Organizations for Growth and Education

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The Learning Annex Discover the vast array of courses presented at The Learning Annex. Margaret Paul is a regular presenter in Los Angeles and San Diego.
The Association for Humanistic Psychology The Association for Humanistic Psychology is an international community of people with diverse talents and interests who are dedicated to the exploration and healing of the human mind, body and soul and to building a society that advances our ability to choose, grow and create. They put on wonderful conferences. Margaret Paul is a member and has been a frequent presenter at conferences.
The California Institute of Integral Studies The California Institute of Integral Studies is a school in the San Francisco area that also offers wonderful public probrams. Margaret Paul periodically presents her workshop here.
The Institute of Noetic Sciences The Institute is a nonprofit research, education, and membership organization whose purpose is to support research and education on consciousness, human potential, and personal and social transformation. Margaret Paul is a member.
The Association for Transpersonal Psychology The Association for Transpersonal Psychology exists to advance theory, research, and practice in transpersonal psychology. It does this through an ongoing inquiry into the transpersonal aspects of life, society, and culture. Margaret Paul is a member.
Marriage Enrichment Ministry of Family Dynamics Institute Pro-Family ministry that trains church leaders, counselors and lay couples to lead marriage-enrichment classes.
'Every Act of Business Can Be An Act of Love'

I want to introduce you to a friend and trusted resource that I've been close to for a while. If you're starting or running a business, Mark Silver and the team at Heart of Business have amazing resources and a robust Community of heart-centered entrepreneurs. At Heart of Business they believe that every act of business can be an act of love. Since 2001 they've helping thousands of self-employed and small business owners make a real living at what they love without losing their hearts in the process. I'm signed up for their newsletter, and it's one of the very few I read every week. They're also sharing a really helpful video about the stages of business when you sign up. If you're wanting to grow your business and make a profit without losing your heart - please check them out. They're good people. It's easy to sign up and if you don't like it, very easy to unsubscribe. I hope you'll give them a look.

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Daily Inspiration

Who makes your decisions - your wounded self or your loving Adult? You might want to notice that decisions made from your wounded self never turn out well. You will always be guided toward your highest good when your loving Adult is open to learning with Spirit about what is truly loving to you.