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The Toxicity of Comparison

By Nancy Swisher
September 15, 2010

We are programmed to compare everything! In this article Nancy clarifies the impact this has on our state of Beingness.

Do you walk around in a state of comparison without being fully conscious that that’s what you’re doing?  What do I mean by comparison?  Let me share an experience.  One morning as I explored a new park in Fairfield, Iowa, I noticed my mind was comparing these woods to the woods where I lived in Massachusetts, which were part of the Appalachian Trail.  I started comparing the quality of nature here to the quality of nature there.  I could find all sorts of facts and evidence that nature there was better, higher, more exquisite, more diverse, more powerful than what I was viewing in the present moment.  But was I really present as I did this?

As I walked in a state of mind filled with thoughts of comparison, I actually blocked the present moment.  I blocked the beauty around me.  For about five minutes my mind kept this up; then I caught myself and said, “Look at what you’re doing here!”  I took some deep breaths and returned to a state of Presence.  After doing this, I immediately saw the beauty right before me, which literally I was unable to see while my mind was in a state of comparison.

The reason it’s toxic to compare is that it blocks the present moment; therefore it blocks the flow of divine energy through your body.  It blocks receiving guidance, in this instance, from Nature.  Comparison is a symptom of being disconnected from your Essence. It’s a symptom of self-abandonment.

The more typical states of comparison people get stuck in are comparing how you look to how others look, how much money you have, how successful, even how someone else processes.  Let’s don’t overlook self-comparison—how you look now compared to ten years ago.  How you feel now compared to yesterday!

Look and see what you compare in your day-to-day life and bring it to conscious awareness.  If you are not present you are in a state of comparison and it’s very toxic and more than likely habitual.  We learn this when we are little.  It is a survival mechanism.  One of the most important things to let go of and heal when you want to manifest your soul’s purpose is the toxic emotion of comparison.  Comparison will keep you from shining your Light.

Nancy Swisher, MA is a Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator.  She leads Midwest Inner Bonding Intensives and serves clients via phone sessions.  She can be reached at 641-233-5072.  Or at



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