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11/07/2018 06:15 PM Why Loving Yourself Heals Relationships Dr. Margaret Paul
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Daily Inspiration

How would life be different for you if you lived in faith - faith that Spirit is always supporting your highest good, faith that your soul is immortal, faith that life on this planet is about a spiritual journey of evolving in our ability to love love? What worries would you let go of if you lived in faith that you are never alone, that Spirit is always supporting you in your highest good?


'I participated in Margaret's 30 Day Inner Bonding class, had several personal coaching skype sessions with Margaret, and am now taking her Relationships 30 Day Course. I have been in a very sad, wounded space since a breakup 7 weeks ago. I felt so incredibly lost in my wound and was becoming more and more in touch about how I had and was abandoning myself over and over. I was very anxious to come to the Intensive and was feeling very vulnerable to authentically show up in pain. The Intensive provided me with a family of like minded souls all willing to support and hold a space for me to feel safe. With the work in the middle of the circle with Margaret, and participating in everyone else's work, brought me home to myself. The practice of Inner Bonding is priceless to finding my way back to my center. Years and years of help didn't heal my low self worth or teach me not to abandon myself.  Inner Bonding does. I'm so grateful and I will attend again and again.'  Colorado Intensive 4.15

Terri O\'Grady

'I was very fearful of doing this workshop because of some spiritual abuse from my past and being very, very stuck from that.  Margaret was very insightful, very helpful and the support of the group helped me feel safe enough to let go and let healing begin.  I have been learning tools about how to take care of myself in the future and to heal the past wounds and to be present with my feelings.' Jan.'09 Santa Barbara Intensive
Katherine McGregor

'The Intensive was truly amazing. I had read Dr. Paul's literature and was already seeing the positive results of the Inner Bonding process in myself and my marriage. The Intensive took it to a much higher level by giving us the opportunity to practice and apply the Inner Bonding steps with Dr. Paul's guidance. It was like having the opportunity to ride a bicycle after having only read how to do so. My wife and I both had major breakthroughs which I am certain will improve our marriage. It was incredibly helpful and educational to see the other members of our group practice the Inner Bonding process during individual and couple's sessions with Dr. Paul. in a group therapy setting. It was also helpful for my wife and I to see three other couples experiencing the same issues we were experiencing and see them learn to apply the Inner Bonding process to resolve their conflicts.' Santa Barbara Intensive, 2.13

Rolando Soler

"I found the Inner Bonding concept to be an idea I can use to change my poor thinking and negative habits. Unlike 'regular' therapy, this gives you a hammer and nail to do some work, to "see" what we do inside ourselves to keep us stuck, and a way to change it." Rowe, MA, 4/04
Tom Hillenbrand

"All couples who are looking for an answer, this seems to be the place to go. This has helped where everything before didn't." Couples Intensive, Lucerne Valley, CA - 8/01
Steven Shore

"I found it to be a loving, supportive environment in which to learn about the various parts of myself and to shift from anger and frustration to compassion and love. I've done quite a bit of this work. I always find it valuable and inspiring. This is the first time I've done it with a loved one, and it was great."
Steven Puzarne

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