & the ability to flow in what I do & who I'm interacting with.  I can see & feel how applying Inner Bonding in my life will not only benefit me, but will have a positive loving impact on others.' Kripalu Workshop, 9.15 - Lenox, MA

Maria Allen

I think the intensive was transformational for me.  I am 63 years old, but feel I am born again with love for myself and others.  I am so looking forward to the rest of my life and what it will bring.

Mark Bult

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