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Your Inner GPS

By Phyllis
June 12, 2008

How do guidance and feelings go together? Learn how Inner Bonding helps you access your own inner GPS.

When we were born, we began a journey thru our inner landscape.  Growing up is the process of learning to navigate this landscape.  In an ideal situation, with parents who have learned their lessons well, we are taught the wonderful ways in which we can travel to the wonderful places that exist inside ourselves.  When our parents are too wounded to help us, what we learn is how to steer ourselves into horrible, painful, terrifying places.  Inner Bonding allows us the choice of learning to navigate towards inner peace and joy instead.  It is a fundamental truth that we all have this place of peace and joy within us; some call it the God within.  If you cannot believe that it exists then it is very hard to change your navigation system, but maybe you are not sure and willing to find out.

I believe that we all have an inner GPS system for navigation.  It is our own.  No one can navigate for us, because our inner landscape is totally unique and no one else can know what is in it.   No one can give us a map either, because no one else’s map will work for us.  It is fundamental to understand that once we grow up, we are the ones who are “driving.”  That is hard for many to accept.  Like a GPS, the system has two components, the one that tells us where we are and the other that gives us directions towards where we want to go.  The first is our feelings, of course, and they tell us if we are headed in the right direction because if we feel more anxious or more ashamed or more unlovable, we are not.  No GPS can work without this information.  The second is our guidance which tells us what the right direction is.  Like a GPS, our guidance never loses patience with us and continues to supply us with directions no matter which way we have turned.   We may turn it off or we may ignore it, but that makes it very unlikely that we will find our way.  We may even have a hard time figuring out how to turn it on, but unless we decide that the GPS unit is defective and give up, we will eventually, maybe with help from others, figure out how to turn it on.

For people trying to learn Inner Bonding there are some fundamental decisions to be made.  Here are some of them.

1.       Does this place of inner peace and joy exist inside me?

2.       Do I really have the right to go there?  

3.       Does everyone really have an inner GPS?

4.       Will I get there if I follow my GPS?

5.       Do I actually want to go there?

6.       Am I willing to do the driving?

7.       Am I willing to trust my GPS?

Inner Bonding is a way to learn to use and trust the inner GPS, even when the road is rough and the weather bad.  I believe very strongly that if we truly allow ourselves to believe that this place of peace and joy exists and that we do have the right to go there, most people would be willing to do what it takes to learn to navigate.  The site, the books, the facilitators, the intensives are all here to help people learn exactly that, how to use their own GPS.  Seeing that others can learn to navigate helps us believe that we too can steer towards inner peace and joy.  But everyone has to take the risk of trying it.  You can always go back to being completely lost if you change your mind.




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Perfectionism is a form of control. "If I am perfect, then I can have control over how others feel about me and treat me." Life becomes much easier and more fun when we let go of having to be perfect and allow ourselves to be human.


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Perfectionism is a form of control. "If I am perfect, then I can have control over how others feel about me and treat me." Life becomes much easier and more fun when we let go of having to be perfect and allow ourselves to be human.



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