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When your body becomes your temple and you treat each cell with loving kindness, you will begin to know that each living thing upon this planet is but a cell of the greater Oneness. When you experience this Oneness, you will treat each living thing and the planet itself with the same loving kindness as you treat each cell of your body.


Parenting Advice

ParentingThis section offers parenting advice, parenting tips, loving parenting with an intent to learn, supporting personal responsibility in children, teaching Inner Bonding to children, using the Inner Bonding process in parenting, conflict resolution with children.

Article Author
Conflict in Sibling Relationships Dr. Margaret Paul
Are You Addicted to Your Children? Dr. Margaret Paul
Are You Letting Your Children Manipulate You? Dr. Margaret Paul
Are You Present With Your Children? Dr. Margaret Paul
Being a Happy Parent - Part of Good Parenting Dr. Margaret Paul
Bringing Wellness Home Colleen Langenfeld, Copyright (c) 2004
Children, Entitlement, and God Dr. Erika Chopich
Conflicts Over Homework Dr. Margaret Paul
Do You Want Your Children to Be Like You? Dr. Margaret Paul
E - I - E - I...Oh! Friendly Social Skills Are the Way to Go Dawn Fry, Copyright 2006
Five Reasons to Stop Saying Good Job Alfie Kohn
How to Stay Calm: Special Tips for Parents Susie Cortright, Copyright 2003
Imagery For KidsTM: 8 Powerful Healing Tools Charlotte Reznick, Ph.D.
Is It OK to Spoil Your Kids? Dr. Margaret Paul
Love, Food, and Kids Dr. Margaret Paul
Out of the Mouths of Babes: Staying Connected and Allowing Sadness to Pass Carie King
Parenting Starts Before Pregnancy Dr. Margaret Paul
Parenting Yourself When You Have Small Children Dr. Margaret Paul
Parents, Kids and Time Alone Dr. Margaret Paul
Protecting Your Child's Innocence Dr. Margaret Paul
Start Growing Healthy Children Before Getting Pregnant Dr. Margaret Paul
The Challenges of Single Parenting Dr. Margaret Paul
The Five Best Gifts to Give Your Family Dr. Margaret Paul
The Moment of Power Monte Umphress
The ONE Thing That Gives Your Mothering More Energy! Kelly Jo Murphy, Copyright 2003
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