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If you do not cherish your body, your inner child - your soul - will not feel loved. Your child lives in your body, and expresses through your body. If you don't feed your body well and get enough exercise, and if you don't get enough sleep or enough downtime to regenerate, your child will not feel loved and cherished. Today, cherish your body, the temple of your soul.


Endorsement for Diet for Divine Connection: “This is not just another book about food and the body—it weaves together many other aspects of a healthy life: the importance of high-vibration foods that resonate with your essence, the power of your “state” when you eat and digest, and the full presence of you-the-soul to guide self-nurturing. This is a valuable and comprehensive guidebook for transforming your entire self at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.”

Penney Peirce

Diet for Divine Connection may be the most useful and healing book about diet and nutrition I've ever read. Margaret Paul explains that the only truly effective diet is one that springs from your own inner guidance and intuition. In clear and simple terms, Dr. Paul teaches you exactly how to use your intuition to create both a food and a thought diet that heals and enlivens your entire being. No matter your age, health or dietary challenges, Diet for Divine Connection can save you years of struggle. Best of all, because it's truly a soul-based path to physical and emotional health, you'll discover life-changing new inner reservoirs of energy, peace, and precious clarity. If you care about your health and well-being, don't miss this treasure of a book.”

Ken Page, LCSW,

Endorsement for Diet for Divine Connection: According to the reports from thousands of individuals and numerous physicians, when people switch to a non-GMO organic diet, they experience dramatic improvements in health, clarity, concentration, weight loss, memory, and energy. Many recover from anxiety and depression. The toxins in food have robbed millions of their health and vitality. Reversing this trend sets the stage for the kind of life we all desire. Healthy food is the urgent first step. Thank you Margaret for ringing that bell.” 

Jeffrey M. Smith

From the Foreword of Diet for Divine Connection: "While I’ve found Dr. Paul’s work to be immensely valuable, both in my own life and in the lives of my clients over the years, the aspect of transformation she brings into focus in Diet for Divine Connection fills a gap in our culture’s understanding that’s truly groundbreaking....The message in this book is essential and timely.  Sadly, one out of four women in North America is on antidepressants. This staggering epidemic of unhappiness is due in great part to these two things—our diet, and our disconnection from our divine source. The way in which Margaret connects these two fields offers a quantum breakthrough in our understanding....

"If ever I start to feel disconnected from my own self-love, my divine connection, I turn to either Margaret’s work or Margaret herself. She has proven herself to be a trusted guide over the decades. In this book, she will clearly show you how to use food to strengthen your own divine connection in a profound way.  It is with great joy that I invite you to turn these pages and take in her wisdom and guidance for yourself."

Marci Shimoff

Endorsement for Diet for Divine Connection: "Profound and practical insights for integrating the psychology of healing our hearts with the foods we eat to expand our consciousness and strengthen our divine connection with spirit."

John Gray, PhD

"Inner Bonding" is a powerful book for anyone interested in quality relationships. It offers practical tools, not just theory, to help us reach inside and heal those deep problems and addictions that have held us back for so many years.
Thomas Crum

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