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Thank You Alanis Morissette!

By Margaret Paul and Alanis Morissette
May 16, 2012

Inner Bonding would like to thank Alanis Morissette for all her wonderful support of our work, and for her beautiful Inner Bonding songs!


Here are the lyrics to "Magical Child."


It’s quite simple

When I’m listening

You keep leading me all the way home

And these messages you’ve been offering

As a magical child

An essential child


And it hinges on the driver’s seat

It depends on who’s in control

When I waver on the attuning

I kill the magical child

This essential child  ohhh oh  oohhh


To thine own self be true

To my core self be true


When direction is confounding

When vitality is fargone

When the spark is out not inspiring

I call the magical child

The essential child ohhhh


To thine own self be true

To my core self be true


When I’m lost and I’m unraveling

When I’m off my track and I float

When I need true north and some grounding

I call the magical child

The essential child

This angelic child

This innocent child ooh ohh


To thine own self be true

To my core self be true


Angelic child

Innocent child

Magical child

Essential child


Ooh oooh



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