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Daily Inspiration

Laughter raises our frequency and is healing for our body and soul. Our essence takes life lightly and finds humor even in difficult times. Our wounded self often wants to take things very seriously. Today, choose lightness of being and allow your laughter to flow.


Spiritual Development

Spiritual developmentPhoto by Laughing Raven

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Life After Therapy: A Course in Miracles with Amy Torres

Amy's approach to A Course in Miracles is a perfect complement to Inner Bonding work.

chakra healing

Hi there, Wanted to suggest the above link, as many people are interested in chakras these days, and I found Carol Tuttle's chakra teachings are brilliantly simple and effective. I would love to take the full Chakra 7 course, but even the intro lecture and meditations helped blast me out of deep depression for a good period of time, before I stopped practising it. Hope you find it helpful as well Leigh (bookgoddess)

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