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The challenge on the spiritual path is to reach such a deep place of inner security that we are able to stay open to learning with ourselves and with Spirit, no matter what. This means being able to be loving to ourselves in the face of others attacking, blaming, crazymaking, withdrawing. It means staying open to learning with Spiritregarding our own highest good and the highest good of all, no matter what.


The Law of Attraction - It's About Frequency

By Dr. Margaret Paul
March 21, 2011

Like does attract like, so focus on keeping your frequency high and you will manifest your dreams!

Many of us have heard of the Law of Attraction - that like attracts like. However, many are confused about what this really means.

In my experience, like attracts like means that like frequency attracts like frequency. My high frequency attracts the things I want and my low frequency attracts the things I don't want.

The question then becomes, what raises or lowers frequency?

What Lowers Frequency?

Anything that makes you feel down lowers your frequency. Here is a list of what I have found lowers frequency:

  • Intent to control - When your desire is to control your feelings, as well as others and outcomes, you are operating out of your wounded self, which lowers your frequency. Even positive thoughts can lower your frequency when your intent is to control, rather than be loving to yourself and others.
  • Negative thinking, resentment, judgment and self-judgment - The lies you tell yourself from your ego wounded self lower your frequency. Feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, shame, jealousy and envy all have a low frequency, so any thought that comes from false beliefs and that creates these feelings, lowers your frequency.
  • Resistance - The fear of being controlled by others, by God, or even by yourself, creates resistance, which lowers your frequency.
  • Alcohol - While people might convince themselves that they raise their frequency when drinking, this is not true. Just because it may lower your stress, doesn't mean it raises your frequency.
  • Prescription drugs - Since prescription drugs are alien to the body, the body has to work to deal with them, which causes a lowering of frequency.
  • Recreational drugs - A few recreational drugs - the kinds of drugs that indigenous people used infrequently to connect with Spirit - can raise your frequency for a short period of time. But frequent use has the opposite effect.
  • Food - Fresh, whole organic food has a high frequency, but processed foods have a low frequency, and lower the frequency of your body.
  • Lack of exercise - Our bodies are meant to move; not moving lowers your frequency.
  • Lack of sleep - It is hard to have a high frequency when you don't get enough sleep.
  • Lack of water - Dehydration creates huge stress on the body, which lowers your frequency.
  • Negative environment - It is often hard to maintain a positive attitude when in a negative environment. We are affected both positively and negatively by others' frequency.

What Raises Frequency?

  • Intent to learn - Our free will to choose our intent in any given moment is the most powerful choice we have. Choosing to learn about loving ourselves and others, rather than choosing to protect/avoid/control, is the major way we have of raising our frequency. This is why, when we think positively from an intent to control, in an attempt to manifest what we want, we are often not successful, as anything done from the intent to control - even positive thinking - lowers the frequency.
  • Positive thinking - This might seem like a contradiction to the statement above, but it is about intent. When your intent in thinking positively is to be loving to yourself and support your highest good, this raises your frequency. When your intent in positive thinking is to control others and outcomes, then it lowers your frequency.
  • Food - Fresh whole foods that are in alignment with your metabolism, and that support your health, raise your frequency.
  • Exercise - Exercise that you love and that makes you feel alive raises your frequency. Forcing yourself to do exercise that you don't like lowers your frequency.
  • Getting enough sleep - Sleep is vital for feeling good enough to be open to and connected with yourself, others and your spiritual Guidance. Being disconnected from ourselves lowers our frequency.
  • Drinking enough water - Being fully hydrated is vital to keeping your frequency high.
  • Being in a peaceful environment - Being in nature, listening to music, and being around loving and accepting people raises your frequency.
  • Love - Love, compassion and peace are the highest frequency feelings, so being kind and compassionate with yourself and others, which creates inner peace, raises your frequency.

Like does attract like, so focus on keeping your frequency high and you will manifest your dreams!


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