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The Loving Action Revolution

By Dr. Margaret Paul
December 04, 2016

Join me in the Loving Action Revolution!

An outer space view of the Earth. The headline reads LOVING ACTION REVOLUTION.

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." ~ Dalai Lama

Our planet and our society are in bad shape:

  • We are draining our resources
  • We are polluting our water, oceans and air
  • Climate change is causing huge problems
  • Our soil is getting eroded and devitalized
  • Much of our food supply is empty of nutrients, and filled with harmful pesticides, hormones and other non-food additives
  • People are getting sicker – with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, auto-immune diseases, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's
  • Our children are getting ADD, ADHD, autism and learning disorders at an alarming rate
  • Mass murders are on the increase, and every mass murderer has been on psychotropic drugs
  • Millions are starving
  • Many are tortured
  • Families are fractured
  • Crime is rampant
  • Prisons and jails are full of non-violent offenders
  • Violence and sexual abuse is rampant in families
  • Women still earn less than men for the same work
  • Our political system is corrupt
  • Our banks are corrupt
  • The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer
  • Many are on drugs for anxiety and depression
  • Addictive behavior is rampant
  • We are disconnected from ourselves and from each other
  • Racism and sexism are rampant
  • Many are over-stressed and scared
  • Our education system is sorely lacking

It's time for a revolution.

The Loving Action Revolution

I have set up a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group for the Loving Action Revolution. My thoughts about a revolution are about each of us shifting our inner focus. What could happen if each one of us begins to ask this question regarding everything we do?

"Is this action supportive of my highest good and the highest good of all, or is it self-serving, coming from fear, greed and/or a desire to control others?"

Would you go to the Page -, and the Group -, and take this pledge?

Would the above problems that our planet currently faces be issues, if every person was consistently asking this question and following through with loving action?

This revolution is about each of us renewing our commitment and developing the habit of asking this question throughout the day regarding actions toward ourselves, toward others and toward the planet. If each of us practices this with every action – every choice - we can heal our society and our planet. Change needs to happen from within each of us.

This revolution is about each person getting into the habit of focusing on loving actions, moment-by-moment.

  • If more of the people in the food, drug, banking and insurance industries were asking this question, everything could change.
  • If politicians asked this question, real loving action could be the norm.
  • If parents were asking this question, abuse could stop.
  • If partners asked this question, families could heal.
  • If teachers were asking this question, schools could be places kids loved to be.
  • If cultures asked this question, war, poverty, racism and sexism could cease, or at least be greatly diminished

I'm asking for your help in spreading the Loving Action Revolution by:

  • Liking the Facebook Page and joining the group and taking this pledge.
  • Share it with your friends.
  • Share loving actions you've taken and share actions others have taken. We all need inspiring stories.
  • Continue to do your own Inner Bonding work to become inwardly loving and connected enough with yourself to want to share your love with others.

I hope you join me!


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Since we cannot know what the next moment will bring, why not be fully in this moment? When we spend our energy in the past and future, we miss the fullness of the now. Today, focus on your present inner experience.


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Since we cannot know what the next moment will bring, why not be fully in this moment? When we spend our energy in the past and future, we miss the fullness of the now. Today, focus on your present inner experience.



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