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Reminders from Spirit: Be Who You Are

By Mark Lersch
July 19, 2016

This little article is really just my spiritual connection speaking to me. However, I thought I would post this to see if it might also be helpful to others during these very tumultuous and challenging times! Take what is helpful and leave the rest. Blessings, Mark

A point of view shot of a bridge that leads to the sunlight. You were meant to be here at this time and in this place.  There is nothing to fear.  You are here to clear out the clutter.  The clutter of fearful hurtful thoughts that cause the world you experience to be one of pain and suffering.  This is no longer necessary.  You are here to “clean house”, to clear out the unlove that has pollutedthe world you experience.  This dust and dirt is not bad, it is simply distortion.  Distortion of what?  Distortion of the one Pure Light that animates all of existence.  You are here to bring order out of the seeming chaos, to clean up the clutter created by thoughts that no longer serve you or humanity.  You are here to be a bridge of light and love.  That is your function.  That is why you are here and this is what brings you your greatest joy and your greatest love.  

To be a bridge you must see the obstacles but not become caught in them.  What are obstacles?  Obstacles are those thoughts, whether arising in your inner mind or as thought “forms” in your outer world, which cause you to contract with fear, contract with anger, contract with judgment.  Now is the time to learn how to open to the Love that is your Core and meet that fear, meet those obstacles with the clear light of awareness and the warmth of your loving heart.   

But you of yourself cannot clear those obstacles.  The moment you try to clear them, you make the dark ephemeral clouds into walls of solid concrete.  To be guided through the darkness, the clouds of confusion, you must take Spirit by the hand, you must open your heart and seek your Source.  You must allow elder siblings of greater awareness and greater understanding to guide you through.  You must see the obstacles, but you cannot navigate them on your own.  This is why you need Spirit, this is why you need something greater than your own ego intellect to see you through.  You simply cannot do it, you cannot be the bridge of Light without assistance from Spirit.  

This is where true surrender comes in.  Not surrender that ends in defeat, surrender that is  yielding to your own deepest purpose, your own deepest knowing, your own deepest desire in fact.  Surrender means becoming who you really are.  It is relinquishing those fictionalized parts of yourself that are holding you down and covering your true inner radiance.  This radiance is innate, it is your essence.  There is nothing you can do to enhance or diminish it.  But you can obscure it.  You obscure it with thoughts of separation, hate, anger, fear, judgement.  These thoughts distort your light not at the core level, but at the level of form.  

These unloving thoughts are often so unconscious that you no longer are even aware of them.  But you know they are there.  How do you know?  Through your emotions.  Your emotions and then the resulting experience of your outer reality is a result of the thoughts you think.  When these thoughts become crystalized into form they become the outer reality in which you seem to reside.  

As you attune to who you really are and no longer tolerate those unloving thoughts, not by judging them, denying them or fighting them, but simply by acknowledging them and releasing them to Spirit, you will find that Love will flow through you and your “bridge” will become stronger and that your own rate of vibration will increase, thus also increasing your capacity to attract even higher, more loving thoughts to move and express through you.  As you grow in this capacity more of your innate radiance can emerge in you, through you and as you.  

This is what it is all about!  The more you become You, the happier and more fulfilled you will feel and the more you will realize and actualize your potential as that bridge of light.  Consequently, the more you will see and reveal the light that had been hiding within the  seeming darkness all along.  You will be amazed at how that which seemed darker than the darkest night is sparkling with starlight beyond your wildest imagination.  Where there seemed to be nothing but pain and heartache you will find the inner radiance emerge to warm and soothe the weary heart.  Where there seemed to be nothing but hopelessness and depression you will see the heaviness dissolve into the Source from which all originates and returns in perfect order and in perfect love.

So do not despair, this is not your darkest hour, this is your moment of emergence!  This is your time to be who you are and return to living from your essence.  This is the time, in this very moment you can face the obstacles, reach out to Spirit and become what you have been destined to become since the dawn of time!


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