Daily Inspiration

Children roll with belly-laughter at everyday things. I was never like that. (but sure am now!)

By Dr. Erika Chopich

'Transforming - awareness of myself as never before in my life.  Unexpectedly loving.  Opened me to go with my dreams and honor them.' Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/2010
Stanley M. Gordon

"One of the most beautiful, painful, mystical, fun experiences of my life. Joy beginning to break through the clouds!" February 2002 - Lucerne Valley Intensive, CA
Heather O'Neill

"The second time around has been extremely valuable, I've had a real experience to know the value of unconditional love, living my truth and that I'm never really alone. I'm so thankful that I listened to Phyllis - my guidance - and came here even though I really didn't know why I was coming. As Colin says "this shit works". As a final note: the second time around is better because I'm better." Lucerne Valley Intensive, CA - May 2002
Linda Joanou

Probably the best gift I ever gave myself!!! I felt emotional shifts and a sense of peace and freedom on issues I have struggled with all my life.
Bob Ahlmeier

'This Intensive was a gift for me.  As always, it reconfirmed that I am on the right path.  It helped me to continue my steady connection with my Inner Guidance.  Once again, I give thanks for the presence of Margaret on this planet.' NY Advanced Intensive, 11.11

Grace Escaip

"Extraordinary! Life changing! Attending with my mother was an unbelievable experience. It is changing our relationship (I never thought possible). We're planning to do this yearly together. I can't think of any other place that I could do the challenging work of facing the truth of who I am (all the parts). A truly sacred place for a sacred journey." Lucerne Valley, CA, June, 2000
Susan Rosenstein

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