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Open The Tap

By jackie parkinson
October 25, 2011

How many ways have you tried to get love from God?

It was day six, the five day intensive was over and Margaret had headed back to her ranch an hour away from the Sofia Peace Center in Colorado. I could feel an emptiness in the lodge as the newly bonded members of the intensive felt the lack of Margaret's presence, a conduit for truth and love which she so generously shared with all of us.
A sense of excitement as well as anxiety permeated the air as I heard people discussing and wondering how and if they could integrate what they had come to understand about themselves, their inner child, loving adult, families, Love, God, pain and everything else we had recently learned. 
This was my third intensive and the felt sense of the people around me was familiar. I recognized a loneliness in my heart as I watched people hug and say goodbye. The sadness was palpable for some of the members and I understood how hard it was for them to be saying goodbye to the people they so deeply connected to during the intensive. 
I was sitting wrapped in a warm blanket in front of the fireplace talking with a young man who had flown all the way from Spain to meet Margaret and to get a deeper understanding of her teachings.
He looked at me as his eyes filled with tears and said, "I don't want to leave." I understood that it wasn't that he didn't want to return to Spain, but that he didn't want to leave the loving connections we had all formed during our five days of sharing, crying, laughing and lovingly supporting each other. I nodded in understanding and as I stared into the fireplace thoughts came to mind. I shared these thoughts with my new friend from Madrid and as I did so, tingling chills engulfed my body.  
"It is as if  God/Love is a water faucet and we stand before it yearning, pleading, begging, bargaining and demanding that it gives us water. 
No matter what we do or how many teachings we investigate, we still continue to struggle...the water will not come out. 
Then, after years of desperately searching for ways to get water from this faucet, we hear a gentle whisper..."just open the tap my dear...the water has always been here...just open the tap!"

We looked at each other with tear filled eyes, and he replied "Wow" thinking that I was very wise. Inside I knew these words were not mine and that spirit had just blessed us with a very special gift.

My intention is to share this with you in hopes that we all choose to open the tap.



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