Lonely No More
By Dr. Margaret Paul with Dr. Erika Chopich

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Discover The Astonishing Power of Inner Bonding in Healing Your Aloneness
In Lonely No More, Dr. Margaret Paul will help you…
  • Discover your own truth
  • Create and maintain a daily, ongoing, and personal connection with your higher guidance
  • Understand how our false beliefs and resulting disconnection from spiritual guidance may have come about
  • Replace your false beliefs with truth
  • Discover peace, joy, and personal connection with the love, truth, wisdom, and power that is God
  • Heal from spiritual abuse
  • Love yourself and embrace the beauty of your true soul self
  • Put into practice a powerful road map to healing the false beliefs that may be keeping you limited
  • Learn the most rewarding path for expressing love and your intrinsic gifts
  • And much more…

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Do you love your work? If you don't love your work, you might want to open to learning about what other work might bring you joy. Your core Self, your essence, has the blueprint for what you came to the planet to offer. Opening to feeling and hearing your essence can lead to work that fulfills your heart and soul.



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10/23/2024 08:00 AM
5-Day Virtual Intensive
Dr. Margaret Paul

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