#22 Healing Food Addiction with Inner Bonding
By Dr. Margaret Paul
January, 2011

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These one-hour podcasts are a powerful way of learning Inner Bonding® directly from Dr. Margaret Paul! 

Hosted by Dr. Anita Archer, Anita asks Dr. Margaret questions that have been submitted by members of the Inner Bonding® Village.

In this Podcast, Dr. Margaret Paul answers questions about different aspects of food addiction and how to address them with Inner Bonding®.  Dr. Margaret discusses the underlying causes of bingeing, of using food to self-soothe, and of inner power struggles,  and what needs to happen to heal these issues. 

The podcast format is great for expanding your understanding of Inner Bonding®.  You can listen anywhere, hands free.  You can listen on your PC or you can download the Podcast to your MP3 player and take it on walks, in your car, anywhere!

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The Law of Attraction states that 'Like attracts like.' Do you attract people at your common level of woundedness or your common level of health, your common level of self-abandonment or your common level of self-love? Today, notice who you attract into your life, and how others treat you. Since others generally treat us the way we treat ourselves, how others treat us can give us much information about our own level of self-abandonment or self-love.



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