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Winter Solstice, a Symbol for Healing

By Nancy Swisher
December 31, 2006

The longest dark of the Winter Solstice is a time to give birth to our Self once again, to the light within us.

The winter solstice is the night of the longest dark before the returning of the light. In Greek mythology, it is the time when the goddess Inanna begins her return from the underworld, from death to light, into greater awareness.While in the underworld, Inanna loses part of her worldly power, but gains a deeper wisdom and connection to her soul. When she returns to the light, she is changed.

The longest dark is a time to give birth to our Self once again, to the light within us.

This day is a powerful symbol for those of us on a conscious healing path, one where we intend to open more and more to the light and essence of our being, to act from there, rather than from the wounded places within us where there is no light. It is a time to honor the dark places, however, for without going into the underworld we cannot return as wiser more soulful people.

This is a day to create your life. To consciously make a choice about your purpose, your path, and your goodness. To stop hiding in the darkness, yet honor the dark places because it is from those places that we are born, that we are recreated.

Celebrate.Quietly light a candle. Speak lovingly to your self. Whisper your new soul secrets into the light, into the world.

Nancy Swisher is a Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator, writer, and workshop leader.


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