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Daily Inspiration

Today, notice what you do to avoid painful feelings. Do you stay in your head instead of in your body? Do you keep your breath shallow? Do you get angry, withdrawn, judgmental? Do you use food, alcohol, drugs, sex, spending, gambling, work, TV? Today, compassionately embrace and learn from your feelings rather than avoiding them, and see how you end up feeling.


Private Phone & Skype Sessions

Kim Morrow Taff, EdS, LPC

Phone & Skype sessions are available with Dr. Margaret Paul and other Inner Bonding® Facilitators.

Step Five of Inner Bonding


Take Loving Action

  • Tell yourself the truth that came through from Step 4, allowing the truth to come through you from your Guidance to your Inner Child.
  • Take the loving action that came through from your Guidance in Step Four, put God/Spirit into action.
  • Consciously move into gratitude for your Guidance that is always here for you.
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