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Growing Good Thoughts

By Deb Klugger
May 11, 2010

Are your thoughts helping you grow to be all that you can and want to be?

As I was preparing to plant my Spring garden, I was carefully contemplating what plants would be the most appropriate for the intended space. Also taken into consideration was the potential growth times, water needed, sun exposure and more importantly, I wanted my harvest to be full of healthy fruits and vegetables that I love.


After making my plant selection and dutifully preparing the ground, I carried the precious seeds out to the tilled soil and began to plant them. One by one I placed the seeds in the ground with the full intention of reaping a delicious harvest over the months to come.


While working the soil, it came to mind of what a miracle it is to place these seemingly lifeless objects in the dirt. Then as though a stroke of magic occurs, weeks later, up through the ground sprouts gorgeous green plants bearing mouthwatering fruits and vegetables where but mere dirt existed before.


As I reflected on the miracle of seed sowing and veggie reaping I was reminded by Guidance of the miraculous outcome in the sowing and reaping of our thoughts. That if I  allow my wounded self to sow the seeds of fear, anger, jealousy and self criticism I will eventually cause the useless weeds of uncertainty and self doubt to take over and choke out the flourishing self growth  that I have so tenderly cultivated . Thankfully, the opposite is true as well. If I am diligent in the selection of positive, loving, compassionate thoughts, I shall then harvest more courage, acceptance and confidence in my garden of life.


As you know this makes the Inner Bonding process more important than ever. Because when we feel our feelings, check in with our Inner Child and Guidance, we can then find out what the thought is that we are cultivating and how it is impacting the way we feel. When we take the loving action by weeding out the negative thoughts and replace them with love and truth, our lives continue to grow in the most positive of ways.


After thinking about all of this I remembered that the well read author Ernest Holmes wrote, “Thoughts are Things”. So I’ve decided if in fact thoughts are things, I’m planting only the good ones!


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