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Daily Inspiration

When your body becomes your temple and you treat each cell with loving kindness, you will begin to know that each living thing upon this planet is but a cell of the greater Oneness. When you experience this Oneness, you will treat each living thing and the planet itself with the same loving kindness as you treat each cell of your body.


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Kevin Kimball, J.D., PhD

Phone & Skype sessions are available with Dr. Margaret Paul and other Inner Bonding® Facilitators.

Step Two of Inner Bonding

Move into the Intent to Learn

  • Invite the compassionate Presence of Spirit into your heart to help you learn what you are doing or thinking that may be causing your pain.
  • Consciously move out of the intent to protect/control and into the intent to learn about what you are doing or thinking that may be causing your pain so that you can move into loving yourself and others.
  • When you connect with Spirit and move into the intent to learn, you are in a loving Adult state, as opposed to the ego wounded self state you are in when you want to protect/control.
  • In Step Two, you welcome and embrace all your feelings with a compassionate intent to learn.
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