"This process is a miracle for me. I have tried my whole life to have a connection with God and not until I found the Inner Bonding process, have I been able to make that connection. This process is helping me get in touch with my truth and honoring my truth without needing validation from others. I am looking forward to a passionate life full of love by connecting to God and bringing that love to myself and letting that love shine."
Kelly James

“Thank you for the valuable work you both have done and provided for us to learn.  Your wisdom and truth is refreshing.  Inner Bonding is critical lifework and essential for all to learn so we vibrate higher.  Wow, what a loving place it could be.  I appreciate Margaret’s dedication and hard work.”  -2020



"This is a very high quality workshop.  I have learned more in one weekend about how to live a loving, joyous and wonderful life than I learned in my 52 years prior.  The tools and process are practical, make so much sense and will be so valuable in my life." Kripalu, 9.17

Donna Dietz

I found this workshop to be an amazing opportunity to meet and connect with other people who helped me feel comfortable discussing the painful feelings I experience and to learn from them.  Margaret is an amazing facilitator who is compassionate, understanding and funny.  She provides an amazing set of tools for us to learn to love others and ourselves.  Thank you Margaret for your understanding, time compassion and self, not only for myself, but for all of us.    


"Learning about acting with intent.  I think the frequent check-in with my inner child is so valuable.  We used to play a lot together - less over the years, so it is time to re-engage.  Sometime what I say is taken as an offense.  I realize I have to check in with my inner child- am I saying this to be hip, cool?  Or to be loving and sharing?" Kripalu, 9.17


This workshop is a game changer.  A life-changing experience in which I learned to open up to long–buried hurt from childhood and to understand and recognize how my behavior has been a direct result of my childhood defense mechanism, which I was completely unaware.  The Kleenex boxes were very welcome and appreciated!  Really appreciated the compassion, warmth and professionalism expressed by Dr. Margaret. 

Amanda D

Inner Bonding Certified Facilitators
The following people are certified in Inner Bonding and are available to see clients.

Directory Disclaimer. Note to all readers: This professional directory can help you locate an Inner Bonding® facilitator or facilitator-in-training. Inner Bonding® Educational Technologies, Inc. neither endorses nor recommends the individuals listed on this website. Inner Bonding® Educational Technologies, Inc. cannot make assurances that the qualifications or services of any individual would be suitable for the needs of a particular individual. Users of this directory understand and agree that Inner Bonding® Educational Technologies, Inc. is neither liable nor responsible for any actions of those using this directory.
Emily Agnew, M.M.
Rochester NY

I have been a certified Inner Bonding facilitator since 2009. I offer 1:1 sessions by phone, Skype, and Zoom. My clients come from around the world and have several qualities in common: they are deep-thinking, creative, and sensitive. And they struggle with anxiety.

I too faced constant anxiety in my career as a professional oboist: that’s why I started doing inner work. I wanted to overcome my nerves and move up in the orchestra world. But no matter what I triedAlexander Technique, therapy, self-hypnosis, visualization—I’d get so nervous in auditions, I could barely breathe. It was heartbreakingly disappointing.

As I worked on my self-care, committing to regular exercise, yoga, and Zen meditation, I began to see some improvement in the anxiety. I also completed over 500 hours of training in Nonviolent Communication, which deepened my compassion for myself and others and helped me grasp the importance of self-responsibility.

But the biggest change came when I discovered Inner Bonding. I finally realized I had been trying to control my playing—an impossible task. With Inner Bonding, I learned how to let Spirit flow through me when I played. What a difference! The sense of joy and mastery was hard to describe. I wanted more of this.

I found myself asking, “How can I bring this kind of joy and flow into the rest of my life? And how can I help my clients do that too?” A difficult divorce was pushing me to my limits. I saw firsthand how challenging it is to stay connected to your Loving Adult and to your spiritual guidance when your toughest issues come up.

Perhaps you too have experienced this phenomenon: when you are most triggered— and most in need of relief—you find it hardest to get through the six steps on your own. This is incredibly frustrating, because you know how powerful Inner Bonding can be. You crave the peace, relief, and joy you feel when you successfully complete the process.

But I have good news: being confused or stuck in the process doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong. On the contrary! It means you are poised for a leap in growth. Your toughest issues are challenging precisely because you haven’t yet learned how to stay in your Loving Adult in the face of this level of pain.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this on your own. When you hit the edge of your processing ability, you need personalized, compassionate support. And you need new skills. I’ve experimented for years to bring you the best of both. In 2013 I completed the two-year certification program for Inner Relationship Focusing, which emphasizes radical acceptance and presence, and I bring this Focusing consciousness to our Inner Bonding work. One client who completed my six-month Inner Listening Intensive described her experience this way:

I was suffering from anxiety and depression about my work, my relationship, my parenting. It was affecting everything in my life. I felt completely adrift. This program taught me a whole new way of looking at myself and my feelings. It was more than just a paradigm shift or a new perspective. It changed my outlook on life. I live in the present instead of always worrying about the past and the future. I’ve learned to trust myself again.

Another client wrote,

My experience with Emily was truly life changing. Prior to working with her, I was an anxious and unhappy mess, and I did not understand why. I did not know how to take responsibility for my own feelings and as a result felt completely out of control and out of touch with myself. Emily helped me to discover and access my own truth.

If you’d like to learn more about my programs and services, please visit my website at www.sustainablysensitive.com, where you can schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation and subscribe to my twice-monthly Sustainably Sensitive newsletter.

I look forward to hearing from you!


1:1 sessions: http://sustainablysensitive.com/services/1-to-1-sessions/

Inner Listening Intensive: http://sustainablysensitive.com/services/inner-listening-intensive/

Website (Sustainably Sensitive): http://sustainablysensitive.com/

Sustainably Sensitive Newsletter: http://sustainablysensitive.com/resources/free-newsletter/

Pedro Alvarez
Cadiz, Spain


I went to the university to become an economist but later my creative side made me become a graphic designer. Today I own a successful studio that specializes in graphic design and branding.My mother died when I was 3 years old and 7 years later my father died. I was raised by my older siblings and family. Because everybody around me was very wounded I was provided with everything material but most of my emotional needs were unmet. I always felt a deep loneliness, so deep that I wasn't even aware of it.In 1995, after a crisis in a personal relationship, I realized that I was missing something out of life. I started looking and researching. I did therapy, went to seminars, read tons of books. One of the books was Healing Your Aloneness. Somehow It clicked inside of me. A couple of years later the book was still lingering in my head. I tried to contact Margaret through friends in the states but it was impossible. in January year 2000 during a short vacation in the USA I just called information service asked for Margaret Paul´s phone number. They gave it to me, I called right away and Margaret answered!. She told me about Inner Bonding and the intensives. I decided to make the effort because even if I have to sell my car or spend all my savings I owed it to myself. I went to my first intensive in May that year and since then I have healed so much that had you told me before I wouldn't believe you - no way! And I even have a much, much better car!

Apart for my main therapeutic tool: Inner Bonding, I also trained with Jack Canfield at his Self Esteem Foundation to become a Self Esteem Facilitator. I´ve also completed the studies for EFT International Certificate (Emotional freedom Technique/Tapping) and completing the TRE (Trauma Release Exercise ) facilitator training.

While still in my healing journey I decided to commit part of my time and energy to make INNER BONDING available to more people, especially to the people in Spain and Spanish speaking people. I have been training since then to facilitate in Inner Bonding. yopedro@hotmail.com

Pedro Alvarez es facilitador certificado en INNER BONDING por la Dra. Margaret Paul y facilitador de AUTO ESTIMA por la Self Esteem Foundation de Jack Canfield. Ha completado los estudios para la certificación internacional de facilitador de EFT (Técnica De Liberación De Emociones/TAPPING) y realiza los estudios de facilitador de TRE (Eliminación de la Tensión y el Trauma). Economista de profesión, Pedro dedica una buena parte de su tiempo y energía a su propio proceso de crecimiento personal y a ayudar a otros con el suyo.

Sharon Appleby, B.A., Sociology
Toronto CANADA

I completed a 3 year counselling and psychotherapy program which began in 1995. This is when I began my personal healing process. After participating in many other healing modalities, such as gestalt , anger management, etc...my life began to unravel. Two babies and newly separated my life was a mess, but I was strongly encouraged to take one more workshop, Inner Bonding. At the workshop I immediately connected to Margaret Paul and her work. I read her book "Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By God" and I have practiced Inner Bonding since that weekend. My husband and I got back together and as I continued to practice Inner Bonding throughout the years I found a new level of self respect and self love. Taking resposibility for my feelings has been liberating, free from many false beliefs and judgements. I started to experience joy and love in a whole different light!

I am passionate about Inner Bonding and hope it can help and heal more and more people around the world. Combining IB with my passions in dance, meditative yin yoga, hiking and creating healthy and delicious meals has enhanced all of my creative outlets. The constant gratitude I have for this work has increased my gratitude in all parts of my life.

I hope to have the opportunity to accompany you on your journey to find a more compassionate, loving and peaceful life!

I offer a free 20 minute consultation.

You can reach me by email, or the phone number above, sharonappleby@rogers.com

Michael Barmak, MSW, LCSW
Cranford, New Jersey

I have been a student of Inner Bonding since 1994 when I read Healing Your Aloneness by Dr. Margaret Paul and Dr. Erika Chopich to help me through a breakup.  I felt like every word had been written just for me.  For the first time I understood how I was creating my feelings of abandonment.  After having spent years trying different kinds of therapy, I finally found a spiritual path and a way to give myself the love I was always trying to get from others.

By practicing the Six Steps of Inner Bonding, I felt more joyful and began expressing my essence in more areas of my life.  Once I moved into personal power, I knew that I wanted to share my life changing Inner Bonding experience with others.  I became a Certified Inner Bonding Faciilitator in 2001, and this past March I became the Assistant Inner Bonding Trainer for the first class of the Inner Bonding Facilitator Training Program.

I have always believed that I can only take individuals and couples somewhere I’ve been.  I know how to bring you from pain to joy, from conflict to connection because I have traveled that road.  Inner Bonding has helped me learn how to manage my feelings so that they don’t overwhelm me, set loving boundaries and do what is in my highest good without worrying about the aproval of others.  I can help you learn how to take personal responsibility for your happiness so that you can truly love yourself.

In addition to co-leading the East Coast Inner Bonding Intensive, I have assisted Dr. Margaret Paul at her weekend workshops and her 5-day intensives.  I lead Inner Bonding Weekend Workshops and see individuals, couples and families in my private practice in Cranford, New Jersey.  A Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, I was profiled on the acclaimed PBS-TV series, Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy as a couples therapist.

I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia, a Master of Social Work from New York University and was a Visiting Lecturer at Rutgers University School of Social Work.  In a previous life, I was a music talent scout for Famous Music Publishing, Paramount Picture’s music division.  I express my creativity and joy through playing piano, songwriting, swing dancing and writing children’s books with my wife.

I am available for individual and couples sessions in-person or by phone and can be reached at (908) 276-8191 or by email at michael@michaelbarmak.com.  For more information about me please visit my website at www.michaelbarmak.com

Jeanette Boerger
Fort Wayne IN
(260) 422-9372
Jeanette Boerger is certified in the state of Indiana as a drug and alcohol counselor since 1978. She has been practicing Inner Child work since 1983 after attending a 3-week intensive course at Rutgers University on Adult Children of Alcoholics taught by the late Janet Woititz.

She integrated the Inner Bonding process in her practice after attending 4 Inner Bonding Intensives since 1991. She recently attended an Inner Bonding Intensive with her 29 year old son and describes this experience as the most inspiring, insightful and enriching she ever recalls having.

Jeanette is presently in private practice at Gerard & Coslow Association in Ft. Wayne, IN, facilitating groups, working with individuals and running workshops.

Jeanette is enthusiastic about and passionately committed to the Inner Bonding process both for herself and others. The greatest joy in her life is companioning others on their journey toward more wholeness and working toward the same for herself.

Maria Rosa Casanovas
Barcelona, Spain

Some years ago a dearest friend of mine shared with me his passion for the work of Dr. Margaret Paul and the Inner Bonding Process. He gave me the plastic card with the 6 Steps and since then I have always carried it with me in my bag.

I have been working as a therapist since 1995, trained in Gestalt Therapy, Focusing, and Louise Hay Teacher Training. I have been offering workshops in Spain during the last 14 years and also one-to-one sessions.

In my work as therapist I have specialized in the tools and processes that develop self-esteem, and one of the approaches I like the most is the Inner Child Healing Process, since I realized that it is the "shortcut for healing".

The only book of Margaret Paul's published in Spain, "Healing your Aloneness," allowed me to add the vision of Margaret and Erika to the work I was doing, giving me a deeper clue and a more complete understanding of the need to create a loving Adult for our Inner Child.

In my personal healing journey a turning point took place in November, 2004, when I participated in the 5 day Intensive with Margaret Paul. It was a very deep experience. I learned so much having the privilege to see the miracle of healing through the presence of Truth and Love! I was very impressed by Margaret and also by the power of the Inner Bonding Process!

My wish is to be able to have the spiritual strength and connection that Margaret has and I know I need to strengthen my spiritual work every day and the Inner Bonding practice is a way to achieve it. It also gives a powerful sense of responsibility and a way to heal the ego false beliefs.

At present I offer my services as a therapist and coach in Barcelona, Spain. I also travel all over Spain to facilitate Transformational Self-Esteem Workshops. I can be reached at 34-93.436.29.50, cell: 653.370.455.

Carla De Cervantes
Palo Alto CA

I have a bachelors in Cultural Anthropology, a Masters in Education, and an MBA. I have trained in, studied and practiced Hakomi therapy, thai yoga therapy, vipassana meditation, and a wide array of psychotherapeutic modalities. In all my studies and all my exploration, Inner Bonding is the process I have found most transformational — both personally and for my clients. It is a holistic, embodied path to creating a loving relationship with yourself. It’s that relationship with yourself that provides the foundation for everything else: being fully yourself in the world, being truly available to authentically connect and share love with others, experiencing greater peace and love and joy.

I work with corporate executives and individuals committed to leading their lives with intention, loving themselves more completely, enhancing their self-confidence, and living in greater alignment with their own deepest longings. I have a private practice in Palo Alto, CA and work with clients around the world as both an executive coach and an Inner Bonding facilitator. I bring to my coaching and facilitation work over 10 years of marketing, product management, relationship management, and business analysis experience for companies such as BCG, The Clorox Company, UC Berkeley, and PeoplePC. I invite you to visit my website at www.decervantes.com

I earned my BA from Amherst College, my M.Ed. from UCLA, my MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and my coaching certification from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. A California native, I resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I love kite surfing, trail running and dancing 5 Rhythms and contact improvisation. Come join this dance with me, and fall back in love with yourself!

“I have decided in this life to continue to choose vulnerable transparency in the hopes that it helps us all to heal & love ourselves more fully, and to connect with each other more authentically & deeply.”

Grace Escaip
Orange County CA

I was born in a multicultural family with a Theosophist grandfather, who was spiritually ahead of his time; through his teachings, I was able to develop my spiritual path early on.

After graduating from high school, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to study Law or Psychology. For all the wrong reasons, I chose Law. Years later, and after experiencing several crises, my interest in Psychology was reborn, which led me on a deep, personal process. As I began to feel and to experience first hand the tremendous benefits this path was providing, an unstoppable urge to help others grew from within. That is how I studied to become a Rogerian person-centered, humanistic and Gestalt counselor, eventually specializing in adults, couples, symptoms and adolescents, floral therapy, STEP guide, focusing, therapeutic massage, and expressive rhythmic movement.

My passion and my commitment as a counselor and a facilitator constantly keeps me researching new therapeutic methods that can help us in our journey. After completing my studies, my inner guide kept urging me to study about the inner child, and that’s how I came upon one of Dr. Margaret’s books, with which I felt an immediate connection. I thus began to work with Inner Bonding, becoming a certified Inner Bonding facilitator.

Every day, through my personal process and through the processes of the people I work with, I corroborate the love and the power that Inner Bonding entails.

I profoundly appreciate Dr. Margaret’s presence on the planet; because of her and her methodology, I have been able to advance on my personal and professional journey.

My deepest wish is that Inner Bonding reaches more and more people everywhere, every day.

I provide phone and Skype sessions, and may be reached at (561)543-0445; my email is grace.escaip@gmail.com.


Stel Fine, M.A.
Denver CO

I believe – and have personally experienced – that psychological freedom is possible when we are willing to do the work to attain it. Step-by-step we can open to being responsible for our feelings and the thoughts we allow to create our experience of life. We have the power to work with the wisest and most loving parts of ourselves to heal our misunderstandings – especially our unforgiving and undervaluing view of ourselves – and learn to be kind to our entire being and champion our Essence (Inner Child), inside ourselves as well as out in the world.

Before I found Inner Bonding®, I was – there’s no other way to put this – deeply self-loathing. I had an Inner Critic at the level of Sniper/Assassin, who was incredibly judgmental, demanding and unforgiving. It was hyper vigilant, convinced that it had to protect me from making mistakes and getting hurt. No matter what I accomplished in the outside world, that wounded part of me would not give me any kindness.

Thank goodness I found Inner Bonding. I’ve been blessed to receive growth, healing and freedom through working whole-heartedly with this technique. The circumstances of my life and my inner experience have shifted dramatically and I operate very differently than I did in the past. Miracles have occurred in my life. I’m unboundedly grateful for the efficacy of Inner Bonding and it is my true honor to support others along this path of self-growth and freedom.

I have a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. In addition to practicing Inner Bonding since 2007, training at intensives and workshops with Dr. Margaret Paul, as well as assisting Dr. Paul at 5-Day Intensives and Weekend Workshops, I now lead Inner Bonding Weekend Workshops, 5-Day Intensives and the Inner Bonding Facilitator Training Program. I also serve Inner Bonding in the capacity of Director of Training & Expansion.

I believe that the best facilitators are those who have done their own healing work, are familiar with the depth and pain of the path, and have transcended their wounded selves to such a level that they experience joy and freedom on a consistent basis and can journey with you through your own healing – no matter how daunting. I hold you in respect and caring along the way, while offering powerful insights that can provide you with quantum leaps along your healing path.

I’ve been told that my facilitation is compassionate, patient, supportive of the client’s sacred connection with their own nurturing Guidance, respectful, caring, and particularly comforting to Highly Sensitive People.  Sessions are one hour in length. I see individual clients in person in Denver, Colorado, but am also available for Skype, Zoom and phone sessions. I offer a free 15-20 minute consultation to help determine if we might work well together.

Email for facilitation:   stelfine@yahoo.com

Email for Training Program:   stel.fine.ibftp@gmail.com

Phone:                  303-800-5619

Website:                http://www.stelfine.net

Introduction video: https://vimeo.com/247579418


Jeff Frymer

I have an MS degree in counseling, and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have also been trained as a developmental interventionist in Dr. Stanley Greenspan’s DIR/Floortime methodology, and I have worked with families and children with special needs professionally since 2003. My work with clients is deeply rooted in, and informed by the Inner Bonding Process, which has provided me the tools for my own personal growth.

Whether I am counseling a parent to pause and take responsibility for their own feelings before reacting to their child, or helping a couple see and own their individual roles in their communication struggle, I use an empathic, intuitive, and creative approach. I encourage clients to connect with their inner child and higher selves to gain perspective and grow. I draw upon my personal experience as a stepfather to a son with autism and create a safe environment for other dads and couples to explore their own experiences. I have been told that children and adults alike are quickly drawn to my genuinely warm, caring, and playful nature.

I am featured in the documentary, Autism: The Musical, along with my wife, Elaine Hall (International speaker and Inner Bonding Facilitator Trainee), and stepson, Neal. Elaine and I co-wrote the children’s book, “The Critter Inside,” based on the Inner Bonding Process, as part of my master’s thesis on the use of bibliotherapy with children.

When not in session with clients, writing, or spending time with family, I can be found cooking a gourmet meal, kitesurfing over the waters of Malibu, or negotiating a twisty trail on my mountain-bike in the Santa Monica mountains.

Victor Granville
London UK

I discovered Inner bonding at a crucial time in my life whilst I was going through much confusion and pain trying to move forward successfully in relationships. Blocked by the many false beliefs I was carrying I’d often find myself overwhelmed and unable to make choices that brought me inner peace, even after studying many other modalities.

The same is true with my body image, before Inner Bonding I was 48lbs (3.5stones) over weight and often felt disgust, shame, and deep discouragement with how I looked. I lacked the inner strength to move towards health and my healing. It was through developing a deep practice of Inner Bonding and applying the principles of self-love I totally transformed my body and lost all the weight within 13 months. Looking at the transformation that has occurred in my life today I give thanks for this eloquent process.

There are several things that I so appreciate about Inner Bonding, for example it’s fluidity and grace, together with its ability to put me in touch with my own healing power. And that Inner Bonding both explained and facilitated transformation in others and myself in a way that went straight to the heart of matters with great efficiency and effectiveness.

As a result of committing to the practice of Inner Bonding I now enjoy an even deeper relationship with my Inner Child, whilst learning in each moment how to navigate my life from my spiritually connected loving adult instead of my ego wounded self.

As a published Author, Speaker, Trainer, and NVC Coach holding a degree in Psychology and full certifications in Relationship Coaching, NLP, and the DISC personality profile system. I primarily work with singles that want to attract healthy relationships, and with couple’s who want to deepen their connection and intimacy with each other.

In addition to this I work with clients who want to permanently lose weight and reclaim their true body as I have done in my own life.

Using the six steps of Inner Bonding I act as a container for you to go deep into your process and find the clarity and direction you need. I work with you in a deeply compassionate and intuitive way challenging you to step fully into your personal power and capacity to love and heal yourself.

I’m available for Skype/Zoom or Telephone sessions.


Email: vgranville@ymail.com


Irena Grgona
London UK


Innerbonding and Dr Paul’s work have helped me transform my life in a very profound way and realise many of my dreams, including investigating Innerbonding scientifically and starting this September 2020 undertaking my Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. When I started Innerbonding I was working as an assistant and an artist and did not have a Psychology qualification. Through my work with Margaret and her team, I was able to heal many of my limiting beliefs and completely change careers, obtaining a Master in Psychology, becoming  a Yoga and Meditation teacher and manifest my true potential.

I experienced early life adversity and discovered that through education, an openness to learning, the right therapeutic support and mentors like Dr Margaret Paul and powerful teachings like Inner Bonding®, we can truly transform. Even the most violent experiences can become crucibles for transformation. Everything I have investigated scientifically, written about and transmit, is rooted in professional and personal experience.You can read more about what individual clients and corporate organisations have shared about my work throughout my website.

My approach is rooted in Counselling Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, the blending of Psychology and Spirituality and Body work, including yoga and meditation. The main modalities I use are: Inner Bonding®Yoga and meditationPerson-centred client philosophy inspired by Carl Rogers, Various Mind/body rebalancing modalities (meditation, stillness, quiet time, silence, visualisation), Energy work (I am a student of Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, as well as Chinese & Indian energy work), Career-coaching including my own modalityPublic-speaking & stage/camera work (As an ex-professional writer/actress/producer, I incorporate drama, public speaking techniques and story-telling).

I have 2 undergraduate university degrees, acting certifications and diplomas from the US and the UK, a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, a Master in Psychology from British universities and currently doing my Doctorate in Counselling Psychology.

I have worked with a very diverse clientele from Ministers of Health, C-Suite Executives and CEOs in global corporate organisations, as well as with patients in clinical settings in the English National Health Service.  Having grown up in a multi-cultural, multi-faith environment and having travelled extensively, I speak various languages. I value diversity, inclusion and social justice. I bring an appreciation of different cultural sensibilities and personal life experience of mental and spiritual health challenges and recovery.

I’m offering discounted sessions to all Inner Bonding Village members. Email me as for more information and how to apply. My fees are on my website with prices for executive coaching, individual consultation and corporate group work.

Please feel free to connect with me for any questions you might have. I look forward to connecting with you.

Elaine Hall

Life Coach, Film and Media Acting coach, International Speaker and Workshop Leader, Best-selling Author.

Inner Bonding has been the cornerstone of all of my work with individuals, couples, and groups.

I specialize in working with clients from around the globe who are conscious, caring, compassionate, and creative, yet may often feel out of sync with themselves and others.

My journey with Inner Bonding began in 1999. My marriage was in shambles, my adopted son was diagnosed with autism, and I struggled financially. My first Inner Bonding Intensive helped me uncover childhood issues, which went unresolved for years despite considerable effort with other therapies. Once I committed to Inner Bonding, I progressed quickly. Through my individual and group sessions with Dr. Margaret Paul, I exited the victim state, became responsible for my Inner Child, and I began to heal. I developed the strength to advocate for my son’s therapies. I found the courage to leave a difficult marriage. And I discovered true intimacy and love for myself and for another, entering into a most positive, new marriage. I also created a career that is of service to the world, with the additional benefit of being financially lucrative. As Dr. Margaret says, “Doing what was in my highest good was ultimately in the good of others. “

Inner Bonding gave me the tools I needed to re-create myself Emotionally, Spiritually, and Financially. Today I am regarded as an internationally recognized expert on the use of theater arts for transformation. My memoir, “Now I See the Moon,” was selected for World Autism Awareness Day by The United Nations, where I was invited to speak on several occasions. My second book, “Seven Keys to Unlock Autism,” is used as a textbook at Brown University. I have written and produced several musicals with my theater program, The Miracle Project. And I am the star of the two-time Emmy Award winning HBO documentary, Autism: The Musical. Most importantly, I live authentically, with great love around me, and a sense of peace and joy.

Today I’m dedicated to sharing all that I have gained with others so that they too may ease their own suffering, find their strength, embrace their passion, and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Areas I specialize in:

*Easing anxiety by connecting to your Inner Child.

*Parenting a child who experiences the world differently.

*Finding your ability within your disability

*Creating meaningful work

*Finding your soul-mate

*Keeping your marriage alive and exciting

*Taking care of yourself in your marriage

*Positive parenting

*Relationship coaching

*Mentoring through a creative project

*Career coaching

*Acting and writing coaching

My clients have reported decreased anxiety, created meaningful work for themselves, auditioned for, and landed lead roles in feature films, and have found their soul-mates.


Winnie Huff
Dallas TEXAS

Before I became an Inner Bonding Certified Facilitator, I spent many years as a family lawyer.   I was also a wife and a mother, successful on the outside, and very unhappy on the inside.  I suffered from anxiety, guilt, people pleasing and low-level depression.  I also had a strong inner critic. Back then, I honestly thought I was just wired that way.  At a particularly low point, I read Dr. Paul’s book, Healing Your Aloneness, and something clicked.  I attended my first intensive.  Since then, I have attended other intensives, worked with Dr. Paul and practiced Inner Bonding on my own. I know it is possible to become less reactive, to make different choices, to heal broken places inside, and to feel more alive with joy.

Practicing Inner Bonding also helped me understand my frustration with my legal practice.  Our legal system is not designed to address the underlying reasons that relationships and families are in crisis. It is designed to have a judge assign fault, penalize the wrongdoer, and compensate the innocent party.  While that structure may be effective for certain types of lawsuits, its simplistic approach ignores the complexity of family matters. It also encourages people to avoid responsibility for their situations, to blame others and to look for solutions outside themselves.  (Pretty much the opposite of Inner Bonding principles.)  As a result, legal outcomes are usually unsatisfactory and emotionally and financially damaging.  Even “good” outcomes are largely band aids over gaping wounds.  I wanted to help people heal on the more fundamental level that I had experienced through practicing Inner Bonding.

Inner Bonding provides a path to transform your relationship with yourself. And that relationship is the foundation for everything else in your life.   While the 6 Steps of the path are neatly laid out, they are not always easy to take.  Sometimes, the path appears blocked by obstacles created by your wounded self. At other times, you may just feel lost or stuck.   Having traveled the path many times myself, I understand how dark and scary those situations feel and how important it can be to have a guide to light the path.

My goal is to be your guide on the path while you learn how to navigate the steps so that you can know, love and heal yourself.   By practicing Inner Bonding, you will grow to understand how to access your joy, how to lovingly support yourself when the core pain of life inevitably arises, and how to move out of the needless suffering caused by your wounded thoughts.  You can create a life that is uniquely and deeply satisfying to you. 

Here’s some more of my background. If that is important to you, read on. If not, just skip this paragraph.  I began my law practice at Fulbright and Jaworksi.  I also worked at Hughes and Luce (now KL Gates) and Haynes and Boone. After my second child was born, I took some time off. When I returned to practicing law, I became a partner at Calabrese Huff. I was certified as a Master Collaborative Law Professional and voted a one of the Best Lawyers in America-Family Law (Woodward White, Inc.), Best Lawyers in Dallas (D Magazine), and a Texas Super Lawyer (Thomson Reuters). I served on the board and as President of Collaborative Divorce Texas, a nonprofit devoted to resolving family disputes holistically and with dignity. I have co-presented on alternative conflict resolution, mental health issues in divorce, and attachment theory and divorce. I am a member of the American Academy of Adoption Professionals and was actively involved with Hope Adoption, a nonprofit international adoption agency.  I am currently enrolled in the Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Training offered by Jack Kornfeld and Tara Brach.  I also serve on the board of the Dallas Center for Photography.  I have been married for more than 30 years and have two grown sons. I divide my time between Dallas, Texas and Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

I offer phone and Skype sessions.   It is very important to me that we both feel that we are a good fit to work together; therefore, my first 60-minute session is free.  If you are a new member of the IB community, I do not count this free session toward the free sessions that you receive with your membership.  Please email me at innerbonding@wbhuff.com or call me at 469-518-0788 for more information or to set up a time to talk.

I look forward to helping you create a relationship with yourself that is more loving and compassionate, opens your heart, and transforms how you feel, how you think, and what you do.

“Your first and greatest contribution to world peace is your own.” Alan Cohen

Kelly James, M.A., MFT
Anaheim Hills

Kelly James is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT) and has a private practice in Anaheim Hills (Orange County), CA. She has been counseling couples, individuals and children for 10 years. She is passionate about healing and growth in her own life and the lives of her clients. Kelly specializes in intimacy/relationship issues, addictions, depression/anxiety and grief and loss issues. She has been working with Margaret Paul for over 8 years and uses the Inner Bonding Process as her core foundation/theory in her practice and in her own life. She loves assisting others on this creative and transformational journey as they learn to discover their divine goodness and worth through the eyes of God. She is passionate about learning the false beliefs that keep us stuck and replacing these beliefs with truth, light and compassion.

Kelly is available in person or by telephone for private counseling sessions.She can be reached at (949) 651-2805.

- Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT, 1998) - State of California

- Credentialed School Counselor (PPS) - State of California

- B.S. (1990) in Clinical Psychology - Brigham Young University

- M.S. (1996) in Counseling Psychology - California State University, Fullerton

- Ph.D. Candidate in Clinical Psychology - California Coast University

- Member of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

Kevin Kimball, J.D., PhD
Salt Lake City UTAH

In the mid-1990s, I found Inner Bonding at a critical point in my life.  Although I was a successful corporate lawyer and had a wonderful wife and two beautiful children, my life was empty.  I had learned to find my value in seeking and winning the approval of others.  As the compliant, oldest child of 9, my self-worth had always been tied up in achievement and I found myself in an exhausting cycle of playing the game of “one up, one down” with everybody.

I knew something had to change.   Margaret Paul’s Healing Your Aloneness found its way into my life and I was captivated.  I called the number in the front of the book and learned that within a couple weeks, she would be giving a weekend workshop near my home in Michigan.  I attended and was astounded at what I learned.  Shortly thereafter, I attended my first intensive.  There I received an insight that liberated me.  I realized for the first time in my life how deeply addicted I was to winning approval from others.  After the intensive, I decided I no longer wanted approval to be the thing which motivated me to act.  For the better part of a year, I remember wondering whether I would ever find any other motivation for doing something that wasn’t based on seeking approval.  Eventually, however, through practicing Inner Bonding, I learned to connect to myself and to God in a way that provided a much richer, sweeter motivation to act.

Practicing Inner Bonding gave me the strength to put my corporate job on the line and go back to school to obtain a Ph.D in clinical psychology.  The way the universe sustained me in being able to do this taught me that anything is possible when we are connected to ourselves and to Spirit and we move forward without worrying about what others might think.

Inner Bonding also has helped me be a much better husband and father.  My wife and I attended a couples intensive in 1998 and found it to be a turning point in our relationship.  Two of my children attended a weekend workshop with me and a third child recently attended an intensive with me.  I had the great pleasure of co-facilitating three intensives with Margaret Paul in 1999 and 2000.  I also found that Inner Bonding made it possible for me to connect to God on a deeper, more meaningful level.


Deb Klugger
In 2001 I watched my already shaky marriage to an alcoholic crumble within moments of discovering a shocking secret. Such betrayal, how could this be?   We had a family, owned and operated a business together, shared a ton of friends, my entire life revolved around him! My life seemed as though it was careening out of control---right along with his.  I was depressed, had panic attacks, and was a  total insomniac. I felt abandoned, unloved, unlovable and alone.

I kept searching, reading, attending workshops, anything to relieve the pain.  When a friend mailed me a copy of Margaret’s “Do I have To Give Up Me To be Loved By God?”  explaining how this book and the 6 step process had been life changing for her---and I could see that it was---I dedicated myself to working the same steps and in time it was for me as well.  Just as I searched for the light at the end of the tunnel, it appeared not as a freight train as I had feared, but as a process called Inner Bonding. I found that by working the process of Inner Bonding, eventually my inner child began to feel loved (a love no one could ever take away again) and she no longer felt abandoned. Through dedication to this process, I was able to build confidence and peace in areas of my life that had been so illusive to my endeavors to heal before.  I began to experience  amazing inner strength, more joy and a passion for life. I built stronger, healthier relationships and my career flourished.  Eventually, as I continued to heal, my life’s purpose became evident. To help others heal and gain empowerment  from the challenges of their lives.

After nearly 7 years of training, practicing the 6 steps, attending many Inner Bonding intensives,  working with Margaret Paul individually and learning other complimentary modalities such as N.L.P, (I am a certified NLP Coach) Tapping and Life Coaching, I am excited and honored to be helping folks gently advance in their process of healing and self discovery. I now work with clients from both the USA and Australia.

I am currently available to support others on their journey both in person as well as in phone sessions. My website is www.debbieklugger.com.

Karen Kral, M.A., LPC

Karen Kral is a licensed psychotherapist in Colorado and has been a certified facilitator of Inner Bonding since 2004. Inner Bonding is the foundation of her work, which focuses on learning how to choose love over fear, new behaviors over conditioned behaviors, and trust in one’s spiritual guidance over desperate control by the ego. Karen has been facilitating groups since 2002, and offers intensives and workshops that explore the Inner Bonding process through action.  She has training in both Psychodrama and Gestalt methods. 

Karen created the Inner Bonding Facilitator Training Program and led the 2017-2018 pilot program before turning the program over to other amazing facilitators, which was her wish!  Karen will participate in future training programs in a more limited way by bringing her unique form called Inner Bonding in Action to the face-to-face trainings so that participants can get a fun, experiential understanding of the Inner Child, Wounded Self and Guidance.

One of Karen’s clients describes his work with her in this way:

“I came to know Karen Kral by needing to take time to travel deeper within myself to search out what was driving my addictive behaviors and I must say the time spent was life changing. I was amazed at her intuition and ability to take me to a deeper level of connection with my authentic self and God. I continue to use the tools she equipped me with to stay on the path of happy, joyous and free. Thank you Karen, you are a gift to the recovery community.”

Prior to going into full-time practice as an Inner Bonding facilitator, Karen worked as a therapist at Life Healing Center of Santa Fe. In this residential setting, she helped clients heal from childhood trauma and abuse, as well as from various addictions, including sex and love addiction, eating disorders, alcoholism and chemical dependency.  She worked extensively with dissociative disorders, depression, anxiety, and personality disorders, and often included partners and family members in therapy to establish healthier communication and boundaries.

Karen practiced Zen Buddhism for more than 12 years and taught mindfulness and meditation based on the teachings of Vietnamese Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh. She also taught classes at Miraval: Life in Balance, a renowned spa and resort north of Tucson, and led week-long programs on mindful eating at Hilton Head Health Institute. She is a student of A Course in Miracles and a practitioner of Centering Prayer, which was developed by the Catholic Monk, Father Thomas Keating.  “Consenting to the presence and action of God within” is the intention of Centering Prayer, and is something that Karen strives for in her daily life and in her work.

Karen enjoys hiking, mindful walking, Native American Spirituality and ceremony, and sometimes incorporates aspects of these practices into her intensives. She has a background in business and worked for nine years in marketing, sales and management.  She is married to Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator, Mark Lersch, and they live and work in Longmont, Colorado, near Boulder and Denver.

Karen is available for individual, couples and family sessions by phone or in person, and offers Inner Bonding intensives in Colorado and around the country.

Colorado LPC #:  5151  

WEBSITE:           http://corequestpotential.com/home

EMAIL:              corequest@live.com

VIDEO:                https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUtHX5lGN_U

Dr. Ilene Krems
Culver City CA
(310) 287-1466

Dr. Krems is a licensed psychotherapist with over 17 years of experience in clinical psychology and a total of 27 years of experience in patient care. She has a private practice in Culver City, California. Dr. Krems has attended four Inner Bonding intensives, and practices Inner Bonding in her own life. Within the context of a caring and collaborative relationship, she uses the Inner Bonding process as the core of her practice. Dr. Krems has found that Inner Bonding works successfully within the framework of psychotherapy in order to alleviate anxiety and depression, increase self-esteem and joy, improve relationships, and achieve personal goals.

Dr. Krems consults with Dr. Margaret Paul on a weekly basis. Her specialties include: anxiety, depression, relationship issues, self-esteem, career concerns and spiritual psychology. She also is trained in Emotional Freedom Techniques. Both in person and private phone sessions are available, as well as evening and weekend appointments. Most PPO and POS insurance plans are accepted. She can be reached at (310) 287-1466 or via email at ilene@drilene.com.

For more information, please visit her website at www.drilene.com.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT, 1997) - State of California

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (1993) - Antioch University

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (1981) - Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine

Bachelor of Science (1977) - Pennsylvania State University

Member of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

Mark Lersch, MA, MIM, LPC

Mark has found that more important than what has happened in the past, is how we are relating to and aligning ourselves right now, in this moment.  At the heart of the work he does with all clients is teaching them how to develop a loving relationship with themselves and to contact and align with the divine within.  He has also worked specifically with men, supporting them in becoming both more empowered and more loving in their intimate relationships.

Before dedicating himself full-time to CoreQuest, Mark was the clinical manager at an intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he helped to build the program from the ground up.  He worked for five years as both an individual and group therapist at Life Healing Center of Santa Fe, a residential treatment center where clients came to heal addictions and underlying trauma.  He has worked extensively with clients whose issues include chemical addiction, sex and love addiction, eating disorders, financial disorders, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, codependency and spiritual emergence.  

Mark’s psycho-spiritual approach to healing is influenced by his own interest in spirituality.  He has studied a variety of spiritual paths and methods which he integrates and brings to his therapeutic practice.  He feels deeply honored to accompany people on their own unique path of maturing into full human beings as they become increasingly transparent to the divine in daily life.

Mark also holds a second-degree black belt in Aikido, a peaceful martial art, which teaches us how to find our own “center” (or Hara), to extend “ki” (life force), and to blend our energy with opposing forces and redirect them in skillful ways.  Mark is passionate about using the principles of Aikido and Hara to assist clients in creating safety, which helps them become more present and centered in daily life.  When we feel centered within ourselves and safe in the world, we are able to contact and express our true divine essence and to more skillfully respond to the influences which pull and push on us at home and in work life.  

Mark has an undergraduate degree in psychology, a graduate degree in international management (M.I.M.), and a graduate degree in counseling psychology (M.A.).  Mark has trained in a variety of therapy modalities and his counseling approach is eclectic and unique to each client.  He is an approved affiliate and certified facilitator of Inner Bonding®.

Colorado LPC License# 5091



Lisa Lipton, M.A., MFT
Mission Viejo CA
(949) 310-2311

My name is Lisa Lipton, and I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over a decade’s worth of experience helping individual adults, college students, and teens resolve anxiety and depression, get in touch with their true selves, and overcome the obstacles that are keeping them from creating the relationships, joy, and life they so desire.

My passion and purpose is to help you live a life you love: a life filled with joy, peace and vitality!

This purpose, this passion, has led me to investigate numerous alternative approaches to traditional talk therapy, including Spiritual Psychology, Energy Psychology, and psycho-spiritual techniques including Inner Bonding.

Inner Bonding can help you establish a deep, daily personal connection and dialogue with a loving source of spiritual guidance that heals the false beliefs of your wounded self – beliefs that underlie the anxiety, pain, fear, and relationship problems in your life.

Inner Bonding is one of the more powerful and transformational techniques I incorporate into the Spiritual Counseling work I do and has helped many of my clients create profound connections with their true selves, Spirit, and others that heal emptiness and unleash creativity, passion, purpose, and joy!

Incorporating these modalities into my practice has helped my clients make the kinds of breakthroughs they’ve been looking for: Positive, deep, lasting transformational changes.

I have enjoyed introducing many of my clients to these innovative ways of thinking and healing, and the results have been astounding… I truly love the work I do!

If you’ve struggled with anxiety or depression for any length of time – or have suffered from the distressing memories so often associated with abuse or other traumatic events – then you know all too well the devastating effects these problems can have on one’s relationships and ones life.

Fortunately, a therapy technique known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – or EMDR for short – has been shown to be extremely effective at helping people overcome post-traumatic stress, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression, phobias, and a host of other problems.

When we experience extreme anxiety, stress, abuse, or a traumatic event, the sights, sounds, thoughts and feelings that accompany those events are stored in our brains.

Unfortunately, the disturbing nature of such events leaves our brains incapable of processing these types of experiences effectively and the thoughts and feelings associated with them become “trapped” in our nervous systems.

I have found it extremely helpful with my clients to combine EMDR with innerbonding, to help them more adaptively process their trauma triggers and heal these wounded parts to support them in being all they came here to be. You can find more information and research on EMDR via www.emdria.org.



Mike Moran, LCSW, CST, CCAT
New York, NY

Simply put, Inner Bonding is liberation. Not that you'll never feel fear, or loneliness, not that you won't have challenges and heaps of learning opportunities...but life shifts from being a burden to be endured to an adventure to be embraced; we R-E-L-A-X.  Believe me, I've been on both sides and if I can do it, so can you.  For me, IB represents a pivotal link in my personal and professional quest for the last 25 years -- it has helped cultivate a palpable faith that I'm exactly where I need to be...gratitude is a beautiful thing.

Like many of us, I was led to Inner Bonding by a rather circuitous route.  While I had developed a disciplined meditation practice which was a cornerstone of my self-care and spiritual practice, Inner Bonding helped shift my consciousness to a whole other level.  In 2002, I was looking for the next step, and as is so often the case when we can allow it, the teacher appears when the student is ready, and I read about Inner Bonding and Margaret's retreat weekend and immediately signed up and began working the six steps.  Now, so many years later, it remains my personal and professional capstone...the process I rely on that brings an authentic aliveness not of this world...this stuff works.  If you are getting stuck, as many of us do when first practicing IB, and are not sure where you're going off-course, or if you're hitting something big (trauma) that you intuitively feel it would be best not to navigate by yourself, we facilitators can help.  

I’m a licensed holistic psychotherapist with offices in New York, NY (Chelsea), and my services are reimbursable via your health insurance for in-person sessions.  In addition to being a Certified IB Facilitator, I love working with couples and singles on relationship issues and am a Certified EFT Therapist (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy) with Dr. Sue Johnson (which aligns perfectly with IB) and have trained directly with Dr. John Gottman in Gottman Method Couples Therapy in Seattle. I’m also an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist so can responsibly address all sexual issues when needed.  I'm also trained in EMDR (Levels I, II, and III) with Dr. Laurel Parnell, a powerful modality in releasing traumatic material from the nervous system, and hold a Certification in Creative Arts Therapy and Performance Wellness from the New School for Social Research -- I really enjoy working with people intrigued by their creativity (and by the way, we are ALL creative!).  I also have much experience working with the LGBT population, a community dear to my heart.  

We're all on this journey together and I consider it an honor to assist others in this process of embracing and re-claiming all of who they are. I am available for in-person, Skype, and phone sessions and will provide a 15-minute consultation at no charge to discuss what you're looking to address in more detail.  For more about my journey and work please see my website www.fulfilledcouples.com.

Kim Morrow Taff, EdS, LPC
Atlanta GA

I found Inner Bonding when I read, “Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved by God?” a few years ago. You must know that I am an avid reader. I have read many books for my own personal path of healing as well as part of my graduate work. When I read this book, I knew this was groundbreaking for me. I had never contacted an author personally before, but I felt compelled to tell her how excited and how moved I was by her book. I received a prompt loving response from her inviting me to join this amazing, loving community. After studying countless theories and approaches and years of my own personal therapy and growth, I was thrilled to find a practice that brought everything I had ever found meaningful together in one cohesive package. Drawing from the wisdom of spirituality and psychology, Inner Bonding helps us to discover our precious inner child, full of creativity and joy who is just waiting for our love and devotion. I am a big believer in the power of teaching the processes I have found to be personally effective for me. I approach therapy in the spirit of collaboration as a fellow traveler rather than from a position as an expert or an authority. By providing a safe space within the context of a healing relationship, I help clients explore where they get stuck with curiosity and compassion. My style is both sensitive and direct. I support my clients by helping them authentically align with their true selves in the midst of facing challenging situations, releasing long-standing false beliefs, or simply connecting with their own inner experience.

Kim Morrow Taff, EdS, LPC, holds a Master of Science and a Specialist degree in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University. She has clinical experience in individual, couples, family, and group therapy. She began her work as a therapist at a community mental health center, where she worked with individuals, couples, and families in many areas of concern, including depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, anger management, post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse, trauma history, and relationship issues. She facilitates her clients’ growth and change by using a strengths-based approach, empowering them to find a path toward wholeness. She is a certified Grief Recovery specialist and enjoys art therapy and dream work. She lives in Atlanta, GA.

Contact Information:




Sylvia Poareo, M.S.W.
Fullerton CA
Sylvia Poareo grew up in Southern California in various foster and relative homes. Despite her chaotic beginning, her personal connection to the Divine sustained and guided her to seek the light in the darkness. Still, as a young adult, she felt lost, alone, and unlovable until she learned about Inner Bonding. With Inner Bonding, she learned to love and re-parent herself and create the life she always wanted.

Having experienced transformation, she was drawn to helping others heal. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Azusa Pacific University, a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare at UCLA, and became a certified spiritual counselor with the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person. For over 15 years, she has shared the power of Inner Bonding through social work in hospital, adoption and foster care settings, as well as, with children/families in the elementary schools using play/art therapy and training others in these processes.

She continues to provide Inner Bonding support with individuals, children and families, serving as a “midwife to the healing process”; gently guiding clients through an inherently intuitive exploration to nurture loving and compassionate connection within, with God and with others. She also facilitates a deeply nurturing and supportive monthly Inner Bonding Support group in Fullerton, CA.  


Having been inspired by her own amazing and challenging experiences of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, she also developed a focus on supporting mothers. She enjoys offering compassionate support to pregnant and parenting mothers through individual sessions, Conscious Mothering Circles, Blessings, and the Red Tent. She feels passionately that motherhood is an incomparable time of growth, learning and healing, to be engaged in consciously so we can be truly loving to ourselves, to our precious ones, and the world.

More recently, she established www.connectingwithin.com, as a safe and sacred online space that is an antidote to our disconnected society with its focus on real connection to self, to God/love, nature and each other. She feels privileged and blessed to share many powerful healing tools and help others reconnect to their true beauty and wisdom!

When not doing the work she loves, she deeply enjoys growing and playing with her family, writing,hiking, dancing, yoga, suburban farming, traveling, and being present in each glorious moment!

Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC
Green Bay WI

Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC has been a holistic psychotherapist since 1994. She initially trained as a traditionally trained psychotherapist, receiving her degree from the University of Wisconsin -Oshkosh. She has done extensive training in powerful transformational processes that assist clients in connecting more directly with their beautiful essence and their spiritual connection. She is a Master Level Breathwork practitioner. She assists clients in shifting their lives from the ego based living of the wounded self to living from the Joy of their True Spirit. She has a special interest in supporting clients to be in the higher vibrational states of Joy, Creativity, Passion, Purpose and Fun - which are the natural states of the Essence.

She has been integrating Inner Bonding into her practice since 1998. She has assisted Margaret Paul at 4 Inner Bonding Intensives and has co-facilitated 3 Inner Bonding Intensives in upstate New York. She works with clients nationally and internationally. In addition to being a therapist, Shelley is a writer and has a column in a local alternative health publication. She also is a speaker and workshop leader-leading popular workshops titled "Living in Joy", "The Power of Your Own Pleasure", "I am Fabulous: Embracing and Celebrating You", "What Do You Really Want: Finding Your Life Purpose" and "Free Your Spirit." Shelley can be reached by phone at 920-265-2627 or through email at SRiutta@gmail.com. Her web-site is www.RadiantLifeCounseling.com

These are comments from clients who have worked with Shelley:

"My experience with Shelley has been - well, life-changing. She and her methods: Inner Bonding, breathwork, visualization, not to mention her profound compassion and endless wisdom create the difference between an average therapy session and true healing. Working with Shelley allows me to heal pains of the past that stifled the pursuit of my true dreams and joys. For me she is an angel on Earth." L.R., Green Bay, WI

"Shelley is so gentle with her wisdom and insights. I appreciate that - I always feel she understands the process and challenges of learning Inner Bonding. Every session there is always a gem of an offering that I take away and it becomes part of my practice. I am truly grateful for her help. Finally, after years and years with other therapists, do I now get it and I have Shelley to thank for helping through the hard stuff..." M.G., Nantucket, MA

Cindy Shore, M.A.
Syosset NY
516 226-1047

I am a Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator with a Masters Degree in Psychology and approximately 20 years of experience studying and practicing the Inner Bonding process. I conduct private one-on-one therapy sessions in person, over the phone and via Skype. I have conducted weekly parenting chats, provided daily counseling on the Inner Bonding Advice Panel and written articles for the Inner Bonding website as well. There is nothing more gratifying to me than observing dramatic, positive shifts in my clients’ lives due to their work and dedication to the Inner Bonding process. I especially love to work with moms; helping them develop a happy, healthy, loving connection with themselves, their children and all of their other relationships. I live and practice on Long Island in New York. I am married and a mother of two beautiful boys. My personal passions include my family life, meditation, seeking personal and spiritual growth, living a healthy lifestyle, my dogs. . . and of course doing my best to help make the world a better place. For a brief video about me and my practice go to www.cindyshoretherapy.com.

Nancy Swisher, MA, MFA
Fairfield IA

Nancy is a Transformational Coach, Metaphysical and Spiritual teacher, Artist and award-winning Poet and Author.  She has been a Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator since 2002 and loves sharing and teaching this incredible process.  Nancy travels to London each year to teach the Inner Bonding Weekend Workshop.

For over 20 years, Nancy has been mentoring personal and spiritual growth. In l993 she was certified in The Metaphysical Nature of Abuse, a two-year training that included courses on Depth Psychology, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, and Native American practices of healing.  She is also certified in Emotional Freedom and Healing, which is a Tapping technique to release the energetic frequency of programmed beliefs.

The most important and valuable asset Nancy offers is her Presence.   She is able to communicate about all the levels of consciousness her client’s move through on their transformational journey.  She tunes in deeply and yet is able to bring humor and lightness to the challenges of the human condition, knowing the truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Ultimately, she supports each person she works with to discover their own deep wisdom, heal the past, and to manifest their divine potential.

In 2016 Nancy’s literary memoir The Life That Woke Me Up Was My Own was released through Thomas Noble Publishing.  Nancy holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from the Vermont College of Fine Arts.  Her memoir is a literary exploration of the heroine’s journey.  Dr. Margaret Paul says, “It’s a book of remarkable depth and transformation”.

To read more about Nancy’s unique perspective on transformation and conscious evolution visit her website at http://www.nancyswisher.com .

Nancy Weston

Nancy Weston is an Approved Inner Bonding Affiliate and enjoys assisting others in their efforts to incorporate Inner Bonding and Dreamwork into their lives.

For individuals on a healing path, Inner Bonding and dreamwork both offer powerful techniques for deep inner exploration.

As an experienced educator, Nancy brings knowledge of psychology, literature, and archetypes to dreamwork. She has studied with leading professional dreamworkers such as Jeremy Taylor, and has co-facilitated dream groups, workshops, and courses. It is Nancy's belief that looking at dreams through an Inner Bonding perspective can help give voice to all our parts, increasing our understanding of our core Self, wounded self parts, loving Adult, and our relationship to our Higher Power.

Nancy has successfully parented two grown children and is a grandmother; she writes and dreams, and is a performing folk musician and dedicated quilter. She brings a passion for life to everything she does. Her most-loved place on earth is Greece, to which she has been 4 times (favorite trip: backing the Greek Isles with her then 24-year old daughter!) Her favorite quotations are: "What is going on in your Innermost Being is worthy of your whole love" (Rainer Maria Rilke) and "When you pay attention to your dreams, you inhabit a much larger part of your soul." (Robert Bosnak)

Currently Nancy, an active Unitarian-Universalist, is involved in a number of social justice organizations and movements.

Trained directly by Margaret Paul, Nancy has assisted at workshops and intensives, run workshops, facilitated ongoing monthly Inner Bonding support groups, and sees private clients.

Located in eastern PA, Nancy has had over 25 years of experience with both Inner Bonding and dreamwork, and is available by appointment for phone assistance with both.

Certificates from the Institute of Advanced Archetypal Studies, the American Hypnosis Training Academy, the Institute for the Enhancement of Dreamwork; training in Core Energetics.

For information and fees: 203-733-2508 (leave a message) ; InnerKid2@aol.com

Inner Bonding Facilitators-In-Training
The following people are in the process of getting certified in Inner Bonding and are available to see clients.

Michel Côté
+265 99 158 7555

I was born in Quebec, Canada. I am a Catholic priest in the northern part of Malawi. For the last thirty years I have enjoyed accompanying people on their spiritual and human journey. The Inner Bonding Method is the best help I ever found for this apostolate. In addition to teaching individuals the Inner Bonding process, I present Inner Bonding Workshops to other priests as well.

In 1995, participating in a “Mid-life Renewal Session,” I was introduced to the Inner Child theory. It made a lot of sense to me. I began to pay more attention to this Little Kid in me. I noticed the very positive effects it had in my life. Searching on the internet, I discovered the Inner Bonding website and Dr. Erika Chopich & Dr. Margaret Paul’s beautiful method for becoming a Loving Adult who cares for this Inner Child of ours. Along the years, I worked with Margaret Paul in a number of “6-week telephone support groups”, a good number of “30-Day Online Courses”, and some 5-Day “Intensives”.

To this day, my life continues to benefit from the Inner Bonding method of caring for one’s Inner Child. I used to suffer with frequent and very painful migraines. Now I haven’t had a headache for quite a good number of years. Growing up, I had developed a tendency to be perfectionistic. I was always trying to please others in order to feel loved and appreciated. Now I am a Loving Adult taking good care of myself. I used to carry many interior tensions. When I was not pleased with something, I would bury it deep inside me. I am now capable of speaking my truth, giving my opinion on a situation, and not losing a minute of sleep over the rejection of my suggestion/opinion.

My mother tongue is French and after so many years in Malawi, I am also at ease with English. I use Skype when journeying with people who are from another town or area. Unfortunately the network is, at times, rather weak or we might suffer unforeseen electrical blackouts. Then we do like the Malawians: we patiently wait for a better moment! I hope you will contact me so I may help you learn Inner Bonding.

E-mail: micheletoc@gmail.com

Phone: +265 99 158 7555

Skype contact: micheletoc

Jane Gosling
+44 7740 490 599

 jane@innovativethinking.co.uk – I always respond within 48 hours so please check your spam folder if you haven’t heard from me.

I am a seeker, have been since I was about 5. So when I found myself in an abusive relationship, I started seeking out knowledge about everything related to why we do what we do. I learnt counseling, coaching & NLP, and fell in love with strengths-based approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry and positive psychology. I attended workshop after workshop and read up on topics like neuroscience, psychology, emotional intelligence, the law of attraction, "Power vs. Force",  "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and many others.

All of these things made a difference in one way or another, but often it felt superficial, like I was applying a band aid rather than healing the original wound. Yes, I was doing better in the world and from the outside I appeared confident and successful, but it felt like I had to be on my guard the whole time so I didn’t slip back into old behaviours.

And then in the summer of 2015 I dived into Inner Bonding and the seeking stopped - and a practice started.

Since then, my entire life has changed dramatically! My confidence now comes from a place deep inside and my loving adult knows how to show up to support me; my base happiness has gone up (I was maybe happy 30-40% of the time before IB and now it’s more like 80-90%); I now have beautiful, deep friendships beyond anything I ever thought I was capable of before; I do work that I love and show up as my whole self, and I lead others in a way that is congruent with my values and beliefs (with amazing results).

My continuing intention is to love and accept what’s here now, and at the same time peel away the false beliefs that we come to believe about ourselves and others.

I work holistically with people that are ready to step into a new way of being, drawing on deeper somatic work where the body leads the way, whilst being grounded in action and developing habits that support out best selves. If that’s you – get in touch...


Tracy May
Fort Wayne IN
(260) 715-3030

I am so exited for this opportunity to use the skills I have learned through my own Inner Bonding experience to guide your growth and learning in the Inner Bonding process to a place of self-love and acceptance.

When I found Margaret Paul and Inner Bonding, I was in a very toxic relationship with my husband of 17 years and had been searching for answers for years with all types of therapy and processes that never seemed to change the dynamics of our relationship.  At that point I was experiencing emotional and verbal abuse and I felt powerless about how to heal the relationship or to even make it tolerable. I felt trapped and scared.  After learning to use the 6 steps of Inner Bonding to take responsibility for myself, I was able to more clearly see my part of the system: how I was being a victim and not taking responsibility for myself, how I took on all the blame of every angry episode waiting and hoping for the abusive behavior to stop, how I was looking outside myself giving him the power to define my value.  Essentially, I was expecting him to stop his behavior instead of me taking myself away from the situation or not responding to the craziness.  Unconsciously I wanted my husband to prove he loved me by stopping the anger so I didn't have to be responsible for what was happening to me.

As with many of you, I experienced childhood trauma from parents who were disconnected and unavailable due to their own self-abandonment.  I thought I had worked through all the damage in regular therapy, but in reality I had not touched the surface of what was really going on for me and how I was showing up in my relationships.  I learned coping skills which included being so critical that I could do nothing right and trying to be perfect so I would be loved. I learned not to trust my own experiences as real and tolerated abusive behavior from others as I felt unworthy and invisible.  I had very deeply imbedded false beliefs that honestly I still struggle with at times yet today, but I finally learned about and felt through my part of the system, which allowed me to start taking better care of myself and supported me in making better decisions for me regarding the relationships that meant the most to me.

About 2 years ago my adult children severed our relationship unexpectedly and with Inner Bonding I have learned how those same beliefs I learned in childhood also contributed to the breakdown of my relationship with them.  With Inner Bonding I learned that I didn't love myself and so I couldn't really love others and I tolerated bad behavior from others I cared about so they would love me, and how controlling that really is without even knowing I was doing it.

Coming from such profound neglect, I was full of judgment of how imperfect and unlovable I was.  I had plenty of compassion for everyone else and boy did my co-dependent self give and give and give!  I had to live up to this unreachable standard of doing everything perfectly to be loved and keeping everyone happy at my own expense.  Thanks to Inner Bonding, I have learned to accept and feel that I am perfect the way I am and to stop looking outside myself for love and approval.  I know that I will still get triggered by others that I care about at times, but now I have the skills to take responsibility for how I feel.  I have learned to trust myself and my experiences with the help of Inner Bonding.

Because I have gone down this incredible journey, I understand the pain and the commitment that it takes to come out the other side, though at times in seemingly small steps.

I would like to help you learn to fiercely love yourself through this amazing process of Inner Bonding which integrates the parts of us that we feel are unloved, unlovable and waiting to be loved.  Using my own experience with Inner Bonding along with having gone through the new intensive Inner Bonding Facilitator Training Program over the last year, I have learned so much about how to help others with self-abandonment and learning to love themselves.

I truly feel the answer to the world pain and dysfunction is to learn to love ourselves and take complete responsibility for ourselves, our emotions and our behaviors so that we can all live in harmony, loving one another and uplifting one another.  I believe it only takes one person to answer the call of connecting to their soul, their true essence, to make a difference and I would consider it a privilege to support you and witness you on your journey.

I would love the opportunity to guide you through the learning process of healing your life so you can have the loving relationships, success and health that you want.

Call me at (260) 715-3030 when you are ready to start learning to love yourself


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