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It is easy for most of us to judge ourselves, and challenging to be in compassion for ourselves. Yet it is compassion that motivates and heals. Today, focus on having compassion for the wounded judgmental part of you, and for all of your feelings. We learn and grow with compassion, and we shut down and get stuck with judgment.


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For the Media: Segment Topics for Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

As a counselor, author, speaker, seminar leader and relationships expert, Dr. Margaret Paul is able to address a variety of topics and story ideas.  She is willing to expand on the following topics and ideas through personal interviews or submitting original articles.

For details on Dr. Margaret Paul's work, download the attached PDF.

Examples of segment/topic ideas follow.  On the subject of:

Relationships - Communication, Intimacy and Sexuality:

  • When to End a Relationship
  • Telling Your Truth...or Not
  • Can This Relationship Be Helped?
  • Why Marital Sex Often Dies
  • Sexuality and New Relationships
  • You Think You Are Healed? Try Having a Relationship!
  • What Really Creates Emotional Intimacy
  • Who's Responsible for our Feelings?
  • Rejection and Engulfment: The Fears Behind Relationship Conflict 
  • Controlling Behavior: The Major Cause of Relationship Conflict
  • The Two Most Common Sexual Problems in Committed Relationships and How to Resolve Them
  • Will Becoming a Parent Enhance Your Relationship?
  • If You’re Unhappy in Your Relationship, Whose Problem is it?
  • Book Interview: Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?


  • Beyond Authoritarian and Permissive Parenting: Parenting With an Intent to Learn About Yourself and Your Child  
  • Minimizing Conflicts Over Homework
  • Helping Children Become Personally Responsible
  • Minimizing Conflict in Sibling Relationships
  • Parenting Yourself When You Have Small Children 
  • The Courage to Be a Loving ParentThe Major Challenge of Single Parenting and How to Resolve It
  • Parents - What Kind of Role Model Are You?
  • Teaching Inner Bonding to Children
  • Book Interview: Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By My Kids? 

Addictions: Substance Abuse and Process Addictions:

  • Addiction to Thinking
  • Subtle Addictions  
  • Addiction: The Underlying Feelings we Want to Avoid
  • Power and Politics - Addiction to Sex and Power?      
  • Aloneness and Addictive Behavior
  • Addiction and Internal Power Struggles
  • A Cause and Cure of Substance Abuse: Food, Smoking, Drugs, and Alcohol
  • Sexual Addiction 
  • Love and Connection Addiction 
  • Addiction to Caretaking
  • Addictions to Activities

Self Help and Personal Growth:

  • Discovering Your Passion and Purpose
  • Trapped in Resistance: The Resistance Syndrome
  • Welcoming Our Disowned Parts
  • Step One: Willingness
  • Being An Emotional Victim: Self Help for Personal Health
  • New Approaches to Violence and Anger Management
  • Racism: About Low Self-Esteem
  • How to Manage Painful Emotions
  • Taking Responsibility for Our Own Feelings
  • Healing Anxiety and Depression
  • Managing Your Anger
  • Who Defines Your Self-Worth?
  • Do You Have Problems Making Decisions? 
  • Getting Unstuck From Resistance and Procrastination
  • What Depletes Your Energy?

Spirituality and Spiritual Growth:

  • What Program is on Your Inner TV?
  • Resistance to Loving
  • Connecting to Spirit Through Beauty and Gratitude
  • Managing Fear With Spirit
  • Controlling God Through Core Shame
  • Fear or Love: Which Runs Your Life?
  • Spiritual Abuse: The Cause Behind Spiritual Disconnection
  • Choosing Gratitude: The Quickest Way to an Open Heart
  • Are We Becoming a Soulless Nation?
  • What Really Brings You Joy?
  • Caring for the House of the Soul
  • Who's Praying--Wounded Self or Loving Adult?
  • Connecting With Your Spiritual Guidance

Inner Bonding:

  • Book Interview: Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By God?
  • Book Interview: Inner Bonding
  • Book Interview: Healing Your Aloneness

Press Releases & Content
For details on Dr. Margaret Paul's work, 
download the attached PDF.