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Can I receive continuing education credit for my participation in the IBFTP?

Although formal continuing education credit is not currently available for the IBFTP, many of the program components are led by licensed, master’s level psychotherapists and may be submitted to your professional organization for approval.  We cannot guarantee that your hours will be approved, but we can provide you with a course outline with the breakdown of hours, as well as the credentials of trainers and assistants.



What if I haven't met the prerequisite requirement to apply to the IBFTP, but have a lot of experience with Inner Bonding?

In most cases, in order to be eligible to apply to the IBFTP you'll need to complete all program prerequisites in advance of your application. In rare instances, if you have not fulfilled one of these requirements but have had significant practice using Inner Bonding with a Certified Facilitator, have attended multiple workshops or intensives with a Certified Facilitator or have extensive training in another modality and have been recommended to the IBFTP by a Certified Facilitator, it may be possible to have a prerequisite waived or modified. Please contact Stel Fine at if you have more questions.


What if I don’t feel ready to enter the IBFTP or if Inner Bonding does not approve my application?

The Inner Bonding Facilitator Training Program will not be the right fit for everyone, and each person who wishes to apply to the program will be considered based on the training team's assessment of their readiness to enter the IBFTP.  We all have wounded selves, and we do not expect anyone to never get triggered.  At the same time, there is a certain level of maturity, willingness to be vulnerable and ability to contact and return to one’s Loving Adult that is required by participants who are invited into the IBFTP.  Some Inner Bonders who have a goal of becoming an Inner Bonding facilitator may be asked to fulfill requirements in addition to the program prerequisites before becoming eligible to enter the IBFTP.  In some cases, we may recommend that other modalities, such as body-centered psychotherapy, be used in conjunction with Inner Bonding for the greatest benefit. Interested candidates who have been told that they are not ready to enter the IBFTP should contact Stel Fine at for more information about their next steps.



What if I have to miss part of the training program?

We understand that during the year-long training period of the IBFTP, certain unforeseeable circumstances may arise, making it difficult or impossible for a participant to attend all required training programming.  Below is a listing of the maximum amount of training programming that can be missed by a participant, per training component, without being subject to review by the Training Team.  Although it may be possible to find creative methods for addressing some absences, in most cases, those who miss more than the allowable programming will be required to withdraw from the IBFTP or choose to continue in the IBFTP, but be ineligible to become a Facilitator-in-Training until and unless coursework is completed in a subsequent IBFTP.  Participants who paid in full for the training program they did not complete may be eligible to receive a tuition discount for a subsequent training of the same level.


Modules 1, 2 & 3 and Training Weekends Absentee Policy

In the case of illness/emergencies, no more than 4 hours per module or training weekend may be missed without it affecting the participant’s status in the IBFTP.  Participants who miss up to 4 hours of a training module or weekend will be required to view recordings of the training segments they missed and send the trainers an email (within one week of the training) summarizing their understanding of that training section. If the participant missed a facilitation practice or exercise, they must make up the facilitation or exercise and submit it to the trainers within one week of the training.


Educational Teleconference Absentee Policy (Ethics and Practice, Nutritional Psychology and Marketing)

Participants may miss a maximum of one of these three educational teleconferences. Participants who miss an educational teleconference will be required to listen to the teleconference recording and write a two page analysis of the teleconference that demonstrates their learning.


Check-In Call Absentee Policy

Participants who miss a mandatory check-in call will be required to listen to the recording and email the trainers with a short summary of what they learned from the call. Participants who miss a check-in call with an open topic will be required to listen to the recording and email the group with a check-in of their own.

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