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Out of Your Rut and Back Into Your Groove

By Suzi Korsak
March 07, 2012

Ruts happen....Inner Bonding is the way back into your creative groove!

Ruts happen to all of us. Thought patterns that keep us stuck in a holding pattern of usually very difficult thoughts. Running dialogues go something like this;
I can never change.
My life is always going to be difficult
I can't manage this ______________.
I did it again!

These are patterns of thought run by our conscious and seemingly unconscious intentions. The patterns are also called beliefs, but all beliefs begin with an intention. If you find you are in a rut, as yourself about your beliefs and patterns of thoughts. Where do they originate? Was I trying to control something? someone's thoughts about me? an outcome of a discussion? not willing to accept an outcome? Often patterns of trying to control are at the heart of being "stuck". What was my intention? What is the fear that is driving my decisions.

You have another choice. The other choice is love. What would be loving for me in this moment? Then you have another choice. Will I be loving and take this loving action....or will I continue to choose my fear based intention to control? The choice is not a one time choice, but a moment by moment choice. A rut does not occur from one choice, but choices to live in the intention to control or protect....over and over and over again. You are the driver, and your intention is the steering wheel...which way would you like to turn the wheel...trusting fear is your way out of the rut? or trusting that love will move you out of the rut an into peace?

Inner Bonding is your path out of the rut. Step 2: Move into a compassionate intention to learn. In this step we are consciously making the choice as we go through the steps, am I willing to steer away from control and into love and learning. After I check into my body in Step 1, if I feel tension, anxiety, or any other feeling that lets me know I am in fear, I can choose in that moment to let the fear drive me, or I can choose a new intention to learn about why the fear is there. In that moment I choose to learn I can choose a new destiny that doesn't leave me stuck, and allows my creativity to flow as I connect to my Inner Child and my Guidance for my most loving path. I can then be back into the groove of being and living my very best life.


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