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Intent: A Secret to Manifestation

By Dr. Margaret Paul
February 26, 2024

Have you been trying hard to think positively, yet remain stuck in your life? Are you frustrated that nothing you try is working to manifest what you want?

manifesting abundanceMost people have heard of the Law of Attraction, which states that like attracts like. Many people on a spiritual path are attempting to think the thoughts that create inner peace and joy and to manifest their dreams, and they are attempting to avoid the thoughts that create anxiety, depression, stress, and fear. Yet many people – including people who have studied "A Course in Miracles" and the Abraham/Hick work - find that they can't seem to stop thinking the thoughts that create pain and misery. Even knowing that they may be attracting that which they don't want with their negative thinking, they can't seem to change it. 

The Primary Reason for this Difficulty is Being Unconscious About Their True Intent

Cole, in his early 60s, had been on a spiritual path for many years. He had attended meditation retreats, had years of therapy, and read all the latest self-help books. Yet his life was stuck. His marriage of five years was heading for divorce. His business was not getting anywhere.

Cole was a deeply discouraged man when he first consulted with me for Inner Bonding facilitation.

"Nothing has worked so far, so I really don't have much faith that Inner Bonding is going to work for me either."

Within the first couple of sessions, it became clear to me that all of Cole's work had been coming from his ego wounded self. He was deeply intent on having control and not being controlled. His behavior in his relationships with both his wife and his employees was righteous, judgmental - sometimes compliant on the one hand, and resistant on the other hand. He wanted control over how others felt about him, while also having control over not being controlled by others. He thought of himself as being a kind and caring loving adult, yet all his behavior was coming from his wounded self with his desire to control and not be controlled. Unconsciously, control and resistance were his gods. It was his intent to control that was causing Cole to be stuck.

Intent is the Key

There is a huge energetic difference between an intent to control and resist being controlled - coming from the wounded self - and an intent to learn about loving yourself and others - coming from the loving adult. No matter how often you try to think positively, if your underlying intent is to control, you will end up feeling stuck. It is also not enough to attempt to surrender control, as even this can be a form of control. If your goal is ultimately to have control over getting something externally, rather than to be loving to yourself and with others, you will end up feeling frustrated with your efforts.

On the other hand, when your intent is to learn with your higher guidance about what is loving to you and to others, you will learn to think and behave in ways that are deeply in alignment with your true soul self. When you are consistently intent on learning about love, you will not only find the peace and joy that are the natural results of living in alignment with your soul, but you will also be able to manifest your dreams. Manifestation occurs when you are in alignment with love, but if your goal is control over manifestation, it will elude you.

So, if you feel stuck in your life and if you feel frustrated, sad, alone, angry, depressed, and anxious, look to your intent. The chances are that control and resistance are your priority, rather than learning about loving yourself and sharing your love with others.

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