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Recovering Our Creativity is Serious Business

By Dana Wilde
April 06, 2009

Do you devalue and shut-down your natural creativity and authentic self-expression? It is important to recover and reclaim your relationship with these because they are part of overall integrity, self-love, and enjoyment of life. Without these, we cannot improve our world.

 I have met people over the years who reveal to me that they have old drawings, paintings, writing, and dances that are abandoned in some musty old box - and deep in their bodies and hearts. I know people who learned to believe that they "aren't creative" or are "bad at art." I know artists who excel in one form, and are DYING to express themselves through a different form - but are terrified of being an adult beginner.

It is also very common for professional and big-time artists to never really express or reveal themselves authentically, in their art.  Instead, they ardently and skillfully fill-in prescribed technical/cultural templates in order to "succeed" in their market and look sophisticated.

This is heartbreaking! This pattern of self-abandonment and squashing of our true voice is due to how our families, schools, and culture mistreat our natural creativity and artistic skills - based on generations of similar attitudes and misunderstandings about the source, function, and value of it. 

Thankfully, it is TOTALLY possible to heal/recover our creativity and self-esteem as adults. 

We can and must do this inner work as things like arts programming and outdoor-time are cut from schools (!?).  Children are not born to become little heartless BATTERIES for an economy and culture that devalues their very essence. People, we actually get to decide whether or not we live in "The Matrix"!

When we repair and advocate for our own connection to creation/creativity, we role-model for our peers and for kids how to authentically enjoy life, express the soul, relate to the natural world, and MEET life's contemporary challenges with heart and integrity.

Integrity = integrate = make whole.  Let's re-integrate our expressive, intuitive, curious, passionate, purposeful souls into everyday life.

I know of and have used lots of tools and resources to help in my own process of doing just that -- and I can say that the Inner Bonding process and Inner Bonding counseling has been the most effective and transformational foundation for everything else (including and especially my evolving artwork).

So if you needed another reason to explore or stick with Inner Bonding, try this on for size:  Inner Bonding helps you gain access to your own intuitive genius, your own unique poetry, your own colorful heart and SOUL! And whether it's for you to express as some kind of "art," or in another way altogether is something you get to discover for yourself.
Dana offers Inner Bonding support and Expressive Arts sessions & workshops. She also offers presentations, exhibits, and artistic residencies with themes around healing, creativity, personal growth, and expressive art.

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When the time comes that I am no longer bonded by my beliefs but begin to feel shackled to them, then they are the beliefs of someone else that I have been sentenced to.


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When the time comes that I am no longer bonded by my beliefs but begin to feel shackled to them, then they are the beliefs of someone else that I have been sentenced to.



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