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Often, when you feel anxious and stressed, it is because you are trying to control something you cannot control. The moment you choose to surrender - to "Let go and let God", you will notice that the anxiety and stress release.


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Role Play: The Truth Will Set You Debt-Free!

By Suzi Korsak
January 10, 2012

Have you ever felt you were living an inauthentic life? Following others ideas of who you should be and what will make you happy? Discover how Inner Bonding helps you find your truth and set you free to live the life meant only for you!

"There are thousands and thousands of people out there living lives of quiet, screaming desperation who work long, hard hours, at jobs they hate, to enable them to buy things they don't need to impress people they don't like." -Nigel Marsh

            I watched a man on the Suze Orman show last night that was asking how to get out of his credit card debt as he keeps transferring his balance to 0% cards. Suze asked "Why are you unable to pay it off?" and he answered "Because I keep adding to it by buying new things." And she asked "why?" and he said "so I can have what I want." And she said "why?" "Because I want to have what other people have." "Why?" "So I can be accepted," and then Suze said in effect he already knows why he hasn't paid off the debt....and if this were Inner Bonding I might even ask "What is your reason for asking me?"

            So in this day and age of high unemployment, foreclosures, and other financial frustrations many have come face to face with their own form of addictions as they have not been able to earn as they have, often previously unaware of this form of numbing difficult feelings. This man clearly knew his answer, but his good reasons for staying in debt kept him stuck despite the 0% interest. Beyond Suze's whys were his beliefs and as he uncovered his beliefs this man could then move into an Inner Bonding Process;

            Step One: Move into your body and feel your feelings

If I imagine myself in this place, and in my 20's and 30's after divorce that I found myself here....I would feel anxious, scared, frustrated and looking for someone to bail me out...

            Step Two: Move into a compassionate intention to learn

Can I have compassion for my part of the creation of this problem? Can I accept what is happening or has happened from a compassionate place? Do I want to take responsibility to learn about myself and my actions? These questions help me open to learning, finding the place where I can learn my beliefs and then move to learning the truth.

            Step Three: Dialogue with my Wounded Self and Inner Child

What am I doing or telling you that is causing the anxiety? In this place Suze Orman's whys would come in handy. I want to discover why I feel the need to have more things and why I feel I need them to the point of keeping me stuck in debt. I might want to fit in. I might want to be thought of as being in a particular class of people. I might want people to think I'm important.....I could also be satisfying a need to not feel sad in the moment...a temporary distraction (but that we'll find out in Step Four.)

            Step Four: Dialogue with Guidance

Here I'm going to take all of my reasons, my beliefs and challenges and bring them to the light. That's what guidance is to me, putting the light on with love to see the truth about the beliefs and reasons. So I might find I've been living my life for others because I want their approval....but Spirit gently reminds me the truth is I am needing love, and that love is available to me...and I won't find it in things or approval of others....or it might be that I am avoiding a feeling by having the temporary joy of a new purchase....Spirit gently tells me my loving action is to recognize the feeling and with compassion learn what I can do to be more loving toward myself.

            Step Five: Take Loving Action

In this step, I am going to follow through with what I discovered along the way with my Guidance. Although this step is simple in its definition, is often the one we have the most trouble...and the one that actually brings us to trust and peace. If I find myself stuck and not taking the loving action...I bring compassion in, and find the reasons I am not taking the action...have the dialogue again, as I might have missed a belief that keeps me stuck. I can ask "is it loving to me to make this purchase?" before I create more debt.

            Step Six: Evaluate

How am I feeling now? Did that create more trust? A more loving environment? Am I in alignment with my soul's journey and purpose...The more I practice...the more this is true.

            Inner Bonding is your ticket out of frustration, anxiety and doubt. These six steps bring you to the truth, and as it is often said the truth will set you free...and what is also true it can set you debt-free!


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