Healthy Food

Thrive Market

We love shopping at Thrive Market online. It's a membership site and they give free memberships to people who cannot afford the $60/year membership. They are a humanitarian company, devoted to offering healthy food at a discount. They support many organizations that feed people in need.

Dry Farm Wines

For people who love wine, these are wines from ancient vineyards and they have none of the toxic additives that American wines have. Even organic American wines are toxic. This is also a membership site.

To Your Health

A wonderful company that sells organic sprouted flours and grains. This is where Dr. Margaret gets her flour for the sprouted sourdough bread that she makes.

Cultures for Health

This site offers many different cultures such as sourdough, yogurt, and kefir cultures. They have many videos on how to ferment foods, and when you order a sourdough culture, they send the recipe that Dr. Margaret uses to make bread.

Mission Meats

For meat eaters, Mission Meats offers healthy grass-fed snacks. 

The Synergy Company

This is where we order many of our supplements. Dr. Margaret has been using the 'Eye Support' for the last 5 years, and each year for the last 5 years when she gets her eyes checked, they have improved 20-25%. The eye doctor told her in November, 2021, that she has the eyes of a 40 year old at the age of 82! This company has many organic and very high-quality food-based supplements.

James Ranch

We became friends with the wonderful families at James Ranch when we lived in Durango, CO. Now, we order their fantastic cheese and have it shipped to us. If you love cheese, you might want to try their raw organic cheese from grass-fed cows.

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We don't surrender to Spirit because we have hope in having control - over people, outcomes, and our own feelings. Today, notice how often your thoughts turn to, "If I do this, then this will happen." "If I say this, then the other person will react in this way." Our hope of control is very deep, but it will never bring us true peace and safety.



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