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The Best Gift You Can Give Your Inner Child

By Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC
December 31, 2006

In this article, therapist Shelley Riutta shares her experience of attending and assisting at a 5-Day Inner Bonding Intensive.

It is day three of the Intensive - I'm looking around and everybody looks so different from when they first arrived. Faces are more relaxed and open - there are more smiles and a sense of lightness and peace. The protectiveness of the wounded self is dropping away and people are getting that wonderful experience of being in their core essence.

What is key here is being in their core essence within a group of people, a place where they can be seen for who they really are. So often in groups people are in their wounded selves using various methods to control how others feel about them - trying to be perfect, saying the right thing, being nice, talking a lot, talking very little, etc.

To be in an environment that shows you and supports you to be who you truly are is one of the many gifts of attending a 5 day Inner Bonding Intensive. How many places can you go and have an environment that supports you to be incredibly loving with yourself and supports you to open up more fully to the love of your spiritual guidance? I recommend to all of my clients that they do whatever they can to attend a 5-day Inner Bonding Intensive. The 5-day immersion in the Inner Bonding process in a supportive, loving environment is the best way to get the deepest experience of the gifts of Inner Bonding.

Having the Intensive experience of deep connection with your Inner Child and your Loving Guidance for 5 days is something that gets absorbed at a cellular level, which you can carry with you into your life. The experience can serve as a touchstone for you to remember what it feels like to be in your core essence and also as a touchstone for deep support for loving yourself. After leaving the Intensive, you are much more likely to catch yourself going into wounded patterns that are unloving because you have had a deep experience of being loving.

Another one of the gifts of an IB Intensive is a deep healing of the wounded self.The level of safety and support at the Intensive allows for access to memories that may not surface in your daily IB process.I remember at my 2nd Intensive I was being held as I was watching the session in the center of the circle. I was feeling deeply relaxed and very safe - in that space I had the most vivid memory of my beloved maternal Grandmother. It was a memory of eating ice cream with her at her favorite ice cream place - I was 5 years old - I was there again feeling the love of my Grandmother, the sounds of the people talking around us, the rich color of the wooden booths, the sweet taste of the chocolate covering the ice cream.That memory was a gateway into a deep healing around food for me - associating sweets with the love from my Grandmother. There are memories/feelings that often will not surface until the child within feels a deep level of safety and support.

When is a good time to attend an Intensive? Anytime you want to move into a deeper level of loving yourself. Oftentimes people attend when they are stuck in their life in general - or stuck in a specific area - relationships, parenting, work, self-worth, inability to manifest ones dreams, confusion about future direction in life. Sometimes people attend when they are making a big transition in theirlife. Attending helps to take you to a whole different level in your IB process. The frequency during an intensive is extremely high due to the strong intention and love of the group and also the high frequency of the physical location where the Intensives are held. Because of this you will have experiences with your Inner Child and Guidance that will open you up to profound insight and wisdom that can move you to new levels of joy and freedom in your life.

Another gift is there is always a wonderful divine orchestration that unfolds during intensives. The right people come together to help facilitate each others healing in ways that are miraculous. Examples of this are: the person working in the center does a piece of work that mirrors your own issues or the work they do touches off a profound insight or memory for you.Or someone in the group reminds you of someone you need to do some healing work around. An example for me was in the 2nd Intensive I mentioned earlier the woman who was my room-mate looked so much like my maternal Grandmother and had a similar energy! Attending an Intensive is one of the most profound loving actions for your child. When you take the step forward to move towards healing - Spirit steps forward too in ways that are unimaginable. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC is a psychotherapist in private practice specializing in Inner Bonding, Breathwork and Life Coaching. Shelley has written articles and given presentations/workshops on Inner Bonding, Breathwork and Joy. She has been supporting people's light and passion to shine since 1994.


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The highest experience in life is to share a circle of love. A circle of love occurs when your heart is open with another whose heart is also open. A circle of love replenishes the soul. Today, create a circle of love with Spirit, nature, animals and with people who are available to sharing love with you.



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