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Healing Inertia

By Nancy Swisher
December 31, 2006

By practicing Inner Bonding daily, inertia can be healed - it can be understood, embraced, and finally NOT chosen.

The definition of' inertia" is: a tendency to remain in a fixed condition without change, disinclination to act. Becoming inert is a common response of a child to overwhelming experiences such as neglect, death of a parent, abuse of any kind. It can feel safe to become inert, and in fact during abuse itself the experience of powerlessness renders the child inert.

So for adults who have experienced an event early in life which created the energy of inertia in the body/mind, the healing journey will no doubt bring up the inertia once again. This will happen especially when life begins to change in positive ways, when greater challenges and risks present themselves. When opportunity for transformation and being bigger in your life is the next thing to do.

Einstein said, "Nothing happens without action." Think about that. If nothing happens without action then being inert would be a terrifying experience because if nothing happens we would never become who we are meant to become in our life.

So how to heal inertia? You can't ignore it. Or can you?

It has been my experience using the Inner Bonding process that my wounded child who became inert many years ago had some important information for me, the Loving Adult, in terms of false beliefs I was still acting from in my life. She also had some important information about what actually happened, things that I had not remembered. This kind of work, which I call trauma and memory work is important in order to comprehend who we are in relation to what we have experienced.

But we are much more than what we have experienced when viewing our Self on a soul level. On the soul level there is no inertia. On a soul level there is only our purpose and joy to manifest during our life.

But the inertia part, or inert child, becomes afraid to be Big, of manifesting Light, partly due to the response early on of being belittled, shamed, or worse when she expressed herself from that Essence place.

"Nothing happens without action." Healing inertia requires action no matter what. Healing inertia requires making your purpose more important than anything else.

So once you have dialogued with your wounded inert child, and loved her and received any relevant information for your soul's journey, it's time to MOVE.

By practicing Inner Bonding daily, inertia can be healed - it can be understood, embraced, and finally NOT chosen.

Nancy Swisher, MFA is a Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator and writer. She can be reached at 413-655-0102 or


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