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Look inside and notice if you feel empty or full. If you feel empty, it is because you are not loving yourself and sharing your love with others. The love-that-is-God fills you when your intent is to love. When your intent is to control getting love, you will feel empty. Notice your intent.


"The February 2003 Workshop in LA was an awesome experience; very enlightening and instructional on how to become a loving adult to yourself first, then all others in your life. Thank you."
Deborah Millstine

"Inestimable value. It provides the truth; the truth necessary for any healing work to be effective; the framework to ensure that whatever tools you work are applied with the right intent. Thank you for helping to birth this work and for continuing to offer your gift to others. Very nice work you're doing!"
Jeff Meyer

"A deepening of my process - of knowing myself and loving myself and others more fully." Los Angeles, May 2000
Susan Rosenstein

As I've been frequenting the Inner Bonding web site, I'm connecting with like-minded people who are always eager to talk about the tremendous healing we're all creating for ourselves. Of course, support groups and one-on-one IB sessions with friends are extremely helpful. But the power of IB-ers gathering SOCIALLY surprised me this past weekend. When we realized there were at least SEVEN of us at a performance here in the Pioneer Valley, one of my friends turned to me, her face bright & full of joy, exclaiming, "My inner children are HAVING A BLAST!" There's some indescribable power in knowing that you're "hanging out" with more than a handful of people who understand and are invested in this tremendous healing process! It's a glimpse into what it would be like to LIVE and play, day in and day out, with IB-ers, not just pre-arranged gatherings to do the "work." It's like IB DISNEYLAND! *Coming soon to a community near you!* (Or move here to the Pioneer Valley.)
Carie King

'It was a very safe environment to share deep emotional wounds with others & work through them without judgment.  I was able to be honest with myself without fear enabling the learning of the process.  I felt relieved to release painful feelings that I recognized the roots of but didn't have the tools to let them go using the Inner Child dialogue as a means of doing so.  I feel the program was exactly what I needed to also recognize my own responsibility & make a commitment of healing.'  Weekend Workshop - Anaheim Hills, CA 3.14

Helen Terzievski

"No matter how often I do this workshop I always receive a 'golden nugget' every time.  This new awareness allows me to explore further & always brings amazing insight & growth.  Thanks, Margaret for another wonderful experience." Kripalu Workshop, 9/08
Merry Oislander

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