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Express Your Spirit in 2009

By nancys
December 22, 2008

In this article, Nancy illuminates the power of Nature to open up the flow of creative expression. She asserts that this is the time to align our personality with our Spirit, to express our divinity gifts on the planet.

Nature and Spirit

The solstice is one of those special days when the cycles of nature come to a brief moment of stillness before moving in a new direction.  It is a day when the Being of the Universe is stronger than usual, when the fullness of nature and its energy traverses through the earth with more magnetic pull, helping us, if we are open, give form to our own divine expression in new and powerful ways.

On this winter solstice, I am blessed to have many sparrows living around my house.  They gather in the vines of the trumpet honeysuckle that covers the trellises over the side door and back porch.  They sit in the bare branches of the forsythia hedge.  Their constant chirping sounds like the little peeps crowded together for sale at hardware stores in the spring.   Fifty sparrows feed together where I shoveled the snow and scattered seed.  They swarm when startled.   Cardinals, woodpeckers and a pair of starlings join the feeding, but the sparrows predominate.

     I watch the birds all morning.  

     They connect me with my Being.  The Being of the birds is no different than my Being.  Our spirits are one.  I have always had this direct connection to nature.  It has grounded me in my journey through life.  As I become present to its perfection, I feel my own Being more clearly.  Experiencing the Being of the birds supports the flow of my own creative expression.  When they swarm, so do my ideas for the book I’m writing.  Swarming is an important stage of the creative process.

Expressing Your Spirit

We express our indwelling spirit to the degree that we are aware of it.  So the question is, how aware are you of your own spirit?  Do you really get that you are a spiritual being having a human experience?  Or do you mostly feel like a human being who occasionally has a spiritual experience?  At this auspicious point in the history of humanity, there is a monumental shift occurring wherein many people are realizing they are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience.  There is a global transformation emerging among people to find ways to align their personality with their spirit and to create from this alignment.

As we approach 2009 and bring 2008 to a close, are you aligned with what you want to create next year?  Are you grounded in your Being so that your divine expression can occur?   Do you have a strong desire that you have put off or unconsciously blocked because of fear, worry, or doubt?  Do you want to manifest a spiritual partner?  Write a book?  Double your income?   Start a business?  Or are you not quite in touch with the desires of your Being?

Your Inner Being knows what it wants.  It holds the fire of your life’s purpose.  Nature is one of the most powerful resources we have to nurture a conscious connection to our Inner Being.   When we make contact with a form of nature other than the human form, we experience oneness with All-That-Is because other forms have no ego, no blocks to allowing the flow of divine energy through them.   When we become truly present to those other forms, such as the birds, we, too, feel this flow of energy through the web of all life.

Out of this connection, our own creative flow opens.  We experience inspiration, divine ideas, and the enthusiasm to express our Spirit.  Not only that, we realize the truth that we are supported by the Universe, literally, in all that we desire to create in our life.


If you really want to manifest your creative Spirit in ‘09, there’s a powerful and quick way to get started by identifying your biggest block, releasing it, and envisioning the form your Spirit wants to take.  Find out the details about the Express Your Spirit in ‘09 coaching package, offered by Nancy Swisher, the Soulwords Coach at  Fill out the form on the site for a free exploratory talk with Nancy or just call 319-338-7833 and leave your message.


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