"The course gave room for genuinely deep transformational work and not just information. I loved the container of safety and trust built in the room."

IBFTP Participant




How to Apply


Step 1: Permission to Apply


To apply to the Inner Bonding Facilitator Training Program, you will need to have already completed or be in the process of completing your program prerequisites. Please contact our Director of Training, Stel Fine, to review your prerequisites and determine whether or not you are ready to apply to the program.


Stel can be reached at: stel.fine.ibftp@gmail.com


Step 2: Loving Adult Self Assessment

Once you have received permission to apply to the program, set aside an hour or more to complete the Loving Adult Self Assessment (LASA).  This assessment will help you to have a better understanding of the Loving Adult qualities that the IBFTP program values and will help you to develop, as well as the qualities that we expect IBFTP candidates to care about and want to cultivate in themselves.  It will help you to assess your own readiness to enter the IBFTP program. This self assessment will not be submitted with your application, but your completion of it is a prerequisite to apply.


Step 3: Application

Download and complete the Application and return it to Stel Fine at stel.fine.ibftp@gmail.com



Inner Bonding Facilitator Training Program - Tuition


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IBFTP Tuition


(Includes a $1,500 non-refundable deposit)

Application Deadline:

January 20, 2021


Applications must be received with a

$50 application fee, plus:


Full tuition payment of $8,950


first partial payment if using the payment plan


Applications that are not accepted will be refunded their full tuition payment, minus $50 application fee.

Late Application Fees

Applications received after January 20 and before February 7, 2021 will incur a $200 late application fee. Applications received after February 7, 2021 will incur a $400 late application fee.

Payment Plan Option

For an additional $250 fee, a 3-payment plan option

is available for the balance of your tuition (see below)

Tuition Does Not Include

books, incidentals

or “Other Costs” listed below





Payment Plan Information


For an additional non-refundable payment plan fee of $250, participants may split their tuition payments as follows:


  • $3,700.00 ($3,400.00 partial tuition payment, plus $50 application fee, plus 250.00 payment plan fee) due on or before January 20, 2021.

  • $3,300.00 partial tuition payment, charged on July 3, 2021. If you apply between January 21-February 7, then late application fees of $200 or $400 (if applicable) will be added to this initial payment.

  • $2,250.00 final tuition payment, charged on December 3, 2021


What other costs are not included in my tuition?

Tuition does not include Other Costs, listed below.


Other Costs

  • ​$50 Application Fee

  • Membership in Inner Bonding Village (required in order to be listed as a FIT on the website)

  • Consultation Requirement

    • 15 hours of combined individual and small group consultation with a Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator, with a minimum of 5 hours of individual consultation; Fees for consultation vary and are paid directly to the facilitator.

  • Review of Video or Audio Session for Certification (after end of program)

    • Each participant, when ready to be certified, will submit a recorded client session for review by the training team. The fee for review is $300.


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When the time comes that I am no longer bonded by my beliefs but begin to feel shackled to them, then they are the beliefs of someone else that I have been sentenced to.



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