#24 Relationships: Loving Adult vs. Wounded Self
By Dr. Margaret Paul
March 2011

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These one-hour podcasts are a powerful way of learning Inner Bonding® directly from Dr. Margaret Paul! 

Hosted by Dr. Anita Archer, Anita asks Dr. Margaret questions that have been submitted by members of the Inner Bonding® Village.

In this Podcast,  Dr. Margaret Paul addressed questions members have asked about their relationships with partners, friends and co-workers, relating to dealing with conflict from the wounded self vs. the loving Adult.  Dr. Margaret deeply explores the subtle and overt ways of relating from the wounded self and she role-models what the interactions would look like if the loving Adult were in charge. 

The podcast format is great for expanding your understanding of Inner Bonding®.  You can listen anywhere, hands free.  You can listen on your PC or you can download the Podcast to your MP3 player and take it on walks, in your car, anywhere!

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Today notice, WITHOUT JUDGMENT, if you are primarily a taker - expecting others to take care of you, or if you are primarily a caretaker - taking care of others in the hopes they will love you and connect to you. Since neither taking nor care-taking are loving to yourself, both are aspects of the ego wounded self and are symptoms of self-abandonment.



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