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Remember Who You Are

By Nancy Swisher
December 01, 2010

In this article Nancy reminds us that loving our self and remembering 'who we really are' are the keys to transformation.

As we enter this holiday season, do not forget who you really are. A Being of Light, a Being of Love.  Your roots are non-physical.  Your body and human life is an extension of the non-physical.  

All the old programming tends to surface during these weeks, which make it the perfect time for healing and transformation.  The frightened child, the judgmental child, the shameful child, the abandoned child---be aware of your feelings now.  And when challenging feelings arise, take a deep breath, know that your life is unfolding perfectly, and that you have all the wisdom you need to bring love to yourself, to heal and transform the old programming.

You are inside the chrysalis.  Like the caterpillar who literally dissolves, becoming liquid before transforming into a butterfly, you must do the same.  You must take the risk of letting go of your old beliefs and patterns without yet fully knowing who you will transform into.  Yet, you also have the power to imagine who and what the ‘highest version of yourself’ looks like.

This is a time in our personal and planetary evolution when we are dissolving our ego, the old paradigms based upon survival fears.  This is the nature of the wounded child.  He or she is frightened and created behaviors and beliefs that would help you survive the circumstances of your past.

This is not the past, however.  And conscious evolution requires that you be vigilant, that you accept the challenge of living in this time on our planet, a time of rapid transformation.

Let this season be filled with trust, faith, and love for yourself and for your life.  Make your mantra, “What is loving to myself right now?”

Is it loving to rest?  To eat?  To get support?  To exercise?  Is it loving to speak your truth where it must be spoken?  Is it loving to express your creative self?

Is it loving to hold the frightened child inside, to whisper in her ear “It’s okay.”

Make the commitment to transform yourself during these last days of 2010.  2011 will be an even faster, deeper and more amazing ride!  Your healing, transformation & manifestation is the reason you are here.


Nancy Swisher, MA, MFA is a Transformation Catalyst, Inner Bonding Facilitator, & Relationship Coach.  You can sign up for her bi-monthly newsletter at 


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