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Today, notice which part of you is in charge - your programmed mind or your higher mind. When your programmed mind - your wounded self - is in charge, you will likely feel stressed. When your higher mind - your loving Adult connected with your Guidance - is in charge, you will likely feel peace and joy.


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Healing Your Relationship to Language

By Nancy Swisher
December 06, 2010

Our words have the power to create our world, and they do! But are we allowing the full embodiment of our Spirit to merge with our words? Or do we still feel uncertain, hesitant, and not quite good enough to fully express our Self?

Words are not just tools to ‘get things done’ or ‘make something happen’, such as when we say Pass the butter at the dinner table.  That is one use of words, the most common.  In fact, most people do not realize the power of their relationship to language, to words, to the word.
Yet it is absolutely essential to understand this relationship between your Spirit and the word if you are to live a soul-aligned life.

What were your first words?  Da da?  Ma ma?  Hot?  How did your family use language?  Did they listen to you?  Did they listen to one another?  Were you criticized for how you expressed yourself?  When you learned to write, did teachers judge your expression in such a way that words felt separate from you?

Your word is not separate (though is may feel that way.)  Your words hold the power to create your world.  But unless you understand this power, unless you take time to heal your connection to language itself, through loving both you and your linguistic expression, you will keep thinking that someone else has the answers to your life, when all along, they are within you, waiting for you to give them expression.

This is how powerful your word is.  When you learn to create a space for healing the wound between you and your words, the innate power and wisdom that reside inside you will come to the surface.  You will feel YOU in the most powerful, delightful way possible.

Indeed, your consciousness will imbue your language to form a union of love and self-expression leading to the manifestation of your soul purpose.

To guide you in this process, I have created a simple class (audio product) on “How to Keep a Spiritual Journal”, (click here for info) which guides you in a step by step process for healing the disconnect between you and your unique expression with words.  To get started right now, however, just make the commitment to honor and recognize the power of each word you speak or write on this day.  And yes, this includes the words you speak to yourself inside your head!  


 2010 Nancy Swisher
Nancy Swisher, MA, MFA is a Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator, Transformation Catalyst, writer and artist.  She leads transformational teleclasses, works individually with clients world-wide, and can be reached at http://choosingselflove.com.


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