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Research indicates that happy people create happy relationships, not the other way around! If you believe you need a relationship to be happy, or the "right" relationship, you may stay stuck being unhappy. Unhappy people either don't get into relationships, or often create unhappy relationships. Put your energy into making yourself happy and then see what happens!


Personal Development

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FreeSeminar.com Discover the many seminars that are offered through this site.
Law of Attraction Info Informational site about the Law of Attraction. Learn how to attract what you want in life using this Universal Law. Free e-books, articles, free e-zine, Magnetic News! and quality resources.
All Things Frugal All Things Frugal - Your Resource for Frugal Living
Rapidly Eliminate Public Speaking Fear Allan and Allan are exciting speakers who specialize in working with business professionals to rapidly reduce and eliminate performance blocks such as presentation anxieties.
Innervoice Feeling lost? InnerVoice.com's goal is to provide the tools that will helpyou discover your spiritual pathway in life. Please visit our website and begin your journey home.
The Simple Living Network The Simple Living Network provides tools, examples and contacts for conscious, simple, healthy and restorative living. Our web site includes a free Newsletter, SimpleRadio Program, Discussion Forums, a database of voluntary simplicity study groups and circles, links to other web sites and highlights of 750 simplicity related resources.
Create A Life That Tickles Your Soul A site for anyone who wants to live a more meaningful life. Get unstuck, move out of a rut, or create more of what you want in life! Free motivational newsletter, self-development articles, and many more resources.
Earth Healing Institute What is it, that when you are thinking it, you express your full potential and time stands still? Your secret fantasies are reflected in your mind patterns and out into your everyday life. Move from a mediocre existence into living in productive play! You do deserve to be you - fully you!
Optimal Thinking Discover the simple mental resource to maximize your personal and business life. When you rise above positive thinking and optimize your thinking, you can enjoy the best life has to offer!
The Confidence Center Harriet Meyerson, The Confidence Center - Free e-zine features "Low cost ways to raise morale & confidence - fast." - Free articles on employee effectiveness and personal confidence. Free articles for your newsletters. Free daily morale boosters.
SelfImprovementNewsletters.com SelfImprovementNewsletters.com provides one of the most complete collections of Free Newsletters for Self Improvement and Personal Growth on the internet.
Self Esteem World Free self esteem building exercises and tools. Download them today for free!
ConfidenceWorld FREE confidence building exercises, tools and resources.
Want to Get Motivated? Get your free Motivation123 Idea-Kit, free motivation newsletter, and hundreds of quick and easy tips to help you reach your goals and improve your attitude.
Inspiration Line A weekly e-mail magazine for people seeking encouragement and fresh perspectives. Our intent is to inspire through motivational stories, poems and uplifting quotes, while balanced with lighthearted humor, historic wonders, interesting news and helpful tips on relationship skills, health issues, world travel and more.
Conscious & Creative Living Robert Gerzon, nationally-known author of "Finding Serenity in the Age of Anxiety," is a holistic psychotherapist, life coach and spiritual mentor who offers highly-effective personal growth, spirituality and relationship resources.
Body Language Decoding, Self Hypnosis, Life Coaching Learn from the concepts of Aikido, NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, and benefit from self hypnosis and other Seishindo Practices by visiting our site and subscribing to Charlie Badenhop's complimentary newsletter for individuals and professionals.
Total Wellness Free download of Personal Development eBooks, eCourses and software.
Averi, Malibu's Resident Psychic For more than 30 years, thousands of people worldwide-including Fortune 500 Executives, Hollywood celebrities, Congressmen and U.S Presidents-have sought out Averi's psychic guidance and powerful insights to enrich their careers and personal lives.
San Blas Yoga Retreats Enjoy hatha yoga, a cleansing vegetarian diet and adventure travel in a beautiful tropical paradise near San Blas, Mexico.
Sue William Silverman Sue William Silverman is the author of two memoirs, "Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You" (University of Georgia Press) and "Love Sick: One Woman's Journey Through Sexual Addiction" (W. W. Norton).
Improve Your Self Esteem and Self Help for Adults Where adults can find the tools they need to improve their self esteem. If you have found you are in a job that you do not like or your relationships are not what you wish they were. We can help you find the true nature of your problems, low self esteem. We then can help you build the self you have always wanted, confident, powerful, and respected.
Stress Less Country Living - a lifestyle change A collection of quotes, stories, thoughts, inspirational poems and links for you to reflect on to help you have less stress in your life.
Porn Free Free yourself from sexual addiction and internet pornography. Learn the ways the sex and porn addict can attain freedom from cybersex and cyberporn addiction.
Deena Douglas Advanced Energy Healing & Coaching Energy Coaching integrates life coaching with energy healing techniques to free you from self-defeating beliefs and patterns in your energy system, so you more naturally and easily make changes and create the life you desire.
Earnestworker Earnestworker.net is in the business of promoting higher awareness, personal development and self-mastery while creating and maintaining a safe and secure Internet environment for all.
Soul's Self Help Central A very extensive site that has a wealth of information to assist those in their journeys of recovery from sexual abuse, various personality disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder, email support lists, articles, and much more.
SUCCESS Manifesto for Students Get a free copy of the bestselling book, The Student Success Manifesto: How to Create a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity. It has received rave reviews from students, teachers, professionals and mega-bestselling authors.
Life Transitions, ........ personal coaching with a focus on life transitions, dealing with menopause, life purpose in the 2. half of life and earth-centered healing. Some internet based workshops are offered.
Affirmations for Positive Living Mind, Body, Spirit Affirmations for better Health, Inner Peace, Improved Self-Esteem and Prosperity. Discover the power of Positive Thinking to create the life you desire. Two bonus e-books when you order - A Guide to Successfully Setting Goals, and 101 Ways to Build Happy Relationships.
Emotional Sobriety In 1958 Bill W. wrote an article called THE NEXT FRONTIER: EMOTIONAL SOBRIETY. In it he talks about having to break our emotional depedencies on people, places and things. This is one way to see how Inner Bonding fits in with the 12 steps.
Womens Selfesteem.com We offer you Live self esteem and Confidence Chat at D's Bistro for women, Forum, self-esteem and Confidence tips, live help, Quotes, self esteem Articles, Abuse and Survival, information and questions answered on The Female Body and much more! And it's all FREE!
Footscapes Advice. Off-beat consultant. Fun site that offers logic, options and humor to assist individuals with common daily issues. The site is just launching and will offer more resources and "counseling" resources than are currently present. E-classes will return summer and fall of 2006.
Addiction Recovery Services We are Addiction Treatment Consultants with a unique approach to Treatment in Essex, UK and in Marbella, Spain we are running Spiitual & Emotional Growth retreats for those already begun the recovery process.
Boost your Self-Esteem Boost your self esteem through awareness with articles, free resources, recommended books and more
Second Chance to Live Second Chance to Live presents topics, concepts and practical solutions for living life on lifes terms. Your circumstances are not meant to hold you down, but to build you up.
allyouwant The Site That Says It All
Life Path Profiles

Life Path Profiles, as created by Shaina Noll, offer what might best be described as a map of your life's journey. They provide insights into the nature of your inner life, as well as your more external expressions. i.e. work, relationships, creativity and family.

Reflective of Shaina's orientation to ongoing inner process, the Life Path Profiles are process-oriented, i.e. they are intended to illuminate and support your personal journey of healing and spiritual awakening. They are not about predicting the future, but about clarifying the potentials, opportunities and challenges of your particular path, offering insights and tools that can be useful along the way. The Profiles are, above all, oriented to supporting you in deepening your trust and acceptance of what is, now, in your life.

Details, including the format of the Profile, a sample, reviews and more are available by visiting Shaina's website at this link: http://www.shainanoll.com/profiles/lppdesc.html

Gail Larsen's Real Speaking

Give voice to your purpose, passion and power with Gail Larsen's Real Speaking. Especially recommended by Dr. Margaret Paul, who attended this training and reports, "My publisher Harper-Collins referred me to develop my speaking skills, and I ended up with a life changing experience. It transformed by whole experience of speaking from enduring it to really enjoying it." Gail is a presentations coach to celebrities, authors, professional speakers and business leaders, and will support you in extending your real voice into the world with confidence, clarity, and conviction.

Building self esteem through awareness Building self esteem, self-help.Free articles, quiz, inspirational quotes, recommended books and more.
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