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Often, when you feel anxious and stressed, it is because you are trying to control something you cannot control. The moment you choose to surrender - to "Let go and let God", you will notice that the anxiety and stress release.


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Naked Soul: The Emperorís Clothes

By Sharon Pearson
June 24, 2013

What if others can see our defenses more clearly than we can see them ourselves?

Some strut, some glide, some wiggle down the path of their lives.  All of us are wearing “defensive armor” at least some of the time.  What we do not realize is that most of that armor, most of the time, is transparent, even when we think we have it painted securely in Camouflage Green, Wall Street Suit, or Beach Baby Cool.
Maybe you remember the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes” -- The poor rich ruler who struts down the street in the foolish notion that he is wearing finery that indicates his status and security?  But the truth is that he is naked and everybody sees that but him.  He has allowed a clothier to convince him that he is wearing high fashion, designer robes!  Sadly, and all too often, our Wounded Selves attempt to be “clothed” in such a way as to control others experience or perceptions of ourselves. But, the truth is that others can often see that we are all walking around  -- well -- pretty much NAKED!
Perhaps those around us cannot put a finger on what exactly they are sensing is wrong.  But, they know something is wrong with our self-presentation.  They see through the gauze, the rips, the careful dressing we have placed over our wounds.  We are horrified to think that we may have a button undone, a fly unzipped, or some other defect in the clothing we wear each day.  We are fearful of being shamed because we are not perfect.  We strive to compensate and cover what we suspect is unacceptable or what will make us vulnerable.  We fear the shark frenzy of the “crowd” or the well-placed knife in our back and so we ever more carefully dress for battle.
What if the only foolishness involved is that we believe we can hide and that we can control other’s opinions of us by carefully construed phrases, particularly trussed appearances, or perfectly prepared presentations?  What if others can see our defenses more clearly than we can see them ourselves?  What if we could all be at the mercy of… LOVE?
Love is the only force that can heal our shame and our fear.  Only acting in and out of the Love that brings us into being, knows the truth of our value, accepts our weaknesses and encourages our strengths, and invites us to be all we can be, but never demands perfection… only that kind of Love can dress our Souls in splendor.  What if we really are not at the mercy of hate and greed and fear?  What if we have a choice?  What if we choose to be only at the mercy of LOVE?
Its not a matter of saying “Let’ Get Naked!”  We already are.  We came in that way.  We go out that way.  We are that way.  Here’s to a little courage and wisdom to see the truth about our “dress,” and to dress each day, only in Love.  It might be a little more humble than our ego would like, less “secure” than our survival strategies demand, a little more real than our illusions can bear.  But, really, to do otherwise is to waste a lot of effort and it really is lovely to run in the sun in only your buns!  I have done that only once, literally, and as the only person on 360 acres—so, don’t start any rumors! Oh, wait!  We are all “NAKED”!  Say what you will!


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