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Often, when you feel anxious and stressed, it is because you are trying to control something you cannot control. The moment you choose to surrender - to "Let go and let God", you will notice that the anxiety and stress release.


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The Truth Will Set You Clutter Free

By Suzi Korsak
January 16, 2012

Ever want to start fresh...why not today? Try using Inner Bonding to clear out clutter not only in your thoughts but in your space...they are all connected...

      Right along with dealing with debt often is the clutter we have collected as a result of buying things because we think it will make us feel better, look better, or be seen as better. We as a nation have built businesses around clutter...storage facilities are opening in record numbers to house things we no longer use daily, often that we can not afford and we continue to collect things with the mindset the one with the most stuff wins. There's a belief for you to explore...If it's just stuff that fills our lives, where is the room for relationships or people if we spend our lives enslaved to the stuff we thought would make us more attractive to others, but it keeps us from the relationships we would like to have?

            Through Inner Bonding I have discovered that, just like my feelings, my clutter in my home has information for me. It lets me know where I have been avoiding my feelings, it lets me know what I have believed to be a priority in my life and it gives me a sense of the layers I created to bury the feelings I thought were too much for me to handle. Clutter in my mind, in my space and in my schedule drains energy...bringing my frequency lower...almost stagnant...making it increasingly difficult to connect to my guidance. According to Rodika Tchi on about.com, according to Feng Shui, depending on where in your home the clutter is located, it can negatively influence, or even completely block, the flow of events in many areas of your life. She also states many people avoid dealing with clutter because they think it is hard, time consuming and deeply emotional...they seem to lack the emotional stamina to go through it.

            Inner Bonding is Feng Shui for the mind, helping clear out mental clutter and make more space for love. You can also likewise clear your external space through using the 6 steps of Inner Bonding to get information about your physical clutter in a room, seeking to surround yourself only with items you use and items that you love.

            Step one: Tune into your feelings and take responsibility for them.

Step in to the room, scan your body for feelings as you enter the room. What feelings, ideas, or stories come up as you enter the room?

            Step two: Move into a compassionate intention to learn.

Check in. If there are uncomfortable feelings, have you moved into excuses or judgment about the items or condition of this particular room? Have you been avoiding this particular room for some time because it feels overwhelming? Check to see if you can move into compassion for all of the feelings that come up in this process so that you can learn from the information they present.

            Step three: Dialogue with your wounded self and inner child

What am I telling you about the condition of this room? Its contents? What are you drawn toward? What would you like to ignore or move away from? Dialogue as you scan the room to ask about feelings about particular items. Have I been telling myself I might need it some day and I haven't used this item in the last five years? Maybe ten? Do I find I have a judgment about the room? Myself? Items? What in this room speaks and sings to my soul...supports my journey. Take these feelings, and beliefs to the next step.

            Step four: Dialogue with guidance.

Breathe in, put your hands over your heart and visualize your particular form of guidance...once again invite in love and compassion as you seek the truth about the beliefs above. What are the judgments telling me about the core feelings I might be covering up? Am I hanging onto old presents from the past that feel they have energy that no longer feels good? Do I feel I have to hang onto these for fear of hurting someone's feelings? What in this room is a necessary part of my life? Ask guidance for a loving action pertaining the room and its contents...as well as asking what I would need to feel in order to let some of the items and judgments go.

            Step five: Take loving action

Grab a bin and a trash bag. The bin for removing items that can be donated or given away, and the trash bag to remove items that would no longer serve another person and cannot be repaired. As you make decisions on each item, keep a clear vision of what you would like to ultimately create and do in each space and area of the room.

            Step six: Evaluate.

Now that you've cleared the clutter...how does the room feel? Does it support you? Did I have trouble letting go of everything to create a space that feels loving? What were my challenges? What did I do that made this successful? What core feelings did I experience associated with the clutter?

            Inner Bonding is a process that can be applied to all areas of your life, and as you practice you will notice trust building....that's your loving adult in action...yes, you can have a stronger loving adult with daily practice of these steps...each time you have a question..you can stop and check in with your feelings...discover your beliefs....find the truth...take the loving action...and be on your way to an inner and outer clutter free life!


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