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Are you afraid to be seen? Are you afraid for someone to look deeply into your eyes and see your soul? Are you afraid that what they will see is nothingness? Your wounded self believes you are empty, nothing. Yet you are a great gift, a child of God, a child of Love. Your soul is love. When you discover this, you will know who you are, and you will no longer be afraid.


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Loving Yourself

By Dr. Margaret Paul
May 04, 2015

Are you asking your higher self for the loving action and not receiving answers?

Ernie was having trouble accessing his higher self. He wanted to know about the loving action toward himself, but he couldn't seem to receive any answers. Because his inner child often felt abandoned and unloved due to the lack of loving action, Ernie often felt disconnected and depressed.

In one of our sessions, I asked Ernie to open to seeing his core Self, his essence, his natural Inner child. I asked him to open to seeing his essence through the loving eyes of his spiritual Guidance. "What do you see when you look at yourself through loving eyes?" I asked.

Ernie was quiet for a moment and then said, "I see a golden child."

"Why are you not taking care of this golden child?"

"Oh! I see the problem! When I ask my higher self about the loving action, I am not asking about the loving action for the golden child. I'm asking about the loving action toward myself."

"And who is asking the question and who is the self that you are referring to when asking about the loving action?" I asked.

"Hmmm. Now that we are talking about it, I think that it must be my wounded self asking the question and I'm seeking the answer for my wounded self. So that's why I'm not getting answers! Do you think if I was asking as a loving adult in behalf of my golden child I would get answers?"

"Well, let's try it. Imagine the golden child again, and then imagine your higher self. Ask your higher self about what would be the loving action toward your golden child after we get off the phone." Ernie was retired, so he was at home.

Ernie asked and immediately received an answer:

"Take him for a walk on the beach and look for shells, which you know he loves to do."

"So, I can see that when I ask as a loving adult in behalf of my golden child, I will get answers, but when I ask for myself as my wounded self, I won't hear anything. Wow! I really see why I haven't been getting answers!"

When we ask for guidance from our wounded self, we are really asking from the part of us that wants to control rather than to love. It is only when our intent is to be loving to our beautiful core Self that we will receive the answers we need. If you are having trouble accessing answers, it may be time to go a little deeper into your intent when asking your higher self for the loving action. Our wounded self is very adept at masking as the loving adult. It's easy for the wounded self to act as if it’s open to learning, while having a subtle controlling agenda under the open exterior.

If you practice getting a clear image of your own wonderful essence, you will have an easier time receiving information about what is loving to you.

A major part of the Inner Bonding process is getting to know your true Self with the help of your higher self. Unless you know and greatly value who you really are, you might not be very motivated to take loving care of yourself. When you get who you really are - a perfect individual expression of the Love-that-is-God who has come here to evolve in love and fully express the gifts of your soul - you will likely be highly motivated to accept the sacred privilege of learning to take loving care of your Self each and every moment. And your higher self is always here to offer you the love and information you need.


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